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Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Earnings

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Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Earnings

Jeff Bezos is the name of a sizzling sensation in the world of business and entrepreneurship. He is the one who is the chief executive and founder of Jeff Bezos has a dexterous mind that breeds extra ordinary brilliant ideas and then he is smart enough to materialize all these ideas and the accomplishment of these business ventures have made him earn so much that he is considered amongst the richest and wealthiest personalities of the world. Great Jeff Bezos is also the owner of ‘The Washington Post’. Jeff Bezos net worth currently is estimated as 132.8 billion USD in 2018.

Jeff Bezos Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Jeff Bezos was born on 12th of January, 1964, this makes him Capricorn. 55 years old business tycoon is really a biggest source of inspiration for every business man. He is so famous because of his extra ordinary successful business ventures that he stands as the 32nd most popular business man.

Childhood and education

Jeff Bezos belongs to New Mexico. His mother is Jacklyn Jorgensen and his father was Ted Jorgenson, his parents stayed together for a short time span and broke up then his mother married to Cuban Immigrant Mike Bezos, during that time Jeff was four years old.

The brainy mind has a mind that always lurk for curiosities since childhood, he turned the garage of his house into lab. The family migrated to Miami, during that time he was a teenager. His passion for computers grew stronger there and he graduated valedictorian from the high school.

Later he joined Princeton University for pursuing his interest, from there Jeff graduated and earned a degree of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Personal life

The university from where he studied found a companion of his life, yes Mackenzie, he married to this girl. She is known as popular American novelist who belongs to California. They have three sons and one daughter, the daughter is an adopted one.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

In the year 1990 Jeff became the youngest president of the company. The CEO of Amazon receives the salary that is around $81,840 and that is the reason the net worth of Jeff Bezos is touching the skies today worth $132.8 billion in 2018.

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Jeff Bezos Earnings 2015-16

In Time Magazine Jeff was named as The Person of The Year and in 2012 he again remained in the limelight as he was named as ‘Business Person of The Year’ by the ‘Fortune Magazine’.

In 2016 this tycoon of entrepreneurship stood on number 4 amongst the wealthiest persons across the globe by Forbes Magazine, at that time Jeff used to own personal wealth of $59.2 billion.

87 million of shares belongs to Jeff and around nineteen percent stake. In 2012 it flowed to 45 percent. Now it is worth of $23.5 billion. Jeff Bezos has been declared as the 20th richest and wealthiest person of the world. In 2015 his net worth was estimated as $32.1 billion and went higher in 2016.

Jeff Bezos networth 2017

In the year 2017 Jeff turned into 3rd richest man of the world according to the statistics of Forbes. Its basically an Amazon that constantly generates a revenue. His net worth of 2017 is estimated as $72.8 billion.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2018

Jeff Bezos is such a money-spinner that he turned $1.5 billion richer just in a single day, this is really all jaw-dropping capabilities of Jeff Bezos. In 2018 he has grossed $112 billion that has hiked up his fortune and has turned his net worth into 132.8 billion USD in 2018.

He has some amazing and ultra-expensive belongings such as he has ‘Ul Ysse Nardin dual time; that is a worth of $7.700. He has huge properties in various locations.

He owns a real estate in Beverly Hills that is a worth of $12, 900,000. He once had a Washington D.C house, that was a museum and he sold it in $23 million.

The man with out-standing abilities has too much to unveil, all that has been discovered and explained about his wealth is merely a tip of an ice berg. He is the one who is said to be the main player who launched E-commerce and introduced it, expanded it all over.

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