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Joey Chestnut net worth 2018 | How much is Joey Chestnut Worth?

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Joey Chestnut net worth 2018 | How much is Joey Chestnut Worth?

Joey Chestnut is a famous competitive eater who holds multiple world records, he takes part in eating competition and earns several competitions. He is best known for winning the ‘92nd Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest’, he is ranked on number one in the whole world through a Major league Eating. Joey Chestnut set up a world record by gulping 68 hot dogs including buns just in a little time span of 10 minutes. Joey Chestnut net worth is estimated to be around $625 thousand in 2018.

Joey Chestnut Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Joey chestnut was born on 25th of November 25, 1983, this makes him Sagittarius. Joey Chestnut stands as number one competitive eater world-wide.

Early life

joe Chestnut belongs to Fulton County, that’s where he spent his childhood. He took his education from San Jose State University, from there he did his engineering.

Personal life

currently joey is single, but he was into intimate terms back in 2014, with Neslie Ricasa. But after sometime their terms got over and didn’t proceed further.

Joey Chestnut net worth

How Much is Joey Chestnut Worth? Joey Chestnut who is wildly famous for being a is an ‘American Eating Competitor’ majorly grosses his revenue through eating competitions. Major league eating is said to be the chief source of his income. The net worth of Joey Chestnut is around $625 thousand in 2018.

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Joey Chestnut Earnings 2012-2016

In the year 2011 joey grossed $205,000 from eating competition he took part in. later in 2013 he made a $10,000 from his eating competition of Coney Island contest. Once he retrieved back his title, that once was broken by someone. In was in 2015 when he was defeated by Matt Stonie.

Joey Chestnut Networth 2017

Back in 2010 the total revenue he generated from the competitions is around $225,000. He has extra ordinary eating ability in him and he is smart enough to cash his ability in a best possible way. Till the end of 2017 he owned a massive net worth of $625 thousand.

Joey Chestnut Net Worth 2018

Joey Chestnut is one smart and candid man who so energetically takes part in various eating competitions and conquered great victories. His eating ability is acknowledged universally. He has ruled the contest for more than decade by earning a victory multiple-times. Joey Chestnut’s current net worth is estimated as $625 thousand in 2018.

Joey Chestnut grosses heavily by gulping down bulk and a heap of food in minimum time span in front of huge crowd. People love to get amused by him, watching him eating a time span of 10 minutes is a real fun thing.

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