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John Cena Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Awards and Achievements

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John Cena Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Awards and Achievements

Today we will discuss a great name in wrestling, a star, a renowned personality “John Cena”, but mainly we will talk about his John Cena Net Worth that is $57 million in 2018. His basic source of income from he is able to make such a big revenue are obviously Wrestling, Films, Television. Besides all that, John Cena is an unbeatable professional wrestler, a rapper and a wonderful actor too, whose acting skills have also been applauded.

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John Cena Biography

Age and zodiac sign of John Cena

John Cena was born on 23rd of April, 1977, this makes him Taurus, John Cena is said to be the 5th most famous Taurus. So, Taurus too is a soft yet strong “Bull”. This bull is also known with his other names “John Felix Anthony Cena, John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.”

John Cena Early Life and Family

John Cena was born in West Newbury, United States. His father name is “John Cena Sr”, his mother name is “Carol Cena”. His father is of Italian origin and his mother Carol is the daughter of Tony lupien, who was a baseball player.

He has four siblings, “Sean Cena, Steve Cena, Matt Cena, Dan Cena”. Dan is the eldest brother, and rest of them are younger than John Cena. He has excellent terms with his siblings, to them his brothers are his greatest strength.

John Cena Schooling and Education

He studied in the central catholic High School, that was situated in Lawrence. After some time, John Cena was sent to some private prep boarding school, probably the name of that institution was Cushing Academy. He completed his studies from school and for further education he was sent to “Springfield College”.

John Cena was in captaincy of a football team, that was of his school. He was a MVP too and besides that, John Cena used to be “NCAA Division III, All-American rank, after some time he left the game.

In the year 1998, he has completed his graduation from the same college, Springfield College. He took his degree in Physiology and human anatomy.

Marriage of John Cena

In the year 2009, John Cena got hitched with Elizabeth Huberdeau. Elizabeth used to be her girlfriend since long, but their marriage couldn’t stay longer and ended up in 2012. After getting divorced it was Nikki Bella whom he started getting interested, Nikki Bella is a renowned wrestler. They both are cherishing their terms with each other.

John Cena Net Worth

John Cena has travelled a road to reach his desired destination, he made a huge net worth of $57 million, now we will discover his journey towards earning a massive net worth:

John Cena worked as a driver

After receiving his degree, he thought of settling in California for getting into the career of bodybuilding. At the beginning, he worked in a limousine company, he worked there as a driver. Things were quite rough at that time, financially he wasn’t able to afford an abode, so he had to spent nights in his “1991 Lincoln Continental”.

Cena made his first appearance in WWE

John Cena made his first appearance in WWE in the year 2002. He came against “Kurt Angle”. John Cena created the character “The Prototype”.

In 2004 He Started Getting Stable Financially

In 2004 his graph of popularity got clear and wider, he got a huge victory from a Big Show, it was the United States Championship. The strong and sturdy Bull lost the title but very soon got it back too.

John Cena made appearance in ‘Smack Down’

This is another venture, a new venture in a way it was a television project, where he entered and made money successfully, “Smack Down” was his first television. He was challenged by Kurt Angle. Here he got huge applause from audience, he also presented a character of a rapper, that was a new character. This character was known as ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’, from here he began to give performance of freestyle raps that were about his rivals and challengers.

John Cena Earnings and Net Income 2014-16

In 2015 he signed a 7 years deal, in which John Cena receives an annual salary of $2.75 million, besides it like every wrestler of WWE john Cena also gets some royalties and funds. He gets 7% on the bases of merchandise sales, additionally he gets PPV income.

He had $12,419,843 in the year 2012 and through his hard work he hiked it up in 2014 and turned it in $17,296,729. By the end of 2016 john Cena has amassed $24,301,626.

John Cena Net Worth 2017

Salary of John Cena in 2017 is reported as $8 million. Besides that, John Cena has the revenue of PPV, free travelling allowances and a Private Jet Usage. John Cena us the highest paid wrestler of WWE. By the end of 2017 John Cena’s networth is estimated as $57 million.

John Cena Net Worth 2018

John Cena has various sources through them he generates massive revenue, lets have a look below

  • Through Music john Cena earned $1,458,923
  • Through WWE Cena earned $22,650,000
  • Through Non-WWE Acting Cena earned $3,162,000
  • Through Endorsements Cena earned $12,300,000.
  • Through TV Appearances John Cena earned $945,000

John Cena is considered someone very favorite to product endorsement as he himself is a brand. He has been associated with many endorsement deals like Capri Sun, Footlocker, Sunway and Gillette. Current net worth of John Cena is estimated as $57 million in 2018.

John Cena Lavish Lifestyle

John Cena owns $57 million, so he is having a lavish lifestyle, a beautiful abode and huge car collection, lets first look at his car collection:

john Cena is fond of cars, you can imagine his craze as he owns 14 extremely luxurious cars, as he is a money-spinner so it suits him to have such zeal for cars. He has a wide range of beautiful rides in his garage.

He owns Luxury Ferrari, he owns InCENArator, this car is said to be a Millionaire’s toy! Cena owns 2006 Ford GT, a silver beauty that belongs to Cena, then he has (1971) Plymouth Road Runner, this weird looking car also belongs to John Cena, then comes (2006) Dodge Viper, (2007) Dodge Charger SRT-8, and (2009) Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and the list goes on as he owns almost 14 cars!

John Cena Lavish Abode

John Cena house is gigantic in size, it sits on 13,153 square-ft , it is situated in in “Land O’ Lakes, Florida”.

It has a beautiful entrance, this abode also has a huge cigar room, John Cena off and on goes to that room with his friends.

John Cena has especially made a grand size closet for his beloved Nikki Bella with whom he is engaged now and having a happy life. The specialty of this closet is that it is consisted on one complete room, unlike the ordinary closets of our house, Nikki keeps there her wide range of attires and shoes. The favorite part of this abode of Nikki is that closet!

A fountain type pool is also there in his house, despite having many rooms in this house, there is also a Guest House in this house, it is built for the guests.

This mansion of John Cena has the grand entrance, this entrance has also been used by Nikki for the promotions and posters for her show “The Total Bellas.”

Awards & Achievements

John Cena as a great star has accomplished and achieved numerus awards and achievements:

  • Cena has won 25 professional championships of wrestling
  • Cena has ruled 16 times as a world champion.
  • Cena has won 13 WWE Championships
  • Cena has won WWE’s World Heavyweight Championships 3 times.
  • Cena has conquered 5 times WWE United States Championship
  • Cena has received “The World Tag Team Championship” four times.

John Cena’s top ten movies list

As Cena is believed to be the most hyped WWE star, it is admitted by all the industry experts. He has made his appearance in number of movies and tv shows too, Cena also has released his rap album, named as ‘You Can’t See Me’.

Cena has done many movies, here is the collection of his movies in which he acted:

  • TrainWreck released in 2015
  • Sisters released in 2015
  • Daddy’s Home released in 2015
  • 12 Rounds released in 2009.
  • Ready to Rumble released in 2000.
  • The Marine released in 2006.
  • Legendary released in 2010.
  • Scobydo wresltmania mystery released in 2014.
  • The flinstones and WWE: Stone age Smackdown came in 2015.
  • The reunion released in 2011.

Some of his tv shows in which he appeared are:

  • Manhunt
  • Deal or Not deal
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Psycho
  • fast Cars
  • Superstars
  • Punk’d.

So, that was all about John Cena’s networth, behind $57 million there is a long story, a long journey and his immense dedication and devotion, the only to success is not to give up and that’s what John Cena did throughout his life, no matter how tough the things are you muse face them as the only solution and the only escape to your problems is to face them! Net worth like $57 million is not earned in a day, to make it happen you have to fight for it!

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