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Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2018 – Bio, income and worth

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Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2018 – Bio, income and worth

Parker Schnabel is a famous personality who rose to fame by making appearance in ‘Gold Rush’, which is a Discovery Channel’s reality series. He is young and enthusiastic gold-miner. In a very young age he gathered huge stardom and widely known as an eminent part-taker of Gold-Rush. This mining work has made Parker Schnabel Net Worth to hike up to $2 million in 2018.

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Parker Schnabel Biography

Parker age and Zodiac sign

Parker was born on 22nd of July, 1994, this makes him Cancer. 24 years old young lad has achieved great milestones.

Early Life

Parker belongs to Haines, he lived there and spent his childhood with his family and brother in here. His parents are Nancy and Roger. Since his childhood he was keenly fond of exploring, he was always interested in unveiling the secrets of geology + mining besides that he was also good at playing basketball. ‘Big Nugget Mine’ is Parker’s Grandfather real estate where he grew up.

Personal Life

Parker had developed good terms with her girl-friend but after a certain time period he realized this relationship couldn’t go any further as he was unable to give proper time which was necessary for the nourishment of that relationship.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

In the fourth season of Gold-Rush Parker has arranged his own mining operation, Parker got 1029 oz of gold, that was a huge discovery. The gold he grabbed in the last season was worth of $3.7 million. All this has made the net worth of Parker Schnabel up to $2 million in 2018.

Parker Schnabel Earnings 2014-2016

As he is best known for his extra-ordinary skills of mining he is also into his family business of mining and this business is going really great. Parker has invested a heavy amount of $6000,000 in constructing a custom car wash. This can be helpful for him in mining work.

Parker Schnabel NetWorth 2017

In the year Parker made an announcement that he is intended to feature his own ‘3-Part Docuseries’. It was speculated widely that the show is going to present Parker along with his team who will be shown to face the adventures of gold mining. By the end of 2017 his networth was estimated as $2 million.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2018

Parker grosses $25k for each episode and annually it is $500k. Parker Schnabel current net worth is estimated as $2 million in 2018. His unique skills and integrity ignites his mind to go to any lengths for achieving excellence. Both his inherited business and Gold-Rush show make him earn a good fortune.

Parker holds that rare things in his personality that make him set the expedition of adventures, these adventures require a real hard work. One has to come out of his comfort zone for achieving big milestones.


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