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Lil Tay Net Worth 2018 – How rich is Lil Tay?

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Lil Tay Net Worth 2018 – How rich is Lil Tay?

Lil Tay rose to fame because her bragging style on social media has got her a huge attention on a larger scale. She is young kid of nine years old who is a rapper. It is the endless controversies created by her that is a basic reason of her stardom. She is ill-famed because of the offensive language she uses, she is known for the numerous verbal scuffles with other stars of social media. Without endorsements of others she calls herself a billionaire. She most of the time shares her pompous pictures with cash. Lil Tay Net Worth is estimated as $1.5 Million+ in 2018.

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Lil Tay Biography

Age and Nationality

Lil Tay the little giant was born in the year 2009, this made her nine years old. Her nationality is American

Early Life

Nothing has ever been revealed about her personal life about her parents and education. She declared that she will team up with a rap artist Chief Keef and Jake. For wallowing more regarding her riches, she released and unveiled a ‘Diss Track’ and composed a rap named as Money Way’.

Lil Tay Net Worth

Lil remain busy in cooking up bizarre and weird announcements, in 2018 the net worth of Lil Tay is estimated as $1.5 Million+ which is really huge and inspirational for a girl of this age.

Lil Tay Earnings 2015-2016

Lil Tay who is a young internet sensation has hoarded more than million followers on Instagram alone and above than 1.1 million fans on YouTube. She keeps sharing her videos that made her generated more than 86,000 subscribers.

Lil Tay NetWorth 2017

Lil has her own YouTube channel and she launched it in the start of 2015. This channel of hers also is a source of earning. Up till now her most famous uploaded venture is ‘Lil Tay Responds to Rice Gum’ that came in April 2018. It has grossed almost 2 million views. By the end of 2017 Lil Tay’s networth according to her is $1.5 million+.

Lil Tay Net Worth 2018

Lil Tay released his song ‘Money Way’ in March 2018. It was a solo venture given by her. When Lil Tay was speckled adjacent Woah Vicky at Coachella this made her earn an ample amount of consideration and attention on social media. Her music ventures are not that famous as her verbal scuffles get attention. Bossy little girl displays her-self with the bulk of cash in her hands all the time and Lil Tay proclaims to have a current net worth of $1.5 million in 2018.

Lil Tay lives in Atlanta and that’s all about her personal life. In the domain of music her most successful venture up till now is ‘Money way’ that went so viral and has been played online more than tens of thousands of times.

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