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Wesley Snipes net worth 2018 – Biography and Education

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Wesley Snipes net worth 2018 – Biography and Education

Wesley Snipes is a famous actor of 90s, he got fame through his action-packed roles in movies. ‘Blade’ movie brought him a huge success and he rose to fame through it. Snipe isn’t just a talented actor rather he also stepped into the realm of production too. It’s not over yet, Snipe has penned down a novel too.

Wesley Snipes Net Worth is currently estimated to be around $12,000,000 in 2018.Despite these successes Snipe has also faced a rough time in his life by being in a prison for some years as there were some unpaid taxes by him. His sources of income are acting, production and writing and let’s not forget that his skill of martial arts, he also earns from it. His work has and other ventures have made him earn a hefty net worth.

Wesley Snipes Biography

Age and Zodiac Sign

Snipe was born on 31st of July, 1962, this makes him Leo. He is 56 years old, according to the statistics he stands as the 135th most popular actor. Snipe has earned the award of Best actor in the ‘Venice Film Festival’.

Early life of WEsley

Snipe belongs to Orlando, Florida, here he was born and was raised in Bronx, New York. His father was known as Wesley Rudolph and his mother was named as Maryann. His father worked as an aircraft engineer. He has spent his childhood with his three sisters. It was his mother and grandmother who took care of the family. When he turned in the age of twelve he used to practice martial arts. Snipe joined the high school for ‘The Performing Arts’, after that he joined ‘State University of New York. After getting his studies complete he took it as a spur of the moment to pursue his career in the field of acting.

Personal life of Snipes

Snipe got hitched twice, first he got knotted with a woman named April, they married in 1985. The couple blessed with a son but their relationship couldn’t get along and ended up in 1990. Snipe second time married with a lady named Nakyung, the couple blessed with four children.

Wesley Snipes Net Worth

In the era of 90s Snipe has ruled tremendously in Hollywood. He is considered one of the most eminent actors of that time. His movies Passenger 57 and The Waterdance were highly applauded movies. In 1986 he worked in a movie ‘WildCats’ and from this he has grossed $30 million. His work has made him build a hefty net worth. The current net worth of Wesley Snipes is estimated as $12,000,000 in 2018.

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Wesley Snipes Earnings 2014-2016

From the movie ‘Blade’ he has received the salary $13,000,000, this has given him a big break through.

Let’s have a look how much he grossed from some of his movies

  • From the movie ‘Undisputed’ he grossed $1,300,000
  • From the movie ‘The Art of War’ he grossed $956,000
  • From the movie Brooklyn’s Finest he grossed $1,550,000
  • From the movie ‘The Expendables 3’ he grossed $2,000,000

Wesley Snipes networth 2017

In the year 1994 he acted in a movie ‘Drop Zone’, through this movie he generated $7 million. From early 90s to late 90s he got mega successes, one after another. His movie ‘Money Train’ has made him generated a heavy revenue of $5.5 million. His movie ‘Fan’ too has made him gross a big amount of $7 million.

Snipe has not confined himself to acting, he grew up to many other ventures. Such in 2017 he penned down a book named as ‘Talon of God’ this book reveals about the religious fantasy. By the end of 2017 his net worth was $12,000,000.

Wesley Snipes Net Worth 2018

The average annual revenue of Snipe is around $1,45 million. He has many properties in several localities. He owns a mansion in Windermere that is a worth of $2. 1 million, he has an abode in Alpine that is a worth $4.1 million. He also has a mansion in Florida that is worth of $7 million. Wesley Snipes current net worth is estimated as $12,000,000.

The famous actor of 90s is still busy in his various ventures including book-writing. He ruled for a long time in thee industry and gained a massive recognition through his brilliant acting skills.

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