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Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Earnings

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Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Earnings

Kim Kardashian is enormously famous model of America who is also associated with the field of acting. She rose to fame through the very popular reality show ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’, it is an American Reality show that earned massive popularity. She is also a co-owner of the fashion boutique chain. Her tv appearances, business ventures make her earn heavily. Kim Kardashian net worth Currently is estimated as $175 million in 2018.

Kim Kardashian Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Kim Kardashian was born on 21st of October, 1980, this makes her libra and she stands as the 26th most famed American.

Childhood of Kim

She is a daughter of famous lawyer named as Robert Kardashian, her mother is named as Kris Jenner, her mother re-married to Bruce Jenner who is now known as Caitlyn Jenner. Kim has two step siblings.

Kim belongs to California, she spent her childhood in the swanky surroundings of Beverly Hills. Her siblings are Kourtney the older sister, Khloe younger sister and Rob his brother and youngest of all. Kim took her education from Marymount High School.

Personal life:

In the age of 20 Kim got hitched with a music producer named as Damon Thomas in the year 2000. Their marriage could last for four years only. She seemed involved with many boyfriends of hers such as Reggie Rush, New Orleans and Nick Lachey. She remarried to Kyne and living a peaceful life with him.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim remains in limelight because of being wildly rich and the lavish life style she is living, it is basically her appearance in reality tv show that made her earn a huge stardom and wealth as well. Kim is the most highly-paid reality tv character, she is the 1st most popular tv host and presenter. The current net worth of Kim Kardashian is estimated as $175 million in 2018, by combining the net worth of her husband Kyne their net worth turns into $335 million.

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Kim Kardashian Earnings 2015-16

Kim has amassed a massive amount from reality tv show and stands as the highest paid person.

She also released a video game of hers named as ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’, through this game Kim generates 28% from all that is grossed through the game. According to a speculation up till it reached to $160 million.

In 2015 her earnings reached to $52.5 million, it is said that she doubled her revenue as compare to 2014. In 2016 the amount that she earned is $5.5 million.

Kim Kardashian NetWorth 2017

Kim earns through her guest appearance in many shows, apart from this she has also worked in some movies too. She has launched many business ventures through them she consistently earns money.

In 2017 she grossed $45.5 million and her net worth of 2017 is $175 million.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2018

Kim Kardashian’s annual earning is $50 million according to a ball park figure. In her earnings there is a hefty contribution of her game as 40% of her revenue comes through it. She also generates money through her books and films. The Entertainment Group is still paying Kim for the leaked video of Kim and Ray j. she demands around $750,000 for using her name on Products and for making an appearance. Kim’s current net worth is estimated as $175 million in 2018.

Super-glamorous and immensely wealthy Kim Kardashian is considered the symbol of style and glam. As the shopping that she shopped for her new arrival baby was the hottest for everyone, as the things she purchased are something beyond than ultra-expensive, classy and ritzy. The crib, toys and other belongings of baby are just drop-dead gorgeous.

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