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Kevin Gates Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Earnings and Facts

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Kevin Gates Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Earnings and Facts

Kevin Gates is known as a professional rap singer and a renowned song writer. Since childhood Kevin was an eager-beaver of rap music. So, he decided from a very early age that he would become a singer and thus in the year 2007 he started pursuing his career in rap singing. Let’s see in detail about Kevin Gates net worth he generated over the years which is estimated to be around $1.5 million in 2018.

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Kevin Gates Biography

Kevin Gates Age and zodiac sign

Kevin was born on 5th of February, 1986. This makes him Aquarius. He is amongst those artists who earned popularity in young age. He started his career in the age of 19. Kevin released several albums and this made him earned a great name in industry.

Kevin Gates Education, Family and Early Life

Kevin Gates belongs to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was a newly born baby when his mother got hitched with Kevin’s step-father. The greater period of his childhood was spent under the supervision of his grandparents. The surroundings where he was raised up weren’t reasonable in any way. The locality consisted of the dangerous and violent elements like drug dealings, guns, gangsters and hooligans. From such treacherous ambience Kevin took a great influence, the aggression became a part of his temperament.

Kevin has not attended the college but he has earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology while he was prisoned, it was between 2008 to 2011 when he remained behind the bars.

When Kevin was in his early teens he started getting inclined toward rap music. When Kevin reached in the age of 14 he teamed up with Webbie and Boosie Badazz.

Personal Life of Kevin Gates

Kevin spent an ample amount of time with a girl named Dreka and then they eventually got-knotted in the year 2015. It is said they both converted to Islam and in 2016 they went to Makkah for Hajj. They have two children, a son named Khaza and a daughter named Islah.

Nature-wise Kevin Gates is a good person and of solid personality. He is living a comfortable life because of the revenue he generated throughout his career so far. There is not much revealed about his personal life.

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin stepped into the career of rap music in 2007, after spending two years in prison he took over his career in 2011. Kevin got himself busy in the preparation of his albums and then he released several albums. The release of his albums firmed his position in industry and he got a healthy recognition. Kevin Gates made appearances on multiple local stage, there he did the rap singing and in return got an appraisal by many. For polishing his music, he used to listen other artists and then got to learn by their music. He always tries to bring a peculiarity and innovativeness in his work. Now let’s have look below to get to know how Kevin Gates generated a massive net worth which is currently estimated around $1.5 million in 2018.

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Kevin Gates Net Worth and Earnings in 2013-2014

Kevin debut album came in 2008, one of his single got a huge popularity, that song is named as “Get in the Way”. This song he sung by teaming up with Boosie. The graph of popularity got enlarged and stabled his position.

The biggest break-through he got by his album “Stranger Than Fiction”, this album was released in 2013. By the tremendous response of this album Kevin Gates went higher at the climax of fame and stardom.

The album made a massive sale as it sold 100,000 copies and it stood at best on number 40th on the Billboard. Besides this the other album of Kevin of that time was Luca Brasi. From Luca Brasi Kevin has generated almost $0.11 million. So, by the end of 2014 Kevin Gates hiked up his net worth and turned into $105,000, where as in 2012-13 his net worth was $28,431.

Kevin Gates Net Worth and Earnings in 2014-15

His two albums were set to release in 2014, one was ‘By any means’ and the other one was “Trap City”. His album ‘By any means” has done an excellent business and brought a great fortune to Kevin Gates. Rather there is absolutely no wrong in saying that this album is the most popular one. It has made him earn heavily, according to an estimation Kevin Gates earned $0.14 million through this album alone. His another album ‘Make em believe’ also got release and went well. By the end of 2015 Kevin generated almost $135,294. His total earnings of 2014-15 was $1,000,000.

Kevin Gates Earnings in 2016

Kevin Gates spent a long period in jail but surprisingly it didn’t affect his career much just after releasing from prison Kevin took over with great gusto and released 15 albums during the period between 2012 to 2017. All of his albums released in that era were massive hit. These albums besides letting him earned a heavy revenue also reached at peak on US Billboards.

Kevin Gates Net Worth and Earnings 2017

Kevin Gates proved himself talented and hard-working by giving great hits through-out his career. His music and style are widely appreciated. He always puts his whole effort in bringing something new for his fans and he no doubt successfully quenches the thirst of his fans by his hits after hits.

In 2017 he released the sequel of “by any means”, his album “By any Means 2” went well and satisfied the audience on a wider scale. He has great admirers on social media, according to an estimation Kevin Gates has more than fifteen million fans on his various platforms of social media. By the end of 2017 Kevin Gates net worth was around $1.5 million.

Kevin Gates Net worth in 2018

Kevin Gates annually earns around $117,647. This revenue is apart from the income he generated from endorsements. His tons of mixtapes and albums made him earn a hefty amount over the years and that is likely to get hiked up in near future too. As through his endowed abilities of singing he will keep producing excellent music and will keep enlarging his net worth. It is anticipated that he is going to hike up his current net worth in future which is currently around $1.5 million in 2018.

Kevin Gates Endorsement and Sponsorships

The amount that he generated from sponsorship and endorsements is almost around $26,144.

Kevin Gates Acheivements and Accomplishments

  • Kevin Gates is considered amongst the top rappers who got recognition in a short time span.
  • Almost all of his albums went great and scored well, one of his studio album went platinum.
  • Despite spending a time in jail, he released tons of mixtapes and albums.

Interesting facts about Kevin Gates

Here is short list of some of the interesting facts about Kevin Gates, let’s have a look below

  • Kevin Gates original name is “Kevin Jerome Gilyard” and his ethnicity is African-American.
  • When first time Kevin Gates was put behind the bars then he was 13 years old.
  • When Ken Gates recorded his first song he was hardly 19 years old.
  • Kevin Gates is tall heighted, he is six feet two inches.
  • Kevin is best known for these hits “Time for that” and “2 phones”.
  • Once Kevin Gates were put behind the bars because of possessing weapons and drugs.
  • Kevin and his wife converted to Islam in the year 2016.
  • It is said after earning a heavy net worth Kevin Gates purchased an abode and he was intended to gift that abode to his mother.
  • Kevin Gates got massive appraisal from number of music magazines, such as from “Complex, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. All these magazines are the outstanding ones.
  • Kevin Gates has tons of tattoos almost all over his body, especially on chest and arms.
  • Kevin Gates is influenced by Eminem and Jay Z.
  • Kevin Gates finds prison or jail kinder as compare to a free world.

Kevin Gates is a constant rising star, he came across lots of hitches and hurdles in his life yet he rose high than before. Nothing could hold him back. He is incredibly enthused and high-spirited for his music that is why despite the happenings of many unpleasant incidents he remained successful. It is anticipated that Kevin Gates will remain in limelight as he is like those artists who has hundred percent chance of growing and earning more stardom and success by his music. We have already read about his biography and net worth but If you want to dig deeper about Kevin Gates then you better listen to his music because from whatever he goes through in life he pens it down in his songs and give it a voice.

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