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Will Ferrell Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Family and Earnings

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Will Ferrell Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Family and Earnings

Will Ferrell is a famous American comedian, who besides being an amazing comedian is a wonderful actor and a vigilant writer. Will Ferrell has done number of comedy movies. His humor is appreciated widely, his work as a comedy artist in “Saturday Night Live” has got an incredible applause. Through his work he has generated a massive net worth over the years. Will Ferrell net worth is currently estimated to be around $100 million in 2018.

Will Ferrell Biography

Will Ferrell Age and Zodiac sign

Will Ferrell was born on 16th of July, 1967. This makes him Cancer. The 51 years old comedian is the 4th most popular comedian. He belongs to California.

Will Ferrell Family and Education

Will Ferrell is a son of Roy Lee Ferrell who used to play keyboard. His mother was Betty Kay and she used be a teacher. Will Ferrell has just one brother who is younger than him and he is named as Patrick.

Will took his education from “Turtle Rock Elementary School” that was situated in Irvine. Unfortunately, his parents got divorced when he was still a school going kid, initially Will felt a bit sad but when he saw his parents taking the full responsibility of his up-bringing and education then he got satisfied and contented.

Will Ferrell took his further education from the institution “Rancho San Joaquin Middle School” and later he joined “University High School”. Will Ferrell in his student life used to participate in sports, he used to be a member of soccer’s team of his school.

You will be surprised to know that Will Ferrell as a young kid wasn’t much forward, he was a shy kid. Later by the passage of time he felt that under his skin there exists a humorous person who has the ability to make other cut a cackle. He was still a kid when he realized about this ability of humor.

He first performed in a comedy skit when he was a student of grade nine. By accompanying his friend, he gave the performance in that comedy skit. More ever the script of such skits was penned down by Will Ferrell himself.

Will Ferrell took his higher education from “The University of Southern California”. He earned his B.A degree in the field of Sports Broadcasting. though he wasn’t interested much in this degree but he took it anyhow. After earning the degree now, it was a requirement to do the internship so he did his internship in NBC television World.

Personal life of Ferrell

Will Ferrell has spent a long time with a girl named “Viveca Paulin”. This friendship turned into deep intimacy and then they both decided to get united. So finally, in the year 2002 Will Ferrell proposed this damsel and they got hitched. Will Ferrell and Viveca have three sons. They are named as Magnus, Mattias and Axel.

Will Ferrell Net Worth

Will Ferrell has worked at many places, he did some minion jobs too but he wasn’t satisfied at all with either of them. None of them was his desired job so he migrated to Log Angeles. He wanted to be a comedian as he had the vibes that he could do wonders through his talent. Initially he didn’t succeed as a standup comedian so he though he must polish this skill. For this he joined a comedy class. He learnt a lot by joining this class as the way to do mimicry and to improvise. With hard work he got himself enabled to be an amazing comedian and this comedian currently owns $100 million of net worth in 2018.

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Let’s have a look below how he earned this net worth over the years

Will Ferrell’s Earnings in 2012-15

Will Ferrell never wanted to be the part of showbiz as he found the payment process was discouraging when his father was a musician. So, he though he will also go through the same annoying hold-up. Will Ferrell first made his appearance in a movie Elf, he had a leading role in that film. This film had the earnings of $220 million.

It was the show of “Saturday Night Live” that brought him in a limelight. This show made him reach at the peak of popularity, he served the audience by his tremendous hosting in “Saturday Night Life” for continuously 7 years. He appeared in number of movies and earned heavily.

Look at the movies he worked in during 2012 to 2015:

  • He acted in the movie “The Campaign” in the year 2012 and earned $4,000,000.
  • He acted in the movie “The Legend Continues” in the year 2013 and earned $20,000,000.
  • He acted in the movie “Daddy’s Home” in the year 2015 and earned $11,000,000.
  • He acted in the movie “Get Hard” in the year 2015 and earned $8,000,000.

He generated a hefty amount from these movies, he started pursuing his acting career seriously and properly in movies after leaving SNL (Saturday Night Live). By the end of 2015 his net worth was around $7,000,000.

Will Ferrell’s earnings and Net worth in 2016-17

From 2012 on-wards time brought great fortune to him and he worked in number of projects and generated a huge revenue. His tv series was very popular ‘The Spoils Before Dying and Drunk History’, he worked in six movies after leaving SNL.

From 2016-17 Will Ferrell worked in many movies and again built a massive earning, let’s see in which movies he acted in and how much approximately he earned

  • He acted in the movie “Zoolander part 2” in the year 2016 and generated $6,000,000.
  • He acted in the movie “The House” in the year 2017 and generated $8,000,000.
  • He acted in the movie “Daddy’s Home part 2” in the year 2017 and generated $15,000,000.
  • He acted in the movie “Zeroville” in the year 2017 and generated $1,000,000.

By the end of 2017 his earnings were estimated around $947,059+.

Will Ferrell Net Worth 2018

Will Ferrell is considered amongst the most successful actors and artists of the industry who not only proved their capabilities and talent in tv shows rather remained equally successful in films too. Will Ferrell has acted in 32 movies and the overall revenue of domestic box-office that is generated is around $2,192,486,000.

His movie in which he acted in 2018 is “Holmes and Watson” and he generated almost $2,500,000 from it. It is anticipated that the current net worth of Will Ferrell is $100 million in 2018.

Will Ferrell’s earnings through endorsements

According to a ball-park figure the revenue Will Ferrell generated from endorsements and sponsorships is around $183,007.

Best of Will Ferrell

  • Saturday Night Live is a great piece of work of Will Ferrell. He got associated with it for a long-time span of 7 years.
  • His film “Old school” in which he acted was too considered one of his major works. This movie has grossed $87,055,349 across the globe.
  • Will Ferrell was in the nominations of MTV Awards for best “Comedic Performance”.

Awards and achievements

  • Will Ferrell has earned 4 awards in the same year, yes it was happened in the year 2007.
  • Will Ferrell has earned “ESPY Awards and Best Sports Movie” in 2008.
  • Will Ferrell has gained “Mark Twain Prize” as for American Humor in the year 2011.

Life style of Will Ferrell

The successful and famous artist and comedian Will Ferrell deserves to live a lavish life style. Though he and his family lives in Orange County but they also have a beautiful abode in New York too.

His apartment is said to be perfect picture of modern comforts as it is well equipped with all the creature comforts of modern age.

The mansion of Will Ferrell is jaw-dropping that comprises public rooms and in incredible master suite. It has a vast media room too. Moreover, it has a huge swimming pool. It is said this is worth of $3million.

Will Ferrell also owns great stylish rides such The BMW Hydrogen 7 and Mercedes E 320.

Interesting facts about Will Ferrell

  • Ferrell has performed in several comedy skits in school life, once Will Ferrell has won the “Best Personality” by the votes of his class fellows.
  • He has worked in many minion jobs but he wasn’t happy so it was his mother who advised him to do what he likes and that’s what he did after moving to Los Angeles.
  • There was a Christmas movie named “Elf” in which his work was highly appreciated, he acted as Buddy Hobbs and it grossed $220,443,451 across the globe.

So that was all about Will Ferrell Net Worth that he built over the years by his tremendous work in number of movies and TV series. After reading his complete life biography we know he faced many set-backs before getting into an industry, had to do many jobs but eventually got succeed in getting his desired destination.

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