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Logic Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Accomplishments

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Logic Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Accomplishments

Logic is a renowned rapper who besides being a rapper is also a song-writer and a producer of records too. Logic is his stage name, his original name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. Since his early age he has been an eager-beaver of rap music. Logic Net Worth in 2018 is estimated to be around $10 million and here we will discover how he managed to achieve this net worth and his success journey.


Logic (Sir Robert Bryson Hall) Biography

Logic Age and zodiac sign

Logic was born on 22nd of January, 1990, this makes him Aquarius. He belongs to Gaithersburg, Maryland.


Logic Early life and family

Unlike other children Logic has a bit cheerless childhood, as unfortunately his father wasn’t at his back, he didn’t play any role in his up-bringing. As far as his mother is concerned then she used to take drugs and she suffered from the alcohol addiction. His whole family somehow or the other was involved in drugs as his brothers used to deal in drugs and father suffered from cocaine addiction.

Logic took his education from Gaithersburg High School, he used to bunk classes and that is why school administration had to expel him from the school.

When Logic was in his early teens he got connected with his father as at that time he was serious to join a rap career. So, he initially needed some platform to earn some money to get started.


Personal life of logic

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II aka Logic got hitched with a songster whose name is Jessica Andrea. They spent a long time together and then they thought of officially being a partner of each other. Before her he was interested in someone else but that relationship didn’t last and ended up soon. This worked as a fuel for logic and he got totally serious about his music career.

Logic got-knotted with Jessica when he was just 25 years old, in the year 2015 they got married. Now his wife Jessica is also a famous icon on social media, though her graph of popularity rose up after getting hitched with Logic but we can’t ignore the other factor, as she has also played a role of background vocalist in some of the songs of Logic and this gained her a massive popularity too.


Logic Net worth

Logic took a start of his career in rap music in 2009. His deep and keen interest for music couldn’t hold him back and soon after entering in the industry Logic released his first mixtape named “Young, Broke & Infamous”. He kept moving with his creation and in short time he got succeed in drawing the attention of producers. Initially he teamed up with Def Jam recordings. Now let’s have a look below at the journey of Logic, how he enabled himself to earn such a massive net worth of $10 million in 2018.

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Logic Net Worth in 2012-14

The environment where he brought up wasn’t much healthy, things were quite miserable around him but despite all those melancholies he decided to give himself a direction, rather a desired direction of music. He was just thirteen years old when he first had lightened up a spark for the hip-hop, it was when he watched Kill Bill Film. Before 2012 he gave performances in the native music circuit.

In the beginning of his music career he received a great guidance from his mentor “Solomon Taylor”. He released his unofficial mixtape by the name “Psychological”. After sometime he summarized his name as “Logic”. In 2009 he unofficially released three studio albums and five mixtapes. In 2010-11 Logic released his two mixtapes, one was Young, Broke and Infamous and the other one was Young Sinatra. He was inspired from the first Kill Bill, the source of inspiration was actually the Frank Sinatra that is why he created “Young Sinatra”

In 2012 Logic employed with Visionary Music Group, he was cosigned to Def Jam Recordings. By the end of 2012 Logic has earned $2,250,641 of net worth, he kept moving forward and through his music and creative work he hiked up his net worth in 2013 and turned it $3,600,000.

His debut album was entitled as “Under Pressure” which was released in 2014. This album got good business and stood at number 2 on the US Rap + on the US R&B at the Hip-Hop charts. More ever this album stood at number 4 on the Billboard of 200. By the end of 2014 the net worth of Logic turned into $5,106,607.


Logic Net Worth 2015-2017

Logic earned heavily from 2015 to 2017 by his rap music, records, some great sponsorship and then ads + endorsements made him collect a great revenue. In 2015 his net worth was $7,108,120 that went high in 2016 and that was $9,000,000. In both years he created his music and brought the best out of him. In these three years he created and released three albums, “The Incredible Story” was released in 2015, “Bobby Tarantino” released in 2016 and “Everybody” released in 2017. By the end of 2017 logic generated $10,000,000 of net worth.


Logic Net Worth 2018

In 2018 Logic created and sung a song that is a very touching one as it is about racial discrimination and inequality. Through this song he tried to put an effort to spread awareness regrading suicide and ethnic inequality too. According to an estimation his net worth in 2018 is $10 million.

Best Albums of Logic

  • Logic’s album “Under Pressure” is believed to be his best creation so far, it was widely acknowledged by the critics and audience. This album stood at number 4 on the Billboard of 200.
  • The song “Sucker for Pain” too got a huge appraisal, it is said that from this song Logic earned heavily. Two other songs of Logic “All I Do” and “5am” were too went great, total revenue that he generated from these songs are $147,878.


Lavish life style of Logic

In early age he got what he wanted and what he strived for now he is cherishing a lavish life style. He has a beautiful abode in Log Angeles. Besides having an impressive dwelling Logic also has ritzy rides like Audi A4 and Rolls Royce.


Logic’s Accomplishments

Logic is amongst those artists who in a short time span got the recognition in industry and established himself firmly. The peculiarity of his music is appreciated on a larger scale. He stepped into the realm of hip-hop and has put his best foot forward.

In his music career Logic has successfully achieved many charting records, some of his work has got RIAA certification. Logic has sold out more than millions of discs globally.


Interesting facts about Logic

Here are some handful of interesting facts about Logic, let have a look:

  • Logic as a person isn’t very forward, he is picky and choosy. In his leisure time he prefers watching his favorite show and movies instead of being in some parties.
  • Logic by nature is very modest and humble, that’s what his fans like about him that he isn’t short-fuse at all.
  • Logic is confined in having fun with his fiancée, he loves being with her, besides her it’s his puppy who is very dear to him.
  • His album “under Pressure” done a great business and it proclaimed gold.
  • Logic once used to smoke but now from a certain time period he keeps smoking at bay. He left smoking when he released his album “under pressure”.
  • Logic has massive fan following on social media.
  • Logic and his friends are the members of the RattPack.
  • Logic is married to a girl who used to be a background vocalist in some of his songs
  • His Wife Jessica is also a celebrity on social media, as on Instagram she has a great fan following.
  • The account of Jessica has amassed above than 300,000 dedicated followers and they are still growing rapidly.

Logic Net Worth is huge and he has reached to its desired goal by his devotion and dedication, though according to him success has no end, it is a process that must go on, if you will stop making improvements then it means you are heading up to failures, so don’t let your vision be in prison. Logic is determined to convey a lot through his music as most recently he in his song tried to spread the awareness about ethnic discrimination, music has the guts to touch people’s heart so he believes it is the best medium to bring a positive change. Logic has a lot to do as he is going to have several tours and concerts. He is all set to amuse his fans with his music.

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