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Roman Atwood Net Worth of $10 million in 2018

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Roman Atwood Net Worth of $10 million in 2018

Roman Atwood is a very popular YouTube star, he is an amazing prankster who with his pranks has earned a great name and money for last few years. He is known as a famous comedian of an internet world. His prank videos and Vlogs are wildly loved by the viewers. His channel has so far ten million subscribers. Atwood’s hidden and public camera pranks get a huge applause and people in great number get amused by him. His videos and pranks go viral wildly. He is called a natural-born prankster. Roman Atwood net worth is currently estimated as $10 million in 2018.

Roman Atwood Biography

Roman Atwood Age and zodiac sign

Roman Atwood was born on 28th of May, 1983. This makes him Gemini. He is amongst those few famous celebrities who in this young age got so famous and earned a hefty net worth. This 35 years old man has driven the whole internet world crazy by his humorous videos.

Roman Atwood Early life and education

Roman Atwood belongs to a mediocre family who is American national. Since his childhood he is inclined towards filming with an ingredient of humor.

His father name is Curtis Dale and Curtis was a creator of a rope factory. Atwood’s mother is named as Susan Anne. Susan accompanies her husband in factory. Atwood has one brother who is younger than him, he is named as “Dale”. Before pursuing his career, Roman Atwood has worked in several commercials.

Roman Atwood Personal life

Roman Atwood married twice, his first wife was Shanna, in the year 2001 Shanna and Roman got hitched. From his first wife he has two sons, they are named as Noah and Kane. Their marriage couldn’t continue and they got divorced. Roman Atwood is in a relationship with a new girl.

Roman Atwood Net Worth

Roman got attach to camera since he was a kid. During his school life he spent more time with camera and was fond of filming videos. Before his stardom Roman Atwood has produced the DVDs with the title “The Nerd Herd”. Roman Atwood sold out these DVDs back in 2006. He loves to edit the videos as he finds it immensely creative work to do so. It is the editing whom he first finds so much interesting task, first get the scene filmed and then do the editing. From this talent today he is ruling on YouTube and the net worth of Roman Atwood is massive and around $10 million in 2018.

His madness for filming can be imagined as he collected an amount of $300 for purchasing a camera. The moment he got camera he just started filming the videos, videos that were totally crazy and nonsensical. In shooting and editing the sketch comedy clips Roman Atwood graduated and carried on his passion of filming and editing.

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Roman Atwood’s earnings 2012-15

His source of earnings are his prank videos and Vlogs. His videos get an average of almost 300,000 views on daily bases. The process of generating money is like Roman publishes Google Adsense ad banners, it appears and displays on Roman’s videos. Once in a month he uploads the video, the viral video gets eighty million hits or above than that. Roman Atwood stepped in to this career in the year 2009.

Roman Atwood came into a limelight by his extremely hit prank video “Cops get owned”. He filmed this video in 2012 and it has smashed all the previous ratings of his. According to an estimation this video has amassed 24,328,100 views. Roman generates almost $5 on thousand impression, this means he earns five dollars per thousand ad views. It’s a huge figure that he generates on daily bases, Roam Atwood earns almost $392500 on daily bases.

Roman Atwood NetWorth 2016-17

Roman Atwood stood amongst the highest paid YouTube personalities in 2016. Roman Atwood has earned heavily through his Vlog channel, that is named as “Roman Atwood’s Vlogs”. His Vlogs too is extremely hit amongst the viewers. It is said that this channel comprises more than fifteen million subscribers. It amassed almost 4.7 billion video views. It displays about Roman Atwood’s family and the way he lives a life. It is said that daily new subscribers get in the row and the average of new subscribers per day is almost fifteen thousand. Roman Atwood Networth and earnings have a constant rise and he generates $5,400 each day. From 2016-17 he has earned 8 million dollars.

Roman Atwood Net Worth 2018

Roman Atwood has been printing money since 2012 and up till now he is unstoppable, like a tornado growing and getting stronger day by day. He has proved himself a money-pinner for sure who is earning a heavy revenue through Vlog Channels and prank videos. Through his channel “Roman Atwood Vlogs” he generated $6 million. From another channel he earned $2.7 million.

He made an appearance in a feature film named as “Natural born Pranksters”. He came with Dennis and VitalZ. His experience here wasn’t much successful. Yet it managed to make a reasonable sale.

in 2018 no new video has been uploaded at the original prank channel of Roman Atwood. Yet surprisingly he is earning tons of views that are in million every single year. It is speculated this his annual earning that was $2.5 million went higher. His annual earnings have gone up to $50 million and Roman Atwood’s net worth is $10 million in 2018.

Roman Atwood earnings through Endorsements

According to an estimation Roman Atwood generates around $1.5 million annually alone from the endorsements deals.

Besides the earnings of YouTube channels Roman Atwood is also involved in some other businesses and from them too he is earning. He runs merchandise sales such as fireworks, beanies and T-Shirts.

Roman Atwood Life Style

Roman Atwood who prints money on daily bases deserves to live a ritzy life. He has purchased this gorgeous abode back in 2014 in $349,000. He lives in the surroundings of Millersport, Ohio. His beautiful abode sits on five acres of land. It has three bedrooms that are equipped with stylish furniture. He is living a comfortable life with his family and cherishing each moment in a perfect way because of the net worth Roman Atwood has right now. It is said though he is a prankster but it doesn’t mean he is irresponsible in his dealings and immature in his practical life.

Roman Atwood Awards and achievements

  • Roman Atwood dealt for the upcoming book, this book will have the autobiography. It is said to be a massive deal that he signed. He has earned gigantic amount in advance too.
  • His earnings have a constant rise on daily bases.
  • Roman Atwood was in the nominees of best Entertainer of the year by Streamy Awards.

Interesting and funny facts about Roman Atwood

  • Roman Atwood has tons of tattoos in his body almost from tip to toe. Especially his arms have not even a grain of space free from tattoos.
  • He was just a school kid when he produced DVD named as “The Nerd Herd” and sold it too.
  • Before getting into this line, he has done some commercials and besides that he has assisted his mom and dad in their business of rope factory.
  • Roman Atwood has created so far 360 Vlog videos.
  • When he got divorced from his first wife then he went through tough times, but he healed up when he met a new damsel who is his wife now.
  • Roman is living a peaceful life with his wife, she is of good heart who loves his children a lot.
  • What really delights him in the whole world is his creative ability of pranking.
  • Roman Atwood is also good at film production.
  • Roman Atwood calls his sons his whole world, to be with them makes him feel so sparked up and happy.
  • Roman Atwood likes to have Cola and Whiskey in drinks.
  • Roman Atwood loves sport cars.
  • Roman Atwood’s most desired sweets is a “Swedish Fish”.
  • Roman Atwood has planned a road show with a fellow YouTube star Fousey. In near future they both will team up and film a video of trip of Europe.

So that was all about Roman Atwood, since childhood he felt that he is not born to be a book worm nor he has to lead a boring life with a casual routine. He is born to spread laughter and smiles and this he realized from a very early age. He didn’t get bother in his student life that he was being warned by his teachers to pay attention to studies and that is one of the main reason Roman Atwood Net Worth is quite high that he always focused more on his passion. But all he could think about was just a “comedy stuff”. He really takes pride in his ability to make people amuse by his skill.

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