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Ray J Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

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Ray J Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

Ray J is a great American singer, who besides being a singer is also a song-writer, an actor and a record producer too. Ray J is his stage name as his original name is “William Ray Norwood”. Ray J Net worth is estimated to be around $6 million in 2018 and that is the result of his hard work and dedication towards his work. Let’s see how this multi-talented star gained so much success over the years.

Ray J Biography

Age and zodiac sign of Ray J

Ray J was born on 17th of January, 1981. This makes him Capricorn. Ray J stood at number 14th as a most famous celebrity who born at this date and he is 182 most famous Capricorn.

Ray J Childhood & Early Life

Ray J belongs to California, he spent his childhood in Mississippi. His father name was Willie Norwood. And mother named as Sonja Norwood. Ray j’s brother is a recording artist and her sister Brandy Norwood is an actress and a record artist too who is award-winning. Ray J is the youngest child of his parents. Ray J has three more siblings but they are step, one of them is Danyelle who is a hip-hop artist.

Ray J took the initial training of singing from his father, his sister too accompanied him in singing. This daily training enthused Ray J and by the passage of time he got more serious and involved in music, he started polishing himself by performing in church.

Personal life of Ray j

Marital status of Ray J is married, he is married to a girl named Princess Love, she is the one with whom he has spent a longtime. They shared a good compatibility with one another and that is why their good terms took a beautiful turn named Marriage. Now Ray J is cherishing his married life with Princess Love, despite the busyness of life he tries to give his family plenty amount of time.

Ray j Net Worth

Multi-talented start Ray j earns $1 million annually, it’s not just his music that made him generated so much, as he is multi-talented so he earned money through many mediums like television shows, ads and endorsements.

Ray J has released 5 studio albums, his song “Wait A minute” hit the headlines and stood at number 8 on the Hot R&B /Hip-Hop Songs chart. Ray J has earned a great respect industry and by his fans too. Now lets dig deeper how Ray J has earned a hefty net worth over the years, his current net worth is $6 million in 2018.

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Ray J Net Worth in 2011 and 2012 – Success Journey

Ray J was just 8 years old when he started his career by giving several auditions for t.v commercials. He appeared in number of ads and then eventually he got the chance to appear in in sitcom The Sindbad Show. It was a series show in which he got the chance to show his acting skills. The Sindbad show gave him a breakthrough and then one after another he got great opportunities. Ray J signed with Elektra Records and in late 90s he released his debut studio album named Everything You Want.

This album got a reasonable and it almost sold 30,000 copies just in 7 days and it stood on number 56 at the Billboard Top R&B + on Hip Hop Albums Chart. Within US it made a sale of above than 100,000 copies. The sale of this debut album made him earn the net worth of $100,000. He cherished this amount as at that time he was merely a teenager.

Ray J worked on his single “Another day in Paradise” by teaming up his sister Brandy. That song went great and got hit. This song made its eminent place in number of music charts within the top ten songs.

According to a ball park figure through this hit single Ray j has earned heavily, he almost has earned more than $100,000!

In the same year 2001 Ray J released second album, that was a full-length album. It was a massive hit and successfully made its place on the Billboard of Top 200, it stood at number 21.

On the Top R&B Albums Chart it stood at number 9 just in one week, it sold more than 18,000 copies. This enlarged the graph of popularity of Ray J. He made three singles, that altogether made him earn $325,000 in 2011-12.

Ray J Net Worth 2013 and 2014 – Entry in Reality Series

In this era Ray J appeared in reality series that was Love & Hip Hop of Hollywood where Ray J was a co-star with Princess Love, who is his wife now. According to an estimation Ray J generated $25,000 from this show. From 2013-14 he made a net worth $613,811.

Ray J Net Worth 2015 and 16 – Television and Music

Ray J who started his journey from early 90’s become a money-spinner from 2000 on wards, he is generating more than $1 million per year which is his salary. Television shows and his music made him earn $6,000,000 from 2015-16. In 2016 he appeared in a Celebrity Big Brother, Ray J successfully competed in 19th season of this show. Though he got the edge of being a singer too. Ray J was the highest paid celebrity who participated in that series. For this show he generated a hefty amount of $1 million USD.

Ray J Net Worth 2017 – Projects

According to an estimate the net worth of Ray j was around than $6 million in 2017 which increased due to some of the important project he did that year.

Ray J Net Worth 2018 – Current Upcoming Projects

His existing net worth is $6 million in 2018 and it is anticipated that it would certainly hike up as Ray J is busy in his up-coming projects. Apart from music, t.v shows Ray J is making money through his store too, in Log Angeles he has a store, it deals with an electric bike “Scoot-E-Bike”, it is said that he is getting $1600 from the scoot-e-Bike Business.

Ray J has purchased a beautiful mansion in Hidden Hills, California. He purchased this impressive abode in $2.7 million. This mansion is believed to be the symbol of Ray J’s lavish life style.

Ray J’s earning through Endorsement and Sponsorships

When you become a celebrity then a wide path of prospects come across you, similarly Ray J has earned a heavily through the ads, endorsements and sponsorship. Ray J had a $1 million deal by a skin care endorsement. From such sponsorship Ray J has almost earned a net worth of $156,863.

Ray J movies and the revenue he generated

Ray J has worked in number if movies, out of which did a good business and made him earn a hefty revenue, so let’s have a look below:

  1. Stell: From this movie he earned $284,091
  1. Christmas at Water’s Edge: From this movie he earned $216,450
  1. Ridiculousnes: From this move he earned $349,650
  1. Envy: From this movie he earned $162,33
  1. The Enemy Within: From this movie he earned $126,263
  2. Mars Attacks: From this movie $138,581.

Best Albums of Ray j

Ray J has made several albums and songs, here is the Best Of Ray J:

  • “All I Feel” Yung Berg
  • I Hit It First feat.
  • Last Wish

Interesting facts about Ray J

We have collected some of the interesting facts about Ray J, lets glance at them:

  • Ray J started giving auditions in the age of eight.
  • Ray J is a first cousin of famous Snoop Dogg.
  • Ray J made his appearance in his sister’s song ‘What about You’.
  • Ray J has excellent terms with Mayweather, they have spent a longtime together.
  • In the year 2012 Ray J got arrested by the cops, he somehow got short fuse and punched Fabolous on his face.

Ray J Accomplishments and achievements

Ray J through his career besides gaining fame and wealth has also earned a great respect. He has made some great achievements such as:

  • His album “All I Feel” went great, one of its song got a huge appraisal and was certified Platinum from RIAA.
  • Ray J has so far released 5 studio albums with number of singles.
  • Ray J made guest appearances on some of the tracks, from Gucci Mane, Willie Norwood and Brandy.
  • Ray j’s album “All I Fell” ranked at the top positions on Us Independent Albums and on US R&B Album charts.

So that was all about his net worth, biography and his success journey. He is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for all the young struggling artists. He began to strive for his fantastic future since the age of 8 how awe-inspiring it is! So the key is not to stop, not to lose hope and keep moving forward!

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