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Kevin o Leary Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Earnings and Achievements

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Kevin o Leary Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Earnings and Achievements

Kevin O Leary is a great name in the world of business. He isn’t just a businessman rather he is an author and a renowned television personality. Here we are going to discuss about Kevin o Leary Net Worth of almost $400 Million+ in 2018 and who made him build this massive net worth over the years.

Kevin o Leary Biography

Kevin O Leary Age and zodiac sign

Kevin was born on 9th of July, 1954, this makes him Cancer. Kevin is 63 years old, these 63 years of his life comprise great wonders and achievements of Kevin.

Kevin O Leary Early life of Kevin

What Kevin is today is actually inherited by his mother because she was a an amazing and incredibly wise businesswoman. Kevin’s father used to work as a salesman. His mother and father owned a store named “Kiddie Dogs”, they manufactured clothing of kids. Kevin was a young boy when unfortunately, his parents broke up and divorced.

Kevin O Leary Education

Kevin took education from Nepean High School of Ottawa. Since childhood he had a keen interest in photography. He was hardworking too that is why after the school hours he used to do some minion jobs like he used to wash trucks and then spared sometime to work in an ice-cream parlor.

The young Kevin took an inspiration and spark of becoming a business man when the owner of ice-cream parlor commanded him to clean the floor that was having a dried chew gum on it. Kevin felt insulted and he refused to obey him. This incident was a momentous one for him as he made up his mind to have his own work instead of being commanded by others.

Kevin’s mother this time married to the man who used to work as a United Nation’s worker, he was in International Labor Organization. Because of his step-father Kevin got the opportunity to roam around, so he travelled number of places like Cyprus, Columbia and Tunisia.

Kevin took his bachelor’s degree in “Environmental studies” from the University of Waterloo and earned his Master Degree of M.B.A from the University of Western Ontario”.

Kevin produced a documentary film when he was doing his M.B.A, this documentary was for his thesis actually. Filming the documentary was a great experience for him, as he got to learn some required skills that could help him in launching his own first company.

Personal life of Kevin

In 1990 Kevin got hitched with the lady named Linda. They have two children named Savannah and Trevor, amongst one is a Dj and a producer. Later his children accompanied him in his car dealership.


Kevin O Leary Net Worth

Behind this successful financer, investor and entrepreneur is his mother who played a significant role. He since his childhood watched and observed his mother’s wisdom so deeply and that he kept infusing the same wisdom and insight into him. It was the great idea of his mother who used to save a third of her money and the same she used to suggest Kevin to do so. Later Kevin realized that she was absolutely right as that saved amount will pay you back proficiently.

Now let’s dig deeper how Kevin travelled the journey of success and which milestones he achieved through out this journey that eventually made him earn a gigantic net worth. Kevin o Leary Net Worth in 2018 is estimated as of US $400 Million+.

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Kevin O’ Leary net income as an assistant brand manager

The journey of generating a high net worth started when Kevin moved from Nabisco, he co-founded Special Event Television. This company promises to generate an authentic content and got succeeded in it. Kevin was the part of it and besides him his two classmates were also accompanied him. Kevin was credited $ 25, 000.

Kevin’s earnings through “Softkey”

After working as an assistant brand manager Kevin next project was “Softkey”. In simple words this venture used to deal with Windows computers, it was a computer software. this program produced number of amazing educational software items/products that basically focused on mathematics. Kevin launched this venture with a nominal amount of $35,000 but this brought out huge success to Kevin. Softkey very consistently faced its competitors and maintained its significance. This company changed its name in the era of mid 90s, the new name of this company was “The learning Company”. It changed its name when it gained TLC for 606 million dollars.

Kevin’s earnings as a director at Storage

Now Kevin was all set to enter in a new field, he was in Canada in 2003 when he worked as a director at Storage. This Storage deals with the climate control. It was basically a developer of storage conveniences and amenities. Kevin financed $500,000 after two years of time span he sold it out for above than 4.5 million dollars.

Kevin’s earnings through the mutual fund company

This company was the mutual fund company and Kevin resources were co-founded with Connor O’Brian. It was his brother Shane O’Leary that shared company with Kevin. The assets hiked up to 1.2 million dollars, where as they were 400 million dollars initially. The company was sold to Canoe Financial in the year 2015.

Kevin earnings through book-writing

Kevin is an amazing author too, he pens down his creativity and also generates money from book-writing. One of his book named ‘Cold hard truth colon on business, money and life’ is the reflection of his thoughts and insights about entrepreneurship and finance. He also released its sequel named “Cold hard truth on men, women and money”. His books provide the solutions and suggestions for financial success. This is another medium that hikes up his revenue.

Kevin’s earnings through Shark Tank

Shark Tank is actually an American reality tv series and Kevin O’Leary generates almost 1 million dollars from each season of Shark Tank. From each episode Shark Tank Kevin makes approximately $ 30,000, it obviously hikes up every year. Kevin has financed $2,500,000 in Zipz, this project deals with wine glasses. The revenue he gets from Shark Tank rises up each year and this is a constant and consistent source of rise in his net worth.

Kevin’s lavish lifestyle

Multi-talented Kevin deserves living a lavish and ritzy life style. He has properties in Toronto and in Boston. He called Boston his original home. His abode carries the cost of $800,000. This dwelling unit is highly comfortable and it is filled with lots of guitars.

He has stylish luxurious rides like BMW, he runs many car dealerships. He has established it in 1963 and it is run by him and his sons. It deals with motor sales and used car sales.

Interesting facts about Kevin O’Leary

We have amassed some handful of interesting facts about the great investor and financer Kevin O’Leary, so let’s have a look below:

  • In 1990 Kevin got-knotted and in 2011 he and his wife got separated, but this separation was of short time span and they got reunited soon. Now they are sharing a strong bong with one another.
  • Kevin is said to be an open-hearted and immensely generous person in terms of spending money. He is famous on helping out the entrepreneurs on the Shark Tank, he helps them without expecting it back.
  • He and his wife facilitate the causes like education and consistently donates for it.
  • Kevin is a creator of “Future Dragon Fund”, in the year 2012 Kevin has hosted this show and he has funded the winner from his own assets.

Achievements and accomplishments of Kevin O’Leary

  • Throughout his career Kevin has not just earned a huge net worth above than $400 Million rather he has earned great name and recognition in various platforms.
  • He is a great investor and through his books he has penned down his wisdom and great perception for the young entrepreneurs. He provides tips and laundry list of dos and donts. It is a huge achievement of Kevin that his words are highly valued.
  • He has done a great job in the computer industry, with just a minimal capital he carried out the venture perfectly.

Earning money isn’t a bowl of cherries and the one small incident of childhood that sparked him up for having his own venture has worked like a real reinforcement and periodically he established himself so firmly in financial terms that today that Kevin o Leary Net Worth is $400 Million and he has set an example that your hard work never go in vain. He is not just rich rather he is rich of heart too as he is always there to spend money on needy people.

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