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Jimmy Fallon Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

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Jimmy Fallon Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

Jimmy Fallon is a name of a great American comedian, actor and a host too. He belongs to New York. He is a famous TV host who got popularity from “Saturday Night Live”, he is a writer of this show. Today we will discuss about Jimmy Fallon and his massive net worth that he built throughout his career. Jimmy Fallon net worth is estimated to be around $35 million in 2018. Let’s read more about his achievements and his success journey.

Jimmy Fallon Biography

Jimmy Fallon Age and Zodiac sign

Jimmy was born on 19th of September, 1974. This makes him Virgo and he is 44 years old.

Early life and Education of Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is basically Irish, the place where he spent his childhood is Saugerties, New York. His father name is James Fallon and Mother names as Feeley. Jimmy Fallon has one sister named Gloria.

He took his education from “College of Saint Rose”, it was his school life where he first discovered a comedian under his skin. He used to give performances as a stand-up comedian when he was a school student. The sharp sense of humor he has in him is actually inherited by his ancestors. Humor runs in his family as his sister Gloria too is a comedy writer. It was the immense delightful ambience of his home that turned him in such a great and successful comedian of this age that he through his wit and humor has been printing money for years.

For pursuing comedy as a career, he sacrificed his further education and started preparing himself for a great future comedian.

Personal Life

Jimmy Fallon got knotted on 22nd of December, 2007. The girl with whom Jimmy Fallon married is Nancy Juvonen who is a Hollywood producer. More ever she is the co-owner of flower Films Company. The couple has two daughters, one is named as Winnie Rose and other one is Frances Cole.

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth

Jimmy Fallon discontinued his education when he was in college for getting into the career of being a comedian. So, he came back to its born place New York for this purpose. Finally, he got the opportunity to be the participant of a show, from his very first show in 1998 to 1999 and he got success in making his place. His current net worth is estimated as $35 million in 2018.

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Jimmy’s earnings through “Saturday Night show” in 2004

Jimmy Fallon began his career by performing in the local pubs. In that era of 90s, he managed to generate money around 7.50$ per set.

Today he has become a real money printing machine, he has turned his dream into a reality. He performs and hosts the show in his particular natural style. The every bit of his personality showers and expresses humor that make other cut the cackle madly. It the authenticity of his wit and humor that get a massive appraisal. He used to get $6,000 per episode in that time for hosting a Saturday night Show.

Jimmy’s earning from movie career (2005-08)

Jimmy tried his luck in the field of movies too. Though his experience of working in films wasn’t much pleasant and successful. He appeared in three movies Fever Pitch, Taxi and in Whip it. In one of the movie he played the leading role too. From his movies he managed to earn almost one million dollar.

Jimmy’s earnings from the “Late-Night Shows” (2009-2016)

Jimmy used to dream to be on SNL, he used to wish for it since long, it can be said that to be on SNL was at the top of his wish-list. Fallon used to send his videos to the producers of SNL and then finally comes the time when he was called out there. In the year 1998 he first appeared in SNL. According to estimation Jimmy Fallon earns $15 million a year alone from the late -night shows that is likely to hike up as that is the estimation of 2016 and obviously going to get rise periodically. It is said that Jimmy Fallon generates almost $52, 884 for each episode of the late-night shows. This indicates that his salary is hiked up by six million dollars. Show is going to be on aired till 2021 now you can imagine that this guy is going to earn wildly.

Jimmy Fallen has made a come-back in the year 2014 for hosting a show “The Tonight Show”. During that time after he took over his revenue for that show reached to five million dollars a year to fourteen million dollars.

Jimmy is said to be the highest paid host in the year 2016. Besides him it was Stephen Colbert who was too the highest paid host during that time.

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth in 2017

Jimmy Fallon is still as enthused for the hosting of his shows as he was at his first day for the first show. He is all the time busy in making the things better than before as he believes strongly that there is always a room for improvement. He has become the favorite host who makes everyone give a belly laugh and you can’t help laughing and getting amused by him. Till 2017 his estimated net worth is $ 35 million.

Jimmy Fallon net worth in 2018

Famous and favorite show of all “The Tonight Show” is going to amuse his viewers with a spicy and sizzling hosting of Jimmy Fallon. Good news for his massive fans that Jimmy Fallon has signed a contract for the hosting of this show till the year 2021.

This show has 3.8 million viewers during 2014 to 2015 it pulls an excellent rating. It is said that Jimmy has contributed 17 years for NBC Universal family, he has been a significant member. He is said to be artistic and brilliant in his field who has deliberately proved his vigilance through his genuine work. So, Jimmy Fallon is all set to multiply his current net worth of 2018 that is $ 35 million in near future.

Interesting facts about Jimmy Fallon

Here is a short list of interesting facts about Jimmy Fallon, let’s have a look below:

  • Most interestingly Jimmy Fallon wanted to become a Priest when he was a kid. His family was bit strict and catholic.

  • Jimmy Fallon told that that he is lucky to have such a hilarious family. In his family there are no divorces and no unemployment and every member of his family is tremendously hilarious.

  • He is famous because of collecting units of Co-Op building, New York. He owned 5 units in Gramercy Park New York. First, he bought in 2002 then he bought in 2004 and in 2014. In 2004 he bought it in $ 1.5 million. In 2014 he purchased in $1.35 million.

  • Jimmy Fallon is very generous and open heartedly gives donations and charities. He once has donated $ 10,000 to a Community Foundation.

  • Jimmy Fallon’s wife net worth is estimated as twenty-five million dollars, in this way they both are making a hefty net worth of sixty million dollars.

  • For hosting a great show “The Tonight Show” he almost generates $ 15 million every year.

  • Jimmy Fallon is said to be a great humanitarian, he has a soft corner for all the needy people around him and he off and on keeps helping them out.


Jimmy Fallon Accomplishments and achievements

Here is the list of Jimmy Fallon’s achievements that he gained through his career:

  • In the year 2002 Jimmy Fallon was selected as “One Of The Most Beautiful People” in the world according to the People magazine.
  • Jimmy Fallon is the one who is said to be the regular nominee throughout the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In the year 2003 he in the nominee of a Grammy Award For Best Comedy Album.
  • Jimmy has shared a Primetime Emmy Award in 2012 along with other producers of Late Night Show.
  • Jimmy Fallen earned the Grammy Award for the first time for the Best Comedy Album.
  • In the year 2017 Jimmy Fallon has gained “Favorite Late-Night Talk Show Host” at People’s choice Awards.

To wrap it up, we know Jimmy Fallon Net Worth is huge and he is not only an incredible actor and a comedian rather he is a great soul too whose heart instantly melts down at the miseries of others. He is amongst those fortunate persons who lives a pleasant life since his childhood and today he is cherishing those delights by making people laugh with his sharp and tremendous humor and wit.

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