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Joseline Hernandez Net Worth $500 Thousand in 2018

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Joseline Hernandez Net Worth $500 Thousand in 2018

Joseline Hernandez is a famous actress who got fame from a popular reality TV series Atlanta Love Hip Hop. This tv show enlarged her graph of popularity immensely. Joseline is a singer too and she has released some albums that went well. Initially she started as a dancer when she was a teenager. Joseline Hernandez calls her self a ‘Puerto Rican Princess’. In the tv series no doubt it was Joseline Hernandez who has been the sizzling sensation throughout. Though she is in singing and acting too but what made her earn a recognition was that show alone. Her attractive persona and a sparkling personality is widely liked and loved by her fans. Through her work she has earned a high revenue, Joseline Hernandez net worth currently is estimated as $500 Thousand in 2018.

Joseline Hernandez Biography

Joseline Hernandez Age and Zodiac Sign

Joseline Hernandez was born on 3rd of November, 1986. This makes her Scorpio. This 32 years old spunky actress is considered amongst those few who earned great fame and wealth in such a young age.

Joseline Hernandez Family and Education

Joseline was born in the surroundings of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Her father name is Luis and mother’s name is Carmen. She has a big family as she has five siblings. Joseline has one sister who is older than her and four brothers and their names are Hisael, Luis Jr, Jorge and Kermit. Her youngest brother receives a special care and affection from all because of his physical symptom of autism. That is why the rest of the family give him attention more.

The childhood of Joseline was unlike the childhood of other children. The element of being frolic and funky was absent because her mother was having an alcohol abuse. She wasn’t taking care of the family as the responsible mothers do. This harsh reality put lots of economic burden on Joseline’s shoulders. Especially when her father passed away because of the over use of heroin then she has to come forward for running her house. Though her mother remarried after her father’s death but this didn’t pacify the toughness of circumstances.

In such circumstances she wasn’t able to educate herself, she discontinued her studies when she was in high school.

Her childhood got ruin because of all these rigidities and when she entered in her teens all she was left to do for earning was stripping. So, for overcoming the financial crippling she started stripping and dancing in bars.

Personal life

She has been seen with Steve j who was the producer of Atlanta Love Hip Hop tv reality series. She and Steve shared long term love bond, she got hitched with him in the year 2003. They have a daughter too.

Joseline Hernandez Net worth

In the era of 2012 Joseline Hernandez cherished her stardom because its when she became a part of VH1 series. Joseline Hernandez is the discovery of great music producer Steve J. He has played a vital role in turning Joseline into a huge star. She is a millionaire who owns $500 Thousand in 2018.

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Joseline Hernandez Earnings 2015-16

The reality show is the main source of her earnings of that time. Initially she generated a reasonable paycheck for her role. It is speculated that she may amassed tens of thousands, later in next seasons of that show she was paid highly, whatever she owns today this show has a greater contribution in it. It is said that Joseline afterwards has demanded $415,000. In 2013 Joseline used to take $150,000 from the reality show where as she was given $50,000 in 2012. In the year 2016 Joseline made an appearance in a show ‘Steve J & Joseline: Go Hollywood’. In the same year she has in a tv series of Lee Daniel. Joseline Hernandez annually earns $150,000 and monthly she generates $12,500.

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth and Earnings 2017

Joseline Hernandez seemed busy in a talk show in 2017. According to an estimation Joseline Hernandez generates $20,000 for each performance. In just 365 days she has generated above than $1.2 million. Joseline Hernandez is the only cast member who is being paid the highest amount currently. In first season of Love and Hip Hop she was receiving a salary that was around $50,000, where as in second season her salary hiked up and she received $150,000. By the end of 2017 her net worth is estimated as $300 Thousand.

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2018

Though the hefty contribution in her earnings is of reality tv show but yet she is a singer too so she has generated through her music albums too.

  • From her album ‘Mi Colta’ Joseline has earned $340,000.
  • From her album “Stingy with my Kutty Katt vol 1” she earned around $162,000.
  • From her album “La Negra” she earned almost $284,000.

In 2016 her net worth was $300 thousand that went so high and turned into $500 thousand in 2018.

Joseline Hernandez Earnings through Sponsorships

Joseline Hernandez has also generated a hefty amount from endorsements and sponsorships, according to an estimation Joseline has earned more than $52,000 from endorsements deals.

Awards and Achievements

  • Joseline Hernandez has earned 2013 AVN Awards.
  • In the same year 2013 she won another award of ‘BET Hip Hop Awards’.
  • In the year 2015 Joseline Hernandez has achieved BET Awards.

Besides getting several awards she has achieved many milestones as she made numerous appearances with great music producer Steve J and Trey, she appeared in their music videos.

Interesting facts about Joseline Hernandez

  • Joseline Hernandez childhood wasn’t delightful like other children rather she had tough and a nasty childhood.
  • Joseline Hernandez has not attended any college because of the tough circumstances.
  • When first time she started working for earning money she was hardly sixteen years old.
  • Joseline Hernandez worked as a stripper.
  • She used to get almost $1,000 at the month end and that amount was given to her parents.
  • Joseline Hernandez has a big family consisted on four brothers and one sister.
  • Joseline Hernandez is so loving and considerate for her siblings that forgot to enjoy her youth and spent a life for struggling for their better living.
  • When Joseline Hernandez earned a massive stardom, she was started knowing as Shenellica Bettencourt.
  • Joseline Hernandez appeared in “Hot 97”, “VH1 Big and “The Pay Boy Morning Show”.
  • Joseline Hernandez is a mother of a baby girl named Bonnie Jordan, the father of this baby girl is Steve.
  • Joseline got arrest because of some really inappropriate and lewd behavior. Though it’s not yet so clear what those particular crude actions were.
  • Joseline career mostly rotated around reality TV series.
  • Joseline Hernandez stepped into the kingdom of acting in the year 2016.
  • Joseline Hernandez began her acting career as a supporting actress, but surprisingly and shockingly she just appeared in four episodes after that she didn’t appear.
  • Joseline Hernandez is into business too as she is running a business of clothing line.
  • Joseline Hernandez’s clothing line is called “Eternity by Joseline Hernandez”.
  • Joseline Hernandez has million of followers on social media.
  • Joseline Hernandez was inspired by Selena and Joseline used to sing her songs too.
  • Joseline Hernandez workout program is called “Result in 28 days”.
  • Joseline Hernandez really enjoys the lavish life she has now, she feels so much blessed that she has no time to think what negativity some people hold for her, she doesn’t give a damn.
  • Joseline Hernandez is running an organization that is her own foundation, it is named as “The Puerto Rican Princess Foundation”, this foundation aims to inspire women and provoke her for her rights and to give her protection.

Joseline Hernandez is really a name of a very strong lady who started fighting her battles since her childhood. She went through number of hardships and through her dynamic and incredible amount of courage she overcome all the hurdles of life. She earned money to support her family, it was she who was the bread earner of her family, she is extremely considerate about her siblings that she found it her utmost duty to fulfill their expenses and needs. These qualities are the reason of Joseline Hernandez high net worth and amazing success journey that helped her achieve this status.

She is not just a successful actress and singer rather she is a beautiful humanitarian whose heart melts away at the miseries of someone’s, especially she wants to see the women fully empowered and strong.

She is fully determined to appear in tv dramas, she says she loves her work so madly that this madness helps her remain focused. That is why she always seems so enthused about her work. The negative opinions about her do not hold her back rather she hardly cares about all that. Her work is her priority and she takes her as a blessing.

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