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Jimmy Lovine Net Worth 2018 | How much is Jimmy Lovine worth?

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Jimmy Lovine Net Worth 2018 | How much is Jimmy Lovine worth?

Jimmy lovine is a famous entrepreneur and a record producer who also co-founded ‘Interscope Records’ and ‘Interscope Geffen A&M Records’. In the year 2006 he co-founded massively famous brand ‘Beat Electronics’. He collaborated with a famous rap singer and producer Dr. Dre, they both produced audio accessories like headphones. Later this company was taken by Apple and Jimmy lovine has worked with it to make streaming music service (Apple Music). Jimmy Lovine net worth is estimated to be around $950 million in 2018.

Jimmy Lovine Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Jimmy was born on 11th of march, 1953, this makes him Pisces. 65 years old Jimmy lovine stands as one of the most famous entrepreneurs.

Early life

Jimmy belongs to Brooklyn, that’s where he lived and spent his childhood. He was born in an Italian-American family. His father used to work as a longshoreman where as his mother used to work as a secretary. Since early age of his childhood he was eager to do something unique and different. What lighten up his heart was the Beatles performance “She Loves You” on television.

Personal life

He tied the knot in the year 1987 with a girl named Vicki Iovine. Vicki was a vigilant model and writer. The couple blessed with 4 children. But their marriage couldn’t stay longer and ended up in the year 2009. Later jimmy got hitched in 2016 with Liberty Rose. For a long time, they spent time together off and on, that is how their intimacy started growing and now they are living happily.

Jimmy lovine net worth

How much is Jimmy Lovine worth? Jimmy was told by his father that he has six months to do the wonders he wanted to do and fortunately things started getting into his favor as one of his buddy assisted him in employing him at the Record Plant. So he worked there in a Manhattan recording studio. Today this man owns huge wealth and the net worth of Jimmy Lovine is $950 million in 2018.

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Jimmy Lovine earnings 2012 – 2016

HTC has purchased 51% of Interscope that’s what jimmy co-owns with Universal Records. The amount that have been generated through it was said to be $300,000,000. The amount that was donated in the year 2013 to USC was $70,000,000. By the end of 2012 jimmy lovine owned a net worth of $700 million that went higher periodically.

Jimmy Lovine Wetworth 2017

Jimmy currently not having any official title in Apple, but he has supported in launching Apple Music in the year 2015. It is said that the service of streaming music has meanwhile above than 30 million subscribers. Till 2017 jimmy lovine’s networth was $950 million.

Jimmy Lovine Net Worth 2018

The Italian ancestry Jimmy who really has turned himself into a money-printing machine has earned a hefty revenue over the years. He has tuned himself into a strong and influential entrepreneur who has not even contributed in business world but also earned a good name. Jimmy’s current net worth is estimated as $950 million in 2018.

Jimmy lovine has travelled a successful expedition, since childhood he had discovered the hidden giant in him who owns extra ordinary skills and who knows very well how to utilize his inner abilities in a most vigilant way.

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