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Suge Knight Net Worth – Biography, Facts and Awards

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Suge Knight Net Worth – Biography, Facts and Awards

Suge Knight is known as a record executive rather an American record executive, besides that Suge knight is a music producer and an entrepreneur. Suge Knight is a CEO of Death Row Records, he has worked with Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre. Suge knight basically belongs to rap industry. Today we are going to discuss and discover about Suge Knight Net Worth and his success journey.

Suge Knight Biography

Suge Knight Age and Zodiac Sign

Suge knight was born on 19th of April, 1965, this makes him Aries, Suge Knight is said to be the 9th most famous icon who born at this day of 19th April. People born on April 19 fall under the Zodiac sign of Aries, the Ram. Suge Knight is the 209th most popular Aries.

Suge Knight was a football lineman and bodyguard who went on to found Death Row Records with rapper/producer Dr. Dre. With the label involved in a number of controversies, Knight eventually was sentenced to prison for violating parole on the evening in which Tupac Shakur was killed. Knight has later faced financial issues and more jail time.

Suge Knight Family and childhood

Suge belongs to California, he born in Compton. Suge has three siblings and he is youngest of all. His father was also singer and a football player, so it can be said that the interest for music and football is inherited in him from his father. Nick name of Suge is “Sugar Bear”. Suge knight has received an “Athletic Scholarship” when he was in a University of Nevada, that is situated in Las Vegas. Suge knight worked as a body guard, it was his client with whom he was, at that time he was struggling to get into music industry.

Suge Knight Personal life

Suge Knight got hitched with Sharitha Lee Golden in 1989, Sharitha is the mother of his first child. Before getting married she has gained a restraining order, that was against Suge Knight, but after some time they both agreed to reconciliation and eventually got married.

Suge knight Net worth

Suge knight could make more wonders in music industry and could hike up his net worth too, but because of the violent tendencies he has in him he distorted and mucked up the whole fortune that he earned. Let’s get to know his journey that he started and earned a net worth of $1 million.

Suge launched his publishing company

It was in late 80s when Suge launched his publishing company, that was the first step towards his successes and earnings as the songs he had got an appraisal and those song were used by Vanilla Ice, they were used for his hit album “To the Extreme” that came in 1990.

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“Death Row” made Suge Net Worth up to $750 Million

fThis Company of Suge Knight had sold above than 150 Million albums worldwide, this company of Suge made him earn a net worth of $ 750 Million. In the beginning artists like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre worked with this company. It is his company that is actually introduces gangster rap conventionally.

In 1996 Suge earned $100 Million through Death Records

Yes in 1996 Suge knight earned $100 million on the behalf of Death Records, it was because of the Dr. Dre’s album named “The Chronic” that went so well that it became triple Platinum, besides that this album was sold above 3 million Records worldwide, this made the Death Records earn $ Million almost.

Suge Knight net worth 2001-2008

From 2001 to 2008 Suge Knight had the net worth of $300,000, between these years many of his work was launched such as the following albums got release:

There are some of the albums mentioned here that got release during these years:

  • In 2001 album Death Row’s Greatest Hits got release
  • In 2002 album Chronicles: Best of the Works got release
  • In 2003 album The Dogg: Best of the Works got release.
  • In 2004 album Songs of the Freedom and Joy got release
  • In 2005 album Against the Grain got release
  • In 2006 album Born and Raised in Compton got release
  • In 2007 album The Best of 2pac got release

During these years Suge Knight enabled himself to earn $ 300,000!

Suge knight net worth 2009-2014

During 2009 to 2014 Suge Knight was having a net worth of $500,000. The album released in 2014, it was named as “All Eyes On Me”, it was a massive success, it received diamond sales as it sold above than 10 million copies!

Suge Knight Net Worth 2015-2017

According to an estimation the net worth of Suge Knight was $900,000 in 2015 then reached to $ 1,200,00. His net worth could have gone high but because of the number of legal issues and criminal activities of Suge Knight he happened to lose many of his wealth.

Suge Knight Net Worth 2018

The net worth of 2018 of Suge Knight has not been recorded as he is not up to any projects so far.

Mansion of Suge Knight

It is said that Suge Knight has he mansion that was sold because of the huge debts he had to pay, the cost of that Malibu mansion is estimated as $6 million!

Synopsis of Suge Knight’s net worth:

  • Per month income used to be $ 50,000
  • Per year income used to be $600,000
  • Death Row Records made him a net worth of $750 million.
  • Till 2017 his net worth is estimated as $ 1 million.

Award won by Suge Knight

He won the Multi-Platinum Death Row that includes the Grammy Award-winning The Chronic of Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggy Style.

Charges against Suge Knight

In the year 2002 it was declared by IRS that Suge Knight allocated almost $6.5 million back in form of taxes. According to him his debts went beyond $ 100 million, that’s the main reason why net worth and net income of Suge didn’t catch the hike. Because of these debts his company Death Row sold out in an auction for $18 million.

Best Album of Suge Knight

Though Suge Knight has produced number of albums that were a massive success but all of them do not belong to the same genre. Here below is the best of Suge Knight:

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

  • It was big hit and it made huge sale above than 600,000 copies just in the first week.
  • “The Chronic” made a record sale of 3 million worldwide.

Interesting facts about Suge Knight

  • Tupac and Suge encountered by an attack by a gang member in Log Angeles named Orlando Anderson, they were in a casino, at that time they were in its lobby.
  • After the fight, Tupac, Suge and the entourage attacked a Los Angeles gang member named Orlando Anderson in the lobby of a casino.
  • Suge and Tupac were again under attack, they were in a car at that time, when unfortunately, Tupac lost his life and died at a very young age of 25. Where-as Suge was banged up in the head because of the shrapnel of bullets.
  • In such party Suge’s diamond ring was stolen, according to him, that ring was very expensive, it was almost of $147,000
  • Now when he almost has lost his career and fame in industry he often found in various events of industry, the weird part is he has been shot almost 6 times in such events but every time he successfully got escape.
  • Suge is bankrupt, so the very famous electric chair of Death Row Records was sold for $2,500, it was sold in bankruptcy auction.

Let’s wrap up the discussion about Suge Knight Net Worth, once he used to be in a limelight, he gave big hits by collaborating with artist like Dr. Dre and Tupac, he was believed to be the tycoon of music industry in 90s. he got fame in a young age, he was almost of 30 years of age when he started gathering the attention. By avoiding the violent tendencies, he could have rule the industry up till now, but he couldn’t and lost whatever he had earned. He was believed to be a multi-millionaire, beefy structure with strong wrists once ruled the entertainment world so deliberately!

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