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Rick Ross Net Worth 2018 – Facts, Achievements and Luxury Life


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Rick Ross Net Worth 2018 – Facts, Achievements and Luxury Life

Rick Ross Net Worth: Rick Ross is the stage name of this rap artist William Leonard Roberts. who has a net worth of $35 million in 2018. He is a very popular American rapper and a successful entrepreneur too. It is said that he also owns a huge jewelry collection, he loves wearing jewelry and keeps many Versace items at home.

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Rick Ross Biography

Rick Ross Age and zodiac sign

Inside the skin of Rick Ross is a person whose name is William Lenard and was born in Coahoma County, Florida. His date of birth is 28th of January, 1976. According to his date of birth he becomes Aquarius. Like others street-oriented rappers Ross also appeared in the horizon of music industry. He is 33rd most popular Aquarius.

Rick Ross Family and Education

Rick Ross is the son of Tommie Roberts, his brother is Toi Roberts, he brought up in the province/district of Mississippi.

After getting his graduation done from Miami Carol City High School, he appeared in the Albany State University on the bases of football scholarship. Within a short time span of 12 months he didn’t find himself eager in studies. That is why he took it as the spur of the moment and started focusing on penning down lyrics for rap music, besides that he was having a living bases on drug selling business.

At his very young age he was inclined towards a street music so he brought up in the typical culture of that impoverished place Miami. Rick discontinued his college as he wanted to become a famous rapper. Because of the street culture he somehow got himself tangled in the business of drug dealing. Before becoming a ‘Rick Ross’ he was working in Florida as a correctional officer. Though he worked there or a short time span of 18 months.

Personal life of Rick

For some years he remained connected with Shateria Moragne but in the year 2013 they broke-up. After that he got engaged with a hip-hop model Lira Mercer. This relationship too couldn’t get along and ended up in 2015.

Rick Ross Net Worth is $35 million in 2018

How much is Rick Ross worth? The net worth of Rick Ross makes other slack-jawed, yes, it is estimated as $35 million in 2018. That is why he is said to be one of the richest rappers across the globe.In the year of 2012 Rick Ross was declared as the Hottest MC by MTV in the game. Besides his music it his net worth too that has also become one of the reason of his popularity.


rick ross net worth and luxury life

Rick Ross earnings 2012-16

In the year 2012 he earned around $9 million. Rick Ross has given six studio albums that were a big hit, besides that Ross is also a founder of the popular Maybach Music Group. He was the one who signed to Diddy’s management company as an artist. His first album turned him into a star, the album was ‘Hustlin’ and was certified gold, this led him sign a record deal with renowned Jay-Z’s Def Records. This debut album of Ross was released in 2006, it was debuted and launched at billboard that was a 200 albums chart. It made the huge sales of 187,000 units after a week. Rock’s fourth album was entitled as ‘Teflon Don’, that album was certified gold.

Rick Ross NetWorth and Earnings 2017

Though the third album ‘Deeper Than Rap’ too hit the headlines as it got the huge sale of 158,000 copies and that was sale of US alone in its first week. Rock’s fourth album was entitled as ‘Teflon Don’, that album was certified gold. He appeared in many Slip-n-Slide albums and performed brilliantly. It is said that he owns $28 million overall.

Rick Ross Net Worth 2018

He is still a money-spinner and printing money by producing great music and giving performances in the various spots. Now Rick Ross has huge networth of $35 million in 2018. These $35 million are speculated to rise as he is a musician who will keep bringing something really amazing out of his sack.

Some comings and-goings of Rick Ross in court

He has had several coming-and-goings with all that legal issues. Or instance in the year 2008 he was arrested because of getting marijuana, he was also held answerable in form of gun charges.

He faced charges because of ‘Freeway’ who came to know that this rapper is having a living by having his original name. though he actually had won $10 million against that drug dealer for keeping his name.

Rick Ross Lavish life style and luxurious cars


rick ross luxury life and cars

In the year 2014, Rick Ross bought a lavish mansion in $ 5.8 million, this gigantic mansion is consisted of 109 rooms and 12 eye-popping bathrooms. It has a bowling alley too. This mansion also has a home theater and swimming pool, this pool is actually 350,000-gallon pool.

Rick Ross also owns a seven-stall barn, his wealth makes him purchase whatever he desires. There are number of things that belongs to him like a baseball field, its not just a field it’s a full-fledge field infact with scoreboard and he lights. There is recording studio that belongs to Ross and a guest house too. In his residence he has an indoor beautiful pool and also a boxing gym.

According to a report, the maintenance of his mansion costs him $1 million yearly, electric bills are included in it. On monthly bases this cost turns into $17,000.

His giant size mansion sits on 54,000 square-feet. He bought this mansion from a retired fighter who was 53 years old. He purchased this mansion in an auction. It is said to be the largest ‘single-family’ in Georgia.

In one of the room he has a vast collection of footwear or diverse brands and designs. Besides footwear collection he keeps tons of pricey goods.

Rick Ross is seen surrounded by some ritzy cars, he isn’t just confined to choppers, he has Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 458 Italia and Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. No not just that he owns Mercedes Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz- CLS. His lavish life style speaks volumes that he has a mount Everest of net worth!

Some interesting facts of Rick Ross, the Millionaire!

Rick Ross Facts

Rick Ross Facts

  1. In the year 2000 he altered his name and became Rick Ross, Rick Ross took this name from a drug kingpin and that was ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross. Though he has no link with him.
  2. Rick Ross is often ridiculed because in past he used to be a drug dealer. Though this happened many moons ago.
  3. By religion Rick Ross is a Christian, in one of his interview he stated “I had told myself at one point no matter what I go through, I never question God.”
  4. The time in between recording music he plays video games, playing releases his anxiety and stress and makes him feel relieved. Ross has all the games from Cloeco to Xbox.
  5. In the year 2011, in the month of October 14th he happened to get 2 seizures, one in morning and the other at evening. When at morning time he suffered then it turned him unconscious so doctors had to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Later it was discovered that due to constant lack of sleep he went through all this.
  6. Rick Ross doesn’t slumber much, he takes hardly a short sleep of 3-4 hours.
  7. Rick Ross is a believer of God, he says he talks to God every single day, he believes in God’s existence strongly.
  8. Rick Ross is strongly in a favor of promoting Women, he says women are the pillars of our society and we should give them opportunities to do something really great.
  9. Rick Ross sends bunch of flowers every month to his daughter and also goes out with her.
  10. He also sends his daughter flowers every month and even takes her out on a monthly date.

Rick Ross Awards and achievements


rick ross achievements

As he is a rapper and a song-writer too, this brought him huge success. His top albums are ‘Port of Miami’, Mastermind and ‘Deeper than rap’. His album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ was into the nominations of a Germany Award for the ‘Best Rap Album’.

He further said “It was just time for me to tighten up a little bit, you know what I’m saying. As far as, you know, me working out…I have no destination, no specific weight.” Well whatever but good luck with your new looks in your new projects!

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So that was all about net worth of Rick Ross that is really huge $35 million, his lavish and ritzy life style, the way he lives and spends we must admit Money Talks! Lets ended it up by sharing one more thing about him and that is rick Ross after having exercised for months has turned from fatso to a smart one. He told that ‘its time to get in a shape’, good decision though! He looks excellent in his smarter looks, for this he joined a gym.

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