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Stevie J Net Worth of $7 Million in 2018

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Stevie J Net Worth of $7 Million in 2018

Stevie J is an eminent name in music industry, he is a renowned singer, who is also eligible to pen down songs besides that Stevie is a record producer and a great television personality. Stevie jay has worked with great names of that time such as Faith Evans, Deborah, Mariah Carey and Puff Daddy. Stevie has been in the nominations of Grammy Awards for four times. He has achieved a Grammy Award for ‘Butterfly’. Stevie also pens down songs for other famous singers. Throughout his career Stevie has earned great name and recognition. Through his music and work he has made him-self a millionaire and Stevie J net worth is currently estimated as $7 million in 2018 but after having deduction it remains as $5.8 million.

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Stevie J Biography and Early Life

Age and Zodiac sign of Steve J

Stevie was born on 2nd November, 1973. This makes him Scorpio. 47 years old talented singer is amongst those stars who gained great honor besides earning huge wealth.

Stevie J Family

Stevie’s father name was Moses and mother’s name was Penny Daniels. His mother has not played any role in his up-bringing. It was his father Moses Jordan who took care of him and raised him up. Stevie has one brother “Mike”.

Personal life

Stevie has a big family consisted of 6 children from different women. Stevie has been in a relationship with Joseline Hernandez and then he got interested in a female rapper “Puerto Rican” and remained in a relationship with her.

His children names are Sade, Dorian, Eva Giselle, Bonnie Bella and Savannah. Stieve is not just taking care of his own children rather there is a boy whom he has adopted and that boy is also being taken care by him.

Stevie J Net Worth

Stevie stepped in the realm of music industry in 90s. He was first got the member of ‘Bad Boy Records’. He proved his skills and talents in many projects of Bad Boys, he worked as a producer with them that went under the label of “Sean Combs”. He has earned a Grammy Award for working on Combs for the album “No Way Out”. His current net worth is estimated around $7 million but after deducting the loses it remains as around $5.8 million.

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Stevie Earnings in 2015-16

It’s not just the land of music where he did great rather Stevie made appearances in tv series, a very famous one “Love and Hip-Hop, Atlanta”. This show was a massive hit, it gave everyone goose-bumps as in this show his wife and girl-friend both were present. Stevie has also worked in a record company which was actually a New York based, named as “Swing Mob”. As he is a song-writer too so he co-wrote a song for a rapper Eve. His salary of one season of “Love and Hip-Hop” was $300,000. Initially it was $200,000 but in 2013 it hiked up.

He was working on his music and tv series simultaneously. In 2016 he also released his album “Hit It again”. His stardom got at peak because of the Love and Hip Hop but besides that Stevie supported so many struggling and developing singers and he operated more than seventy demos. His yearly earnings in 2015 was around $0.5 million that went to 0.6 in 2016. Besides the annual earnings his net worth of 2015 was four US million dollar that hiked up in 2016 and turned into six US million dollar.

Stevie Earnings and Net Value in 2017

In 2017 Stevie J yearly earnings were around $0.7 million and his overall net worth was above than seven million US dollars.

Stevie besides generating a heavy revenue from music and TV projects, he has also generated a big revenue from endorsements and sponsorships, by associating and having deal with various brands and products he has almost generated about twenty million dollars, some-how he couldn’t manage and happened to lose a greater part of his earnings.

Stevie J Net Worth 2018

Stevie sources of earnings are music, tv projects and endorsements but he earned more from his music.

The amount he has generated from studio albums “Soul For Real” exceeds to $ 0.8 million. Then he earned from his music project “Faith Evans”, from this he has almost generated more than $0.6 million.

Steve another music venture was “Chantay Savage” that made him generated above than 0.5 million. From his another studio album “In and Out of Love” he enabled himself to make above than $0.2 million. “Sheep impact” is also a creation of Stieve that made him generated an amount of $0.3 million.

Steve earned respect within the industry and from his fans too, he has won many awards and achieved many milestones. Through his music and work he has built a net worth of 7 million dollars but somehow because of the loses his current net worth is estimated as $5.8 million after the deductions.

Steve J life style and stylish rides

Steve J who served the music industry so well by his tremendous music albums deserved to live a lavish life style. He owns a gigantic mansion which is situated on Atlanta Province, mansion is in the surroundings of country side. It is said this mansion is a value of almost $ 2 million.

Steve j is not much interested about the stylish and latest rides yet he owns BMW and rides in his Mercedes E class too. It is said Joseline was gifted a BMW by Steve.

Stevie J Awards and achievements

Steve’s work is highly appreciated, it is believed that he has contributed so much in music industry.

  • For his album “No Way Out” he was awarded with Grammy Award.
  • He is considered amongst those successful artists who produced great albums and mixtapes and earned a recognition in the realm of industry.
  • For his superb works he has been in the nominations for various awards for several times.
  • When he teamed up with Mariah then too he gathered massive applause for “Butterfly”.

Interesting facts about Steve J

Here is shorts list that amasses some amazing facts about Steve J, so let’s not be on a hold up and get to know

  • Steve’s original name is Steven Jordan.
  • Steve’s childhood was a bit tough one as his mother left him and his brother when they were just a kid, he was brought up by his father.
  • Steve’s brother Mike is R$B musician.
  • Steve co-wrote the wording and lyrics of the song “let my blow ya mind”, this song was performed by Eve.
  • Steve used to an employee and worked for the ‘Swing Mob”.
  • “That time of the month” was a series, this series was the creation of Steve and his previous wife. In this series both husband and wife appeared in leading roles.
  • Once his wife Joseline got out of control in a state of anger and thus she out of blue ruined the house so much that it is estimated that the damage she caused to house is around $58,000.

Steve took baby steps while entering in music industry, when in early life of his childhood his mother Penny Daniels abandoned him who could think at that time that this little boy will rock the word in near future.

It all started from early 90s, Steve got associated with the production team of Diddy, he was the vital part of it. After getting associated with this team Hitmen he by collaborating with his team created numerous catalog of Bad Boy Records and produced massive hits. Some of the amazing works include “only You” and then “Mo Money Mo problems”. People loved his music but also loved his innovative appearance in a reality show, the way he makes faces and his pranks really amuse and entertain his fans immensely. There are still awaiting eyes who anxiously are waiting for Steve’s new ventures. He has been loved and admired so much that his fans are still waiting for his enchanting music works. He stepped forward so consistently and devoted himself for music industry, he ruled in the kingdom for a long period of time and that is the main reason Stevie J Net Worth is touching the sky unlike many other rappers and singer celebrities.

That is why it is anticipated and speculations are made about him that Steve will make a comeback as he has the potential to do so and the day isn’t far when again he will prove himself as a Brand. All the well and humble wishes are with Steve J who no doubt holds and carries a talented soul in him.

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