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Taylor Swift Net Worth 2018 – Family, Bio and income

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Taylor Swift Net Worth 2018 – Family, Bio and income

Taylor Swift is a sparkling name in music industry, the alluring damsel is a popular American songster who is born with incredible talents of song-writing since a very early age of childhood. She is an excellent horse-rider and has conquered many races. Her influential talents and skills seem to be infinite ones. Her music ventures and endorsements deals has made her earn heavily, Taylor Swift net worth is estimated around $380 million in 2018.

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Taylor Swift Biography

Age and Zodiac Sign

Taylor Swift was born on 13th of December, 1989, this makes her Sagittarius. Taylor stands as the 5th most famous singer.

Early life

Taylor Swift belongs to Pennsylvania, yes that’s where she was born and spent her childhood. Her father Scott Kingsley used to work as stockbroker where as her mother Andrea Gardner was a house wife and raised up her children Taylor swift and Austin. In the age of sixteen Taylor Swift released her first album, besides being a wonderful singer, she can play several musical instruments like ukulele, piano and guitar.

Personal Life

Taylor Swift has been seen with many eminent names most recently she has been seen in good terms with Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift Net Worth

Through out her music career Taylor Swift has obtained a lot, she gained number of accolades that also includes 6 Grammy Awards, she has earned 7 CMAs and 10 AMAs, 6 ACMs and thirteen BMI awards. The work and stardom has made the net worth of Taylor swift huge which is around $380 million in 2018.

Taylor Swift Earnings 2014-2016

Her album ‘You belong with me’ in 2009 has made her earn $2,650,680, in the same year she was said to be the most influential celebrity that holds the earnings of $18 million during that year.

By the end of 2015 her earnings were around $170 Million. Her tour ‘The 1989 World Tour’ made her generate $259,700,000. In 2015 she purchased a penthouse located in Manhattan’s Tribeca that is a worth of $20,000,000. Till the end of 2016 she earned $44 Million.

Taylor Swift NetWorth 2017

Taylor Swift has sold more than twenty million albums, she sold 41.8 million digital tracks across the globe. This made her the best-selling singer.

  • Taylor Swift earns through her Music Sales $81,479,502
  • Taylor Swift generates through her Concert Tours $417,350,000th
  • By the end of 2017 her networth was estimated as $380 million.

Taylor Swift Net Worth 2018

Its not just the realm of singing where she shines, she also stepped into various other ventures and prints money.

  • Taylor Swift earns through Acting $8,570,000
  • Taylor Swift generates through Endorsement and sponsorship deals $117,000,000
  • Taylor Swift earnings through Merchandise $62,602,500
  • Taylor Swift making money through YouTube Channel $66,245,704
  • Taylor Swift other Investment Income is around $35,873,608
  • Taylor Swift’s average salary is $71,738,301
  • Her current net worth is estimated as $380 million in 2018.

She has many real estates in different locations, she owns a beautiful gigantic mansion in Beverly Hills that is worth of $25 million. One of her home is situated in Rhode-island that is worth of $17 million.

Taylor Swift is a singer who is wrapped up so beautifully in multi-talents she is literally a great source of inspiration for the up-coming artists. She is a great humanitarian too who supports many philanthropic projects.

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