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Michael Jordan Net worth 2018 – bio, earnings and family

Basketballers Net Worth

Michael Jordan Net worth 2018 – bio, earnings and family

Michael Jordan is a living legend of the athletic world, he is one of the greatest American basketball player who has earned huge victories and became the pride of America. He has directed the Chicago Bulls and has conquered the award of Most Valuable Player for five times. This man is so extra ordinary that knows very well how to go to an extra mile for achieving something big, first he proved himself in basketball then he stepped in Olympic games then he appeared as an actor and now he is successful business man. He has ruled on basketball sports from 80s to late 90s. Michael Jordan net worth currently is estimated around $1.65 billion in 2018.

Michael Jordan Biography

Age and Zodiac Sign

Michael Jordan was born on 17th February, 1963. This makes him Aquarius. 56 years old basketball player stands as the 25th most famous person and the 14th most popular American.

Childhood and family

Former player of basketball belongs to Brooklyn, his father James was a General Electric plant supervisor and his mother Deloris was an employee in bank. Jordan’s family migrated to Wilmington. Jordan has 4 siblings.

After completing his studies from high school Jordan accepted a scholarship of basketball from University of North Carolina.

Personal life

Jordan first and ex wife was Juanita Vanoy after having a peaceful marriage life consisted on 17 years the couple decided to divorce amiably, they had three sons and one daughter. After that Jordan got knotted with Yvette Prieto, they both have 2 kids.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

The excellent basketball player has not just won and conquered great victories rather he has grossed the unimaginable mounts of wealth and riches. The current net worth of Michael Jordan is estimated up to $1.65 billion in 2018.

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Michael Jordan Earnings 2014-16

2016 is said to be the most flourishing year for Jordan, as he has grossed more than he earned from NBA salary through out his career of fifteen years.

Jordan has earned $899,107,659 in the year 2014 and that went higher in 2015 and turned into $979,404,840. The salary that he received in 2016 was around $128,160,000, where as the taxes he paid were around $841,584,893. His estimated net worth of 2016 was $1.14 billion.

Michael Jordan networth 2017

The biggest sources from which this legendry players prints money are diverse and many, such as

  • Earns through NBA salary
  • Earns through Nike deals and other endorsements
  • Various business ventures

Jordan basketball salary is around $96,055,000, from Nike deal he grossed a heavy amount of $1,158,500,000. It has been observed that Jordan has gained more from stardom and fame as compare to playing basketball. As just from endorsements he has earned $581,200,000. His net worth of 2017 is $1.65 billion

Michael Jordan Net worth 2018

Jordan earns through his business ventures and from the tv appearances too. In 1996 he acted in a movie Space Jam, at that he was given a heavy amount of $20 million for doing that. Jordan is co-owner of the ‘Washington Wizards’, ‘Charlotte Bobcats’ and let’s not forget that he possessed a motorcycle road racing team ‘Michael Jordan Motorsports’. From his business projects he has earned $20,000,000. Now currently Michael Jordan’s Net Worth is up to $1.65 billion.

He is a source of inspiration for many youngsters, how he started his expedition of becoming a basketball player and he achieved all the milestones that he came across. It was his strong determination that made him do so, even after the retirement this man is printing money.

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