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Tai Lopez Net Worth 2018 – Achievements, Success and Entrepreneurship Journey

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Tai Lopez Net Worth 2018 – Achievements, Success and Entrepreneurship Journey

Tai Lopez is a famous social media personality, before being a star of social media especially of YouTube, Tai Lopez after studying became a Certified Financial Planner. He also served in the field of finance for a certain time span. For 2-3 years he lived among the Amish and had worked in India at a leper colony. The interesting thing about him is that Lopez was a college drop-out. Tai Lopez appeared in the horizon of Online scene in the year of 2015 and then soon he turned unstoppable and now he is considered the most influential God-Father on the web. Tai Lopez current net worth is around $2-3 million in 2018.

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Tai Lopez Biography

Tai Lopez Education, Age and zodiac sign

Tai Lopez whose net worth has caused many dropped their jaw was born 11th of April, 1977 in United States. According to his date of birth his zodiac sign is Aries. He was brought up in Fullerton, Tai Lopez took his education from ‘Sunny Hills High School’.

Tai Lopez is believed to be the havoc personality of social media who is smart to make the most of this platform of social media. This fervent entrepreneur explodes a massive success by just being a social media personality in Dec 2016.

Early life of Tai

It was his grandfather who remained his godfather throughout his struggling journey, his grandfather was a scientist and always gave a valuable pearl of wisdom and today his (Tai Lopez) words of wisdom are sold in great price and people are eager to buy them for getting successful like Tai Lopez.

His net worth twisted millions of people and here we too are going to discuss about his net-worth and how he got himself enable to achieve this mount.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

There are some certain actors involved in making Tai Lopez an owner of such a high net worth of $2-3 million in 2018. So lets dig deeper how he enabled himself to earn this:

Tai Lopez Net Income and Earnings 2015-16

Tai Lopez started his ad campaign that wasn’t famous at that time in 2015. On September 2nd, 2015,

His ranking was 11825, it is said that Tai Lopez has above 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, these sub scribers he has on his channel, a self-titled channel.

Tai Lopez is a creator of a video ‘Here in my Garage’, for this he has above 65 million views. These things turn an ordinary man into an investor, an advisor and a successful entrepreneur. All these make him earn wildly and consistently.

Tai Lopez Net Worth and Earnings 2017

Tai Lopez has amassed “mentor’s shortcuts’ collection that is known as 67 steps. According to Lopez he has more than 100,000 subscribers for his famous ‘67 steps program’. It clearly means raking 6.7 million dollars per year.

He has a popular book club + podcasts. He is advisor of more than 20 multi-million-dollar businesses.

Tai Lopez gains almost 800,000 downloads monthly. He tends to share his experience with 1.4 million people in different 40 countries. It is damn hard to determine his exact net worth for a certain year as it keeps on hiking up, anyways statistics claim that by the end of 2017 he used to own $2-3 million.

Tai Lopez Net Worth 2018

He has also been in several in pop-up commercials during searching for a video. All these sources made him Tai Lopez networth of $2-3 million in 2018. He made appearance in various shows of television and in some radio shows too. This made him earn heavily, as he expands his wealth by serving at the popular and renowned universities, such as in ‘The London Business School’, ‘University of Southern California’, he spoke in these top institutions and then made podcasts + YouTube channels. his creation ‘Grand Theory of Everything’ hit the headlines!

Besides that, he launched the largest book club that hit 1.4 million users/people, his book that got a huge applause was ‘Book-of-the-Day’.

Behind this hefty wealth is his consistent struggle and certain skills that made him reach this peak. He is the owner of the chief book shipping club, which is the largest one in world, Mentor Box, it was declared and voted by the Entrepreneur magazine as ‘The Number 1 social Media Influencer’.

His YouTube channels, podcasts and tv and radio shows turned the man into a millionaire, he doesn’t stop here as he is an owner of a night club too. For sharing his intellect and business he also created ‘Business Mentorship’, this program is the alternative of traditional business school. In this program he shares the tactic of self-learning. Here he guides and give a master plan that will be appropriate for every type of business. This video od Tai Lopez promises to let you earn a sufficient income. His current net worth is estimated as $2-3 million that is most likely to take a rise.

Tai Lopez other source of income

Tai Lopez has invested above $10,000,00 in various businesses, rather in online businesses. He says all you basically need is a laptop and a vast world of internet to be discovered. Today social media is a tool that you must know how to make the most out of it.

Lavish Life Style of Tai Lopez

That’s what tai Lopez did and still doing, and now his net worth made him live lavishly, such as having lambos, having a residence is Beverly Hills.

A person who just started with few dollars has huge assets, owns $2-3 million and owns garage that is occupied by the most expensive and luxurious cars of modern age. Who utters the ‘here, in My garage’ and just pouf the magic! He has become an internet sensation for the whole world. That’s is why he is an eager beaver to share his knowledge and intellect with his audience. He tells about the typical resources of learning and benefits of book-reading.

He had a deep thirst of becoming an entrepreneur since he was a child. The first business of this young entrepreneur was of selling tomatoes with his mother. This young business man was just six years old.

Tai Lopez shares “My mom had these cherry tomatoes she would sell. The problem was, nobody really bought the tomatoes. So, I took it upon myself to sell lemonade with sugar instead. In the time I had sold one bag of tomatoes for 25 cents, I was able to sell ten times more with my lemonade stand”.

Behind his huge success book-reading has played a major role. Book-reading +travelling, he loves both madly since he was young. He loves embracing new people and discovering new places. He is adventurous by nature.

He says loves book reading and shares the inside scoop too that why he loves book reading. Books let you imagine your unseen future and stimulate you to work on your dreams.

He learned about the balance of 4 pillars of life and that is wealth, love, happiness and health. For learning about this he went through diverse experiences and read tons of books of the most influential icons of history such as Sam Walton, Darwin, Charlie Munger and the list goes on.

Tai Lopez became the part of the laundry list of those entrepreneur college drop-outs, but what made him out-stand was the 5 multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who mentored him.

Iconic personalities whom Tai Lopez interviewed

He interviewed some really huge personalities like Hilary Clinton, Jordan Belfort, Rihanna Mark Cuban, Chris Paul, Steven Spielberg Caron Butler Kobe Bryant and there are many more!

He doesn’t like sharing much about his personal life, all he shares is his learning, strategies and experiences. He has a bulk of programs that people purchase and some affiliate programs too that tai sells. Today he is considered as the God-Father of online business and whose audience made him so rich.

This havoc personality of social media has also launched a new program that is entitled as “here is my Backyard’ in which his audience got to see a lavish home of Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez is popular because of his net-worth, his assets, his wealth is widely discussed by millions of people. An ordinary man who used to sell tomatoes in the age of six now lives in Beverly Hills, drives luxurious ritzy cars, advisor of 20 multi-million-dollar businesses and has a net worth of $3 million, all he achieved in a very young age.

There is course presented by Tai Lopez that is Bitcoin Crypto Academy, through this you can learn the ways and strategies to make money.

Today he is a complete package, Tai Lopez is a CEO of an education company, that is an online company, through this company he sells out his courses, that are basically training courses. These courses teach you how to gain wealth, health, love and happiness.

Tai Lopez had also once bought video ads (on YouTube), at that time no one knew who is Tai Lopez and now he is the fever of internet world.

Though Tai Lopez networth is huge but it doesn’t mean that he was born with a silver spoon in is mouth, no, behind this mount of wealth and riches is his hard work, consistency and devotion that lead to be the Guru of entrepreneur. He is eligible to share his pearl of wisdom with great pride because he has made the journey of success.

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