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Master P Net Worth 2018 – Family, Quotes and his Success Journey

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Master P Net Worth 2018 – Family, Quotes and his Success Journey

Master P net worth is $350 million in 2018: Percy Robert Miller is the original and full name of Master P, Master P is his stage name. Miller has lots of giants under his skin, he is an actor, a businessman, a philanthropist, a rapper, a record producer and a former basketball player too. His sources of revenue are his fields of acting, entrepreneurship, he is an investor + producer, all these fields made

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Master P Biography

Master P Age and zodiac sign

Percy Miller was born on 29th of April, 1970. According to his date of birth Miller’s zodiac sign is “Taurus”.

Early life of Master P

Miller belongs to a family who was really miserable at that time in his childhood. He has 3 siblings, Vyshonne King Miller, Corey Miller and Kevin Miller. All the four children were brought up by the father as Master P’s parents broke up and divorced. Besides all that the neighborhood where he brought up was having full crime rate.

His brother Vyshonne is also a rapper, whereas Kevin and Corey are voice actors.

Master P Education

Miller took his schooling in Booker T. Washington High School. Miller got educated in Warren Easton High School, he took his further education from University of Houston. After getting his studies from here he got himself transferred in Merritt College in Oakland. His main subject that he studied was “business”. He completed his education and then began his career bio professionally.

The miseries and poorness of his family was very irksome for Miller. This made him ambitious to do something and get rid all these despairs. He buckled up himself to try his luck in business.

Personal life of P

He married to Sonya C in the year 1989. Sonya is popular for “Freak Hoes”, “The Lord is testing me” and there are many other famous songs of hers. Master P has nine children, Romeo, Veno, Vercy, Intylyana, Tytyana, Itali, Cymphonique, Mercy and Hercy.

Master P Net Worth is $350 million in 2018

The net worth of Master P is $350 million in 2018 and he didn’t earn it over night. Master P aka Miller went well with his education and since his early age he was firmly determined to have a good living, So, lets dig deeper how he made it possible:

Inheritance from Grandfather:

It’s the inherited amount from his grandfather that actually provided him a little edge to get started. With that $10,000 amount he launched “No Limit Records”. He opened this store in California. In ‘No Limit Records”, he was accompanied by a famous singer Sonya.

Master P Earned a Huge Success in Debut Album

Sonya has been collaborating with TRU, a music group since 1992. In the year 1991, he launched official debut and also released the album that was entitled as “Get Away Clean”. That was a big success for him.

Master P Travel Agency and Other Companies

In 90s Miller was on his way to hunt goals. He built his business empire that added up many rap labels. Besides that, he launched a travel agency and a video game company. In late 90s he enabled himself to get noticed because of his series of success. It was basically “No Limit records” that has enabled him to step into diverse businesses. ‘No limit Records” established the Southern Rap sound, 80 million records have been sold out by it across the globe. It is said that in the year 1998 Miller earned a revenue of $160 million by his business.

Master P Inherited his Children his Skills

Sonya and Miller were blessed with 9 children. These children inherited great skills and talent from their talented parents and that is why they later have earned a good name in industry.

Though the couple is not living together and are on a hold-up in accordance with the legal decision of divorce. Now Sonya has claimed for her share in miller’s assets, as he is the owner of 31 properties, luxurious 13 cars and 45 money-spinning companies. According to her she should be given 40% of his assets. Miller’s Romeo is too a good professional rapper, his daughter Cymphonique is also talented and a songster and actress. His son Young V is an actor who is working for “The Guttar Music Entertainment”.

Master P Stood Amongst “America’s 40 Highest Paid Entertainer”

In the year 1998 Master P Miller was graded and ranked up on number 10 in the Forbes’ List, that list was about America’s 40 highest paid entertainers and he stood 10th on them.

Master P Multiplied the Small Inherited Amount of $10,000

He had started with that slight amount of $10,000 that he got from his grandfather, he multiplied it in a tremendous way, his store “No Limit Records” has represented great artist like Snoop Dogg. This boosted up Miller’s career. This enabled him to release tons of brilliant and massively successful records of his.

Periodically Master P networth started enhancing by his clever and wise investments. He launched various business projects such as clothing line, he launched a film production company, he started a television network and then he launched a real estate firm.

Master P Earnings and Net Value 2015-16

In 2009, Miller as a rapper was graded as “The highest paid hip-hop entrepreneur” throughout the world at that time as in that year he generated above than $661 million.

Several of great movies and television projects boosted his revenue, he also worked as an author too and let’s not forget about his skills as a basketball player.

In 2015 Master P released his album named ‘Empire, From the Hood to Hollywood’, it was his fourteenth album. It is said that by the end of 2015 Master P generated $320,912,321 that went high in 2016 and turned $375,123,400.

Master P NetWorth and Income 2017

There is nothing wrong in saying that Master P is a real money-spinner as annually he generates $37,647,059. In the year 2017 Master P restarted his company and gave it a new name “No Limit Forever Records”. According to the estimation the networth of Percy Miller was $350 million in 2017.

Master P Net Worth 2018

Miller has so far released 13 albums, he produced tremendous music. As an author he penned down books. He is believed to be amongst the biggest fortunes from hip-hop world of music.

“Only God Can Judge Me” was a massive hit, this album has been given a gold status, the sale of this album exceeded to 500,000 copies. Master P’s net worth is $350 million currently in 2018.

Master P albums and Earnings through them

  • We all we got

From this album Master P earned $55,965,493

  • The gift (Return of C.M)

From this album Master P earned $34,132,643.

  • Icon

From this album Master P earned $22,059,491

  • No limit forever

From this album Master P earned $45,123,432.

  • The gift

From this album Master P earned $25,215,631

Miller lavish life style

Miller owns 13 luxurious and immense stylish cars and a is cherishing a lavish life style. He has worked hard to reach at this peak. He hasn’t become the owner of 31 properties and 45 diverse companies in a single day. There is no short cut to the road of success and this what he has proved very consistently and successfully.

Though he got into a trouble when his wife Sonya claimed for her 40% share from his assets. It was about the child support, Miller was bound to pay $271 million on monthly bases because of his child support share.

Awards and achievements

  • Master P is a great humanitarian and for this he was rewarded by a Mayor Willie Herenton who rewarded him the ‘keys of Memphis’ in the year 2008.
  • Master P gave an orientation in the in the year 2013. ‘Louisiana Music Hall of Fame”. This orientation made him the first artist of hip-hop genre who ever visit that place.
  • Master P was chosen as a ‘Youth ambassador of NAACP.

Amazing facts about Master P

  • Master P has a towering height that distinguishes amongst other artists. His height is 6 ft and four inches.
  • In the era 1999 Master P donated $500,000, he donated this amount for keeping St. Monica Elementary School saved from shutting down. This school was his alma mater and he gave three donations for this purpose. Later in 2008 Master P was made ‘Executive Board Member of High School’.
  • Master P remains a part of various philanthropic ventures. ‘let Kids Grow Foundation’ is one of his philanthropic venture, other one is ‘Miller Food Foundation’, it aims to provide shelter to the homeless.

Today Miller is amongst the top business and rap tycoon and mogul. the tough phases of life brought out his inner talented rapper, brilliant actor, a promising entrepreneur, a successful record producer, well-knitted author, vivid filmmaker and a former athlete. He is still in his full gusto and a staunch supporter of the doctrine “Sky Is The limit”, so he is not yet done and determined to step into new ventures and for this reason we are going to see Master P net worth Rise and even more from the existing one.

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