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Ti Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Achievements and Success Journey

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Ti Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Achievements and Success Journey

Today we are going to discover about the renowned rapper Ti, Ti is his stage name, his original name is Clifford Joseph Harris. Ti besides being an American rapper is an amazing actor, a wonderful songwriter, a great philanthropist, a talented executive producer and the CEO of Grand Hustle Records. Ti net worth is estimated around $57 million in 2018 which is massive and huge and lets see how he managed to achieve this worth.

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T.I. Biography

T.I. Age and zodiac sign

Ti belongs to Atlanta, as he was born there, his date of birth is 25th of September, 1980. This makes him Libra. Personality of Ti has a firm artistic side, his concepts towards the element of beauty and happiness are totally unambiguous and certain.

Early life of Ti (Harris Clifford)

Clifford who is also known as Harris grew up in Georgia (Atlanta). He is son of Violetta Morgan. The grandmother of Clifford mostly taken care of him. It’s because his parents had to stay in New York, may be due to some professional reasons they lived there and Clifford was left there with his grandmother.

Trauma faced by Ti

At a very young age Ti faced a trauma when his father passed away, his father was suffering from an ailment that was Alzheimer. This sad news turned him in a real trauma. It took him a period of time to get over this shock.

T.I Schooling and Education

Ti Clifford took his early education from Douglass High School, he studied there till grade 8. He was really a bothersome child that he got intractable in a very young age and got to indulge in several criminal activities. Because of these wrong inclinations his school expelled him when he was in grade 8th. TI was sent to jail many times, it was all because of that drug addiction activities that caused him a serious trouble when he was in early teens.

Ti was a songwriter since the age of 7

Yes, he was hardly 7 years old when he first time penned down the lyrics of his first rap song. Off and on he continued his writing because he has been an eager beaver since long. Despite being prisoned so many times, he couldn’t push away his fondness towards singing and writing lyrics. He always loved rap music and his desire of becoming a rap singer was getting strong, day by day.

Personal life of Ti

In the year 2010 Ti married to Tameka Harris. Tameka had a daughter when she married to Ti, her name is Zonnique. Ti has 6 children, two daughters, named Deyjah and Heiress, sons are 4 in number, they are Domani, Major, King and Messiah. Two sons and one daughter are they have, other three children are from his previous relationship. His marriage with Tameka couldn’t be successful and ended up in 2016.

T.I. Net Worth

Ti isn’t amongst those who born with a silver spoon in their mouth, it was a long journey that he travelled, today he is having a stylish ritzy life, T.I. has been seen in luxurious cars like Dodge Challenger SRT8 and Ferrari F430 Spider and yes let’s not forget his Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. So, let’s discover more about his journey that made him earn a net worth of $ 55 million where as he is just 37 years old!

Ti Created Mixtapes in the age of Sixteen

Though he went through the ups and down s of life but the spark for music didn’t get fade away, eventually he created and presented his mixtapes when he reached at the age of 16. Behind him was his group of friends that supported him in this way. He was able to sell his stuff by his car trunks. Finally, the day came when his artistic talent was noticed and appreciated and then Ghet-O-Vision records contracted and signed TI and that is how the career of his rap music took a start.

In 2001 his debut album was launched

It was Arista records who released his debut album that was named as “I am Serious’. This album received a reasonable response, though Ti wasn’t satisfied with the feedback and to him he considered record label a cause of failure. His album though reached at the top 30 of the Billboard Top R & B + the at the Hip-Hop chart. I.

Ti Earnings and Value 2012-15

Grand Hustle Records is Ti’s own record label. The first project done under his own record label was a CD, an underground CD, that was named as “In Da Streets”. In just one week it made the sell of 20,000 copies. Huge popularity he got when he made an appearance in ‘Never Scared’, it was Bone Crusher’s super-duper hit single. This began the chain of new paths for TI. Ti earnings in the year 2013 was about $40 million whereas it got enlarge in 2015, according to an estimation he generated $6 million in 2015.

Ti Earnings and Net Income 2016

Now Ti was all busy in experimenting in all the new avenues, in studio album his second project was “Trap Muzik”, he launched it, this time he wanted to go beyond the expectations and he successfully did it! It reached on the 4th spot at the Billboard 200 chart. Ti first time received a platinum certificate by RIAA. Two tracks immensely went well, one was “Rubber Band man”, “Lets Get Away”, these two tracks got such a huge applause that it turned TI amongst “The most successful Southern Musician” of that time. By the end of 2016 Ti earned $50 million.

T.I. net worth 2017

Ti was handling the success very wisely, so he thought that it will be fruitful to collaborate with some eminent rappers like Neelie, B.G. and Lil Wynne, concurrently they worked together for his the up-coming musical venture. ‘Urban Legend’ as the caption of his third album, his wise thinking brought him a fruitful result, the album debuted at the highest spot at the Billboard R&B + at the Hip-Hop chart. Not just that, his album held the 7th rank at the Billboard 200. It made a sell of above than 1 million copies JUST in the U.S alone. This is the sale of its first week of release. In 2017 TI networth was $55 million.

T.I. Net worth 2018

His success turned into an unstoppable tornado, as the third album was a massive hit, this has placed Ti in many nominations, he was nominated in Grammy award, that was based on the best solo performance in Rap category. What made him the King of South was his remarkable appearance in Hollywood with Warner Bros. According to the most recent statistics Ti networth is around $55 million in 2018.

Achievements and rewards

  • Ti has been nominated four times in Grammy awards and has won ‘The best performance in a rap song”.
  • His album “King Unchanged” enabled him to receive two awards of Grammy in 2010.
  • The extended plays and mixtapes of Ti put him in a rapt attention of viewers and he became the most demanding and successful rapper from South.
  • His skill of penning down novels got a big applause they are awe-inspiring and motivational.
  • He worked in several movies like ‘Ant-Man’, ‘Takers’, ‘Get Hard’ and ‘Identity Thief’.
  • His two novels are highly appreciated, one is ‘Power and Beauty’ and the other one is ‘Trouble and Triumph”. It is said that it is sublime and strong themes of the novels that made them so interesting.
  • He has a huge fan following in social media, on Facebook he has 20 million fans, and on Twitter his followers are above 8.09 million.
  • His album “What You Know?” received a Grammy award for the category of “Best Rap Solo Performance. “
  • Ti has received the awards of “Rap Artist of the Year” and “Rap Album Of The Year”.
  • Ti has also received the award of “Rap Album Artist Of The Year” and “Rap Song Artist of the Year”.

Facts about Ti

Most conceptual work and emotional work of Ti

His fifth album believed to be the most conceptual work done by him, the title of the album is ‘T.I vs TIP’. This album is said to be the best creation of Ti! “Paper Trail” is said to be the most emotional creation of Ti. It was released in the year 2008. It held the high spot at the Billboard 200, it made a huge sell of above than 550000 copies, that made it the making it havoc success of Ti.

Ti is good at heart

Beneath his there is a sensitive man who takes pain of the needy and the ones who are in miserable state. That is why he generously gives donations to various NGOs, he gives charity open heartedly in the concerned institutions.


Ti worked in a reality show

Ti besides working in various genres have also worked in a reality show, through that reality show named ‘T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle’, he has earned $10,000 per episode.

So that is how T.I. Net Worth periodically, it was a long journey but he proved himself talented and skills in various ventures. After getting entered in music industry he released 9 music albums. Besides that, Ti is the owner of a popular night club that is situated in Atlanta. He is believed to be amongst most ritzy and stylish celebrities as he also released a clothing line. He is very concerned about his appearance especially about his attires. Who could speculate that a dropped out from school, a troublesome teenager will rock the world through his talents and music.

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