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Lil Durk Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and his Success Career

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Lil Durk Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and his Success Career

Lil Durk is an eminent name among American rappers. He is a bright musician and a brilliant artist. Today we will dig deeper about this amazing young rapper who is just 25 years old and he was born in Chicago. Lil Durk net worth is $600 thousand in 2018.

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Lil Durk Biography

Lil Durk Age and Zodiac Sign

The original name of Lil Durk is Durk D. Banks. He was born on 19th of October in the year 1992, this makes him Libra. Durk is just 25 years old, he was born in Chicago.

Early life of young Lil Durk

At a very young age Lil Durk had to carry tough responsibilities of life as Durk’s father was imprisoned. His brother’s name is D Thang. Thang is also seen in few videos of Durk. Durk was just a little boy at that time, hardly of 7 years old. Life took a serious turn as even the food wasn’t even sufficient. The place where he brought up wasn’t much healthy and that’s why he got the influence of that environment, he was jailed too because of keeping weapons.

The only source from where he got the know-how of music was the videos of other musicians. Since childhood he was inclined to music and still didn’t learn it from any particular institution. The only institution he had was TV.

Lil Durk Net Worth is $600 thousand

How much is Lil Durk worth? Now let’s look in deep how he got himself so successful to earn a net worth of $600,000 by 2018. Lil Durk is not just famous because of his music but also known because of his massive net worth that he earned in such a young age of 25 years. He took his music career seriously after a positive response of his 2 singles, that were ‘Sneak Dissin’ & I’ma Hitta’.

Lil Durk Earnings 2011-15

Durk wisely chose the medium of social media. He is amongst those lucky ones who got huge response in a short time span by his audience, he happened to get a strong fan-base online. When he got that massive success online he was just a young kid of 17 years old. He gave 7 hit mix-tapes, he released his first mixtape, “I’m a Hitta” in 2011.

In 2012 Durk released a second mixtape named as ‘I m a Still a Hilta’, and then he released 2 studio albums too. Durk officially got himself involved in music in the year 2011 and started taking his music purely seriously. In 2013 Durk presented his debut studio album, this album was formed and produced in the teamwork of both ‘Def Jam & Coke Boys record labels. As for the mixtape, then third mixtape was released in the same year that featured ‘French Montana’ in “L’s anthem’. His song ‘Sneak Dissin’ pulled the attention of the audience. Durk started his guest performing on the tracks of other artist. This includes Lil Resso, king Louie and Fredo Santana. In the year 2012 the net worth of Lil Durk was $228,571 that went high in 2015 and turned into $380,000.

It is ‘Signed to the streets’ that enlarged the graph of his popularity, his guest performing on the songs of Jim Jonez also got a big applause. The tracks of Trae da Truth and Chinx Drugz also performed by him and liked by his fans. In the year 2015 Durk released his first studio album named ‘Remember My Name’, it was signed with Def Jam Records. This album of Durk got very good response as it reached #2 on the “US Rap” and besides that on “US Hip-Hop charts. “This debut studio album reached on #14 on the Billboard of two hundred chart.

Lil Durk Net Income and Earnings 2016

This actually started the unstoppable journey of success for Lil Durk, as he released the second studio album that reached 2x and at number 4 on the chart of US Rap, not just that it reached at number 5 on the US Hip-Hop Chart. This all happened in the year in 2016. By the end of 2016 his net worth turned into $ 400,000.

Lil Durk Networth 2017

His single “My Beyonce” that featured Dej Loaf got on number 21 on the US Rap chart. Durk in a very short span of time got himself accepted in a tremendous way in a music industry, moreover he worked with many other eminent artists like Meek well, Travia Scott, Boosie Badazz and Riff Raff. In the year 2016 Lil Durk was nominated in the category of “Best Rapper”. Lil Durk total assets in 2017 is estimated as $500,000.

Lil Durk Net Worth 2018

Lil Durk has been receiving his annually revenue of $47,059 in 2015 that has gone high obviously in 2018. It is said that Durk’s revenue has turned double now, as his current net worth in 2018 is $600,000.

Lil Durk House Cars and Rich lifestyle

His huge Net Worth made it easier for him to fulfill all those lingering wishes as he lived a tough life when he was a child.

Durk residing on Hollywood Hills

Now its time to enjoy the wealth in a best possible way, so Durk decided to reside in the beautiful surroundings of Hollywood Hills. He purchased a lavish abode that was a worth of $22 million.

Now Lil Durk is capable of giving his children a classy and comfortable life with all the luxuries of modern age.

The beautiful abode that he bought is consisted of almost 8 bedrooms, it has a pool too. One of the room is equipped with a perfect fire place of 37 ft. One gigantic size room contains all the features of entertainment.

Apart from the lavish residence, Lil Durk has the finest rides like Porsche and Chrome Ferrari. His hefty net worth of $600,000 Durk has enabled him to release the collection of his best mixtapes along with 2 studio albums.

Some interesting things about Lil Durk

  • As far as the other activities are concerned then Durk likes to play basketball and he is good at playing it too. His biggest pet peeve is when he is in a studio and act like he likes various artist.
  • In an interview he was asked which movie according to him deserves a sequel and according to him the movie “Taken” should keep going.
  • According to Durk the frequently used slang now-a-days is “Gang”.
  • The worst childhood punishment to him was to stat at home.
  • The sitcom title song that he remembers each word is of “Fresh Prince”
  • Lil Durk prefers Text on talk.
  • He prefers Instagram on Twitter.
  • He has been to jail for a shorter time for possessing a gun, he was approved from the judges.
  • Durk Has many tattoos on his body.
  • Lil Durk smokes too.
  • He is an intimate friend of Tagger. Tagger has gifted him a ring on Durk’s birthday.
  • Durk likes wearing jewelry.
  • Durk has endorsed with the brands like “Young & Reckless”, “Ethica”, “Luc Belaire”.
  • He is keenly interested in the collection of glasses and shoes.
  • On his 25th birthday, he went to Mimai beach along with his OTF family in order to celebrate.

His mates presented him a special cake that signified their strong bond with him.

  • He was asked about his ideal studio session, according to him, it depends upon his moos, as sometimes he feels like being with his-self and sometimes he likes being surrounded up by many people. As people around him could bring the finest thing out of him by their honest input.

So that was all about Lil Durk, he is an example to be followed. The way he struggled despite having an unpleasant childhood and miserable financial condition, without having any training of music, he just mustered up his courage and believed in himself, faced many hitches but overcome them with great patience and consistency, he eventually proved that Slow and steadily surely wins the race. All one needs to do is to not to give up, every cloud has a silver lining, you just have to stand firm. Now look at him the child who weren’t having plenty food at home but is living all his dreams now so deliberately. In such a young age Lil Durk networth has increased massively and he has achieved unimaginable success and popularity. He is determined to give his children a prim and proper + a luxurious life in the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of Hollywood hills.

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