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Tyler the Creator Net Worth of $6 Million in 2018 – Biography and Earnings

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Tyler the Creator Net Worth of $6 Million in 2018 – Biography and Earnings

Tyler is a famous American rap singer, who besides being a wonderful singer is also a record producer and pens down the lyrics of his songs and yes, he is a video director too. ‘Tyler the creator’ is his stage name, his original name is Tyler Gregory Okonma. He is a co-founder of ‘Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’. Tyler was smart enough as he availed the infinite advantage of social media and made it his prior platform to introduce himself. He started uploading his songs on Tumblr and that is how he pursued his music career. The moment he uploaded his songs the feedback was awesome as it instantly started getting viral. His work amassed a massive appraisal through Tumblr. Through his work Tyler has earned a huge wealth and Tyler the Creator net worth currently is estimated as $6 million in 2018.

Tyler the Creator Biography

Tyler the Creator Age and Zodiac sign

Tyler The Creator was born on 6th of March, 1991. This makes him Pisces. 28 years old young boy has built a gigantic net worth and turned himself a millionaire.

Tyler the Creator Family, Education and Early life

Tyler’s father name is “Walter Whitman” and his mother’s name is Louisa Van. He has big family that consists of 5 siblings that are named as Edward, Andrew Jackson, Jesse, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Tyler’s father Walter belongs to Nigerian decent.

He brought up in the surroundings of California, he spent his childhood in Ladera Heights. There is no image of father in Tyler’s mind as his father has left his mother. So, he isn’t able to even sketch his father. He was raised up and looked after by his grandmother and mother.

He was an eager beaver of music since the age of seven. In his deep thoughts he used to see himself as a successful musician.

Tyler has been to many schools during his early student life. When he reached in the age of fourteen he began to learn about some musical instruments. His first teacher of music was his own self. He learnt playing piano by his own and then by the passage of time he turned himself in a perfect skilled pianist.

In childhood Tyler was very much interested in athletes, just by watching the concerned videos of particular game he used to learn it.

Before stepping in to the realm of music Tyler was an employee in “FedEx” for a time period of 14 days hardly. Besides that, he employed in “Starbucks” for few years. He remained dissatisfied where ever he worked and the reason behind this dissatisfaction was his inner most desire of becoming a great musician. So, he put aside all these needless jobs and made up his mind to start pursuing a career in the field of music.

Personal life of Tyler

There were some rumors going on about Tyler’s relationships with Kendall Jenner. According to some sources these two have been seen together some-where. This news remained under discussion but denied by these two.

Tyler the Creator Net Worth

In a hip-hop circle Tyler is believed to be one of the eminent name amongst all. In the year 2009 Tyler started producing music and released his albums. His singing got appreciation and depreciation at the same. His voice is considered melodious no doubt but when it comes to the lyrics of his songs then there are some who find it a bit offensive. Anyways Tyler has flourished amazingly through his music, he has earned a grand net worth over the years. His current net worth is estimated as $6 million in 2018.

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Tyler the Creator Net Income and Earnings 2015-16

The first creation of Tyler was his mixtape “Bastard” that was released in 2009. ‘Bastard’ got a huge applause, though the whole mixtape wasn’t a massive hit as such but Bastard went great. Besides this song other hit songs that he sang were “French” and “odd toddlers’.

In the year 2013 his album named “Wolf” hit the headlines, it scored great and was a massive hit. It is said from that album he generated $136,000. This album made a huge sale of 107,000 copies. According to some sources Tyler the creator makes $800,000 annually.

In the year 2015 his album named “Cherry bomb” released, according to an estimation this album made a sale of fifty-eight thousand copies just in its first week. So that was really huge. By the end of 2015 his net worth was estimated as $ 2,000,000 where as in the end of 2016 it turned to $ 2,666,667.

Tyler the Creator Net Worth and Earnings 2017

Tyler the creator makes money in a way that he earns $2,100 each day. He works hard for his work to stand distinguish. He wants his albums and mixtapes to be at the top positions of Billboard.

In 2017 he worked on his album “Flower Boy” and released it in the same year. Though the album didn’t fulfill his desired expectations but yet it stood on number two and made a sale of 106,000 items just in 7 days. In 2017 Tyler’s net worth reached to $ 4,000,000.

Tyler the Creator Net Worth 2018

Let’s have a look at some of his mixtapes and albums and how much he has generated through them

  • From the album “B.A.R.S.” he has earned $75,000.
  • From the album “Goblin” he has earned $273,000.
  • From the album “The OF Tape Vol. 2” he has earned $94,000.
  • From the album “Wolf” he has earned $136,000.

All his music work and endorsements deals have made him earn huge, his current net worth is estimated as $6 million in 2018.

Lifestyle of Tyler

It is said that Tyler has a beautiful house in the surroundings of Georgia. Besides this amazing abode he has some really nice cars. He owns Ferrari F12, he further owns Ferrari F12 berlin Etta

Awards and achievements

  • Tyler’s album ‘Wolf” went great and it stood on number 3 on US Billboard.
  • Tyler has earned 3 awards in 2011 that is why this year stands so special in his music career.
  • Tyler has won the award of “MTV Video Music Awards” as a new artist.
  • Tyler has earned ‘MTV2 Sucker Free Awards’.
  • Tyler was once nominated in Grammy Awards too.
  • Tyler was nominated in 2015 for the ‘MTV Video Music Awards’.

Interesting facts about Tyler The Creator

  • Tyler didn’t receive any training from anyone for learning about musical instruments. He taught to his own self, kept practicing and at the age of fourteen he turned himself a skilled pianist.
  • Tyler has worked in two different places, but he left both jobs as he just wanted to pursue music as his career.
  • When Tyler was a young boy then in his school life he has changed many schools, it is said almost at the start of every year he attended a new school.
  • Tyler in his childhood wasn’t a very forward child, rather he was so reluctant to mix with others, he was a shy and distant child. When his mates realized about his music skills then they started lionizing him.
  • Tyler has one step brother too, who is younger than him.
  • Tyler keeps great regards for her mother and off and on expresses his deep love and affection for her.
  • The amount he generated from the success of his album “Goblin” he purchased a house for his mother.
  • Tyler the creator remains in a firing line of some critics because they find the lyrics and wording of his songs very abusive and indecent especially for women.
  • Tyler besides being a wonderful and successful singer is also an amazing humanitarian, he never steps back when it comes to lend someone a helping hand.

It is not an ordinary thing to be a millionaire and a successful musician in such a young age of 28 years. He dreamt it in his early age as a kid, he used to release his albums in his imagination and that is the reason Tyler the Creator Net Worth is gigantic and huge. How strong the wish he used to have for becoming a musician. It takes a real courage to not just knit a dream but to show great devotion to fulfill your dreams, to materialize your inner deep desires. How humbly he stepped into the realm of music, without getting any training from any institution he just worked hard and kept moving forward. He discontinued his education and kept quitting the jobs he used to get just because his destination was music and for this he started working and created his first creation “Bastard” and then up till now he is on his way to produce music and pen down his songs.

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