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Lil Kim Net Worth of $18 million in 2018

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Lil Kim Net Worth of $18 million in 2018

Lil Kim is a famous and successful female rapper. She appeared in 90s under the support of “Biggie Smalls” which is a hip-hop icon. Kim isn’t just a songster rather she pens down the lyrics of her songs and besides that she is in acting and production too. She off and on makes appearance in modelling too. She started her career in a very young age as she was in her teens when she got started. Lil Kim Net Worth has increased over time through her dedication and hard work, her current net worth is estimated as $18 million in 2018.

Lil Kim Biography

Lil Kim Age and Zodiac Sign

Lil Kim was born on 11th of July, 1975. This makes her Cancer. This 43 years old songster is famous not because of her songs but also because of her attractive persona.

Lil Kim Early life and Childhood

Lil Kim’s a daughter of “Linwood Jones” his father, and “Ruby Jones” her mother. Kim has one brother who is older than her, his name is Christopher. Kim belongs to Brooklyn, New York. Linwood, her father used to work as a former US naval. Kim faced an unpleasant time when both her parents split up, at that time this songster was hardly nine years old. Kim wasn’t living with her mother after they got separated, she lived with her father. The time she spent with her father was extremely unpleasant and full of disputes.

Kim took her early education from ‘Queen of All Saints Elementary School’. After that she joined Sarah J. Hale Vocational High School and later she was sent to “Brooklyn College Academy.

Lil Kim Personal life

Lil Kim used to be interested with Shawn Powell, they kept seen together off and on, unfortunately Powell was imprisoned but despite this fact they both got engaged. During that time Lil Kim was all set to pursue her career in music soon after that her terms with Shawn came to an end.

The next man who came in her life was Christopher Wallace, she spent some time with him, both of them were in a relationship with one another. This relationship too couldn’t go further because unfortunately Christopher passed away.

Lil Kim approached another man named “Damion”, the time she spent with him was a nasty one as according to her that man used to physically abuse her and that is why she couldn’t get along with him any longer. Lil Kim has been seen together with one record producer named “Scott Storch” and this relationship stayed for two months only.

Lil Kim Net Worth

In Kim’s professional and personal life ‘Biggie Smalls’ played a vital role. The first time when Lil Kim appeared on the horizon of music industry was through “The Notorious B.I.G”. In 1995 debut album of this group was released, Lil Kim was too a part of this album. She earned recognition from the song “Player’s Anthem”. When she sang that song then it got a positive response from a high majority, even people within the industry appreciated her style and voice. Her current net worth is around $18 million in 2018.

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Lil Kim Earnings 2015-16

The album “La Bella Mafia” made her earn heavily. It made record sales, it is said that it made a sale of 3.1 million of copies that generated a revenue of $3,500,000. In 2015 Lil Kim was rated amongst the highest-paid rappers in the world.

She has also earned a Grammy Award in 2001, she received it on her excellent remake of the song “Lady Marmalade”.

The premiere album of hers has earned a double platinum more over it made a massive sale as it sold more than 4 million copies across the globe. Lil Kim’s work got so hit and appreciated that three albums of her have earned platinum. The career of Lil Kim has been in a fits-and-starts for some time. The major reason behind this is she was sent to jail as she found involved in a dispute where a man was shot down.

In 2014 Lil Kim earned $ 13,401,102 and in the end of 2015 her earnings were around $15,129,495 that went higher by the end of 2016 and turned into $18,000,000.

Lil Kim Net Worth and Earnings 2017

Lil Kim annually earns $1,231,512. She in 2005 owed more than one million dollars in taxes that she was supposed to pay back to the IRS. Still quite surprisingly she managed to buy a beautiful home of $2.3 million. By the end of 2017 she generated a hefty amount that was around $18,000,000.

Lil Kim Net Worth 2018

Lil Kim needs to smooth the things that have been rough for couple of years. She faced many financial hitches and the time she spent in jail affected her career too. But now she can over come and hopefully she will as she has the potential to do so. She is a millionaire who owes such a massive net worth, in past she was amongst the highest paid rapper. The latest net worth of Lil Kim is estimated as $18 million in 2018.

Earnings through her Hit Albums and Mixtapes

  • From “Hard Core” she earned $2,600,000
  • From “La Bella Lafia” she earned $3,500,000
  • From “Notorious K.I.M” she earned $4,750,000
  • From “The naked Truth” she earned $1,120,000

Earnings through Endorsement

The amount she generated from sponsorships and endorsements is around $332,117.

Life style of Lil Kim

Lil Kim has purchased an abode in the surroundings of “Greenwich”. Her lavish abode consists of stylish bedrooms that are seven in number. It is said that her abode is worth of $10 million.

Awards and achievements

  • “Lady Marmalade” was her best-selling song that made a massive sale of 5 million copies.
  • She has earned a Grammy Award “As a Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals”. Besides that, she has earned two “MTV Video Music Awards”.
  • Lil Kim has got a “Teen Choice Awards” and two “Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards”.
  • In the year 2003 she was given the ‘MOBO Fashion Icon Award.

Interesting Facts about Lil Kim

  • Lil Kim’s original name is Kimberly, it is said that that maybe she isn’t much tall that is why she turned her name as “Lil that means little”.
  • She has been the student of same college where another female rapper ‘Foxy Brown’ has studied.
  • Lil Kim has the prestige to be the sole female rapper who has received “The Source Magazine’s 5 Mic Rating”.
  • In the year 2005, she was sentenced to jail for 20 years.
  • The most desired eatery of Lil Kim is “Beverly Hills, Crustacean”.
  • In drinks she likes to have “Cristal Rose”.
  • In 2014 she faced lots of crisis, her career got effected because of being imprisoned, she also some financial crisis too. She was bound to pay a massive tax bills too.
  • Lil Kim carries a soft heart that melts away for the charity causes. She owns a Foundation named as “Lil Kim cares”. Her foundation aims to help and support the needy persons by raising funds for all the homes less people. She also takes into her account problems like violence against women.

Lil Kim started facing the rigidities and convolutions of life when she was a kid. The first painful thing that happened was when her parents departed and divorced. Her father didn’t treat her the way he should and the reason behind this was he remarried. Lil Kim often used to get into a blazing argument with her father as he found him being unfair with her maybe he was under the influence of his second wife. Once things got so serious and out of control that her father kicked her from his house when she was in her teens. At that time, she lived in streets. Who could have predicted that a young girl who were thrown out of house will become a millionaire in future. She mustered up her courage and hopes to live a stylish life. She started with humble beginnings and people started getting knowing her and appreciating her work periodically.

Though she went through bundles of hitches still she managed to stand firm and tried to over come the loss. Lil Kim is still a millionaire and owns $18 million of net worth. She annually earns a hefty amount now all she needs to do is to make a comeback and entertain her fans the way she did before. The female rapper whose songs and music works have earned so much awards still holds the potential to be on number one. She is called a Queen Bee, so about Queen Bee it is anticipated that she will bring something out of sack for her fans soon.

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