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PewDewPie Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Income

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PewDewPie Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Income

PewDewPie is a famous young talent of YouTube, from last few years he has become the ardent celebrity of YouTube. He has 60 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. PewDewPie has more than 16.5 billion views. It is just the tip of the ice-berg, the channel he owns is said to be the best one because of its unique content of games. PewDewPie net worth is estimated around $20 million in 2018 and the total revenue he has beyond $50 million.

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Pewdewpie Biography – Family and Life

Age and Zodiac Sign

PewDewPie was born on 24th of October, 1989, this makes him Scorpio. 28 years old dexterous mind stands as the 2nd most famous YouTuber.

Early life

The brilliant mind belongs to Gothenburg, Sweden, that’s where he spent his childhood. His parents are Lotta Kristine Johanna and Ulf Christian Kjellberg. He has one sister named as Fanny.

Personal Life

PewDewPie is in good terms with his girlfriend ‘Marzia Bisognin’, she is known from her YouTube username that is Marzia, she is also an Internet personality who is Italian and very passionate about diverse ventures and activities like business, fashion designing and writing.

PewDewPie Net Worth

PewDewPie has conquered ‘Most Popular Social Show Web Personality Award’, as compare to some other YouTubers PewDewPie is the most eminent one. His net worth is more than fifteen times larger than the net worth of UberHaxorNova’s. The net worth of PewDewPie is $20 million in 2018 and his combined earnings are more than $50 million.

PewDewPie Earnings 2014-2016

PewDewPie’s net worth has got a consistent rise over the years but it speedily started growing in 2010. During that time his net worth was $7,141,192. PewDewPie once was voted as the Most Popular Gaming Star in the year 2014 by the Teen Choice Awards. In the same year his net worth was $55,466,728.

In the year 2016 PewDewPie has been added to the list made by Time magazine of ‘The World’s 100 Most influential People’. The brainy head gathers hundreds of million of views on weekly bases. His revenue got hike up because of being so rich. During 2013 to 2016 his revenue per 1,000 YouTube Views are $7.60. By the end of 2016 his earnings were $90,841,830.

PewDewPie NetWorth 2017

The total earnings from its YouTube Views is $113,946,517 and his merchandise earnings are $41,774,681. The yearly salary he gets $14,274,443. By the end of 2017 his networth reached to $20 million.

PewDewPie Net Worth 2018

The rich young man lives a lavish life, he has a beautiful abode in Brighton UK, he has luxurious cars like Porche 911. He is one brilliant head with extra-ordinary skills and he is making the best out of his genius. PewDewPie’s current net worth is estimated as $20 million in 2018 his combined revenues are beyond $50 million.

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