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Lil Dicky Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Awards and Facts

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Lil Dicky Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Awards and Facts

Lil Dicky is a famous rapper and a comedian, Lil Dicky” is his stage name and his original name is David Andrew Burd. It was his music video of his song “Ex-Boyfriend” that got hit so much and went viral. This video received above than 1 million views with in the time span of 24 hours from YouTube. He has received many other successes and achievements that we will discuss further below in this article that helped Lil Dicky Net Worth reach up to $6 million in 2018.

Lil Dicky Biography

Age and Zodiac sign

Lil Dicky was on 15th march, 1988, this makes him Pisces. He is just 29 years old and at such a young age net worth of Lil Dicky got huge and grew his popularity.

Early life and family

Lil Dicky belongs to a Jewish family, the place where he born is Cheltenham Township, United States. It is said to be the better and nicer part of North Philadelphia. Lil Dicky is from an upper-middle class family. He took his early education from “Cheltenham High School”, after attending the school he joined “The University of Richmond”, from this university Lil Dicky did his graduation in Summa Cum Laude from the E.

After completing his education, he shifted to San Francisco. After settling there he got a job in the department of account management in “Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’, it was an advertising agency. Lil Dicky was soon moved to another department, that was the creative department. His job was to pen down copy for ads.

Personal life of Lil Dicky

The personal life of Lil Dicky is still vacant, as he is still single, no girl has yet touched his heart nor tickled his fancy. Though he dated many beauties, but no strings attached! As the things didn’t go that smooth or in an ideal way. He is still in a search of girl of his choice, a smart and selfless girl is his choice. It is said he has been seen many times with the unknown girl whose name was Molly, but in the end nothing happened.

Lil dicky Net Worth

Lil Dicky is amongst those renowned personalities who in their young age enabled himself to stand eminently, got fame, became successful and built massive net worth of $6 million in 2018. Before getting this peak, he was doing join in an advertising agency as mentioned above, besides that he was stepping forward slowly for starting his career of rap singing. Let’s have a look of his journey that enabled him to earn such a hefty wealth.

Lil Dicky Net worth 2012-2014

In the beginning of his career he created many songs and some music videos too. He released a debut mixtape named as “So Hard”, it was a self-released tape that comprised 17 tracks. According to the estimation in 2012 his net worth was estimated as $1,000,000.

In 2013 another song came named as “Hump Days”, it was also a rap song. He carried on his work and then hiked up his net worth from $1,000,000 (2012) to $1,500,000 in the year 2013. He consecutively created and presented two more songs “White Crime” and “Lemme Freak” in 2014. Basically, these two were mixtapes. He worked as a comedian too but the spark for rap music went much higher so with all these small yet eminent successes he earned $2,000,000 till the end of 2014.

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Lil dicky Net worth 2015-2016

In 2015 he released his career rap debut album, his album reached 2nd in rank stood at 7th place. Lil Dicky kept making his rap songs and other music speedily, all of them got a positive response. Lil Dicky’s two more songs came “Save Dat Money” and “Classic male Pregame” in the same year 2015, through his music he earned $2,700,000 in 2015. All of his songs albums were highly liked and appreciated by the music industry, he very soon got himself recognized and made his place amongst his competitors. Obviously, it wasn’t an overnight success, initially he had to take small baby steps, did some experiments and kept improving himself. According to the estimation his net worth reached $3,000,000 till the end of2016.

Lil Dicky Net Worth 2017

Young boy Lil Dicky who took the start of his career through self release video and then he built up a huge fanbase through social media. It is said that his music is a combination of two flavors, one ingredient is rap and the other is stand-up comedy. So basically, he has a break through that was huge, as a Kickstarter. Lil Dicky in his career made series of videos, that were funny and creative at the same time. He also worked with Snoop Dogg, in that video there were creative visuals that were animated. Lil Dicky has released 32 songs so far, amongst these 32 songs 15 have music videos. His album “The Professional Rapper” has got incredible success and appraisal. It got the rank of 7 at the US Billboard of 200, it is said that this album has got some big names related to rap music, such as T.Pain and Snoop Dogg. All these successes enlarged his net worth and turned it to $6 million in 2017.

Lil Dicky Net Worth 2018

The net worth of 2018 has not been recorded yet but it is stated that obviously it is going to rise as he is busy in up-coming projects so we can assume it to be somewhere around $6 million.

Synopsis of his Net worth

  • Initially his yearly income was estimated as $91,200, this makes the average of $1000,000 per year. It’s all from his internet revenue, music and rap.
  • His networth went up to $6 million in 2018.

Awards and achievements

  • His album “professional Rapper” that released in 2015 is said to be the ‘Claim to Fame’, it was a massive hit!

Shorty Awards:

  • In the year 2016 he was nominated for the “Shorty Award” for best YouTube musician.

Interesting facts about Lil Dicky

  • In the beginning Lil Dicky made himself called out as ‘DAB’, that is actually an abbreviated form of his complete name DAVID ANDREW BURD.
  • His music video in YouTube turned out as tornado and grabbed 1 million views in a single day!
  • The YouTube channel of Lil Dicky has got above than 1.5 million subscribers, it further got more than 325 views.
  • The concerts of Lil Dicky are a combo of music and Stand-up comedy.
  • Whatever he had got he spent it on the very “First Wave of music.”
  • He is a born-rapper, as since childhood he started singing.
  • He feels pleased and honored as being a non-traditional!
  • He is inspired of J. Cole and Asap Rocky.
  • Lil Dicky doesn’t like chubby girls, he prefers slim and smart girls, to him the face of girl matters a lot, so the first thing that get noticed by him is FACE!
  • Lil Dicky called himself as a certified hopeless romantic

Best of Lil Dicky

There is brief list of his songs that went viral and are liked by many, these albums and mixtapes got a good response from the musical industry and by his huge fans too:

  • $Ave dat money
  • Professional rapper
  • Lemme freak
  • Molly
  • White- Crime
  • Ex-boy-friend
  • White dude

Lil Dicky besides being a wonderful and talented artist is immensely kind-hearted and loving soul, he is selfless that is why the same quality he would like to see in others too, especially in opposite gender, he would choose the girl whom he would find selfless like him. He is enthused and in a full gusto for his up-coming projects and albums, he feels enthused to amuse his fans by his humorous stuff and music too. Lil Dicky says that he is not that speedy in making his videos, he takes time in creating his stuff. He tries his level best to bring something really unique out of the sack. The quality of his videos are something of great concern for him, he believes that the thing he makes should be epic and outclass. Besides the music videos there is some tv show for which he was concerned, it was his own tv show, his own creativity. Maybe these qualities sums up why Lil Dicky Net Worth is hude and His fans are all so much enthused and waiting anxiously for his work and interesting videos that are so peculiar and catchy.

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