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Jay Z Net Worth of $900 in 2018

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Jay Z Net Worth of $900 in 2018

Jay-Z is a sparkling and eminent name in music industry, he is a great American rap artist, a businessman and an investor. He is believed to be the out-standing singer who is considered amongst the chart-topping musicians. His scale of success can be imagined through the numerous awards he has earned through out his career, 21 Grammy Awards have been earned by Jay Z. the records that he sold are above than 100 million. His work has made him built a massive net worth, according to an estimation his Jay Z net worth is estimated as $900 million in 2018.

Jay Z Biography – Family and Education

Age and zodiac sign

Jay Z was born on 4th of December, 1970, this makes him Sagittarius. He stands as the 7th most famous Sagittarius. 48 years old super-star Jay Z belongs to Brooklyn, New York.

Early life and education

Jay Z was born as ‘Shawn Carter’, the early of Jay Z was immensely tough. His childhood wasn’t spent in the way kids do spend. Life has introduced the complex to him in a very young age. His father and mother broke up. For a young boy it was too hard for him to swallow such things. The bitter thing for young Jay Z was the detachment of his father. So, his mother ‘Gloria Carter’ brought up him and his brother. The ambiance in which he grew up was of drug-infested, it was all nasty and unpleasant.

He took his early education from Eli Whitney High School, while studying there he discovered by his deep inner capabilities of becoming a musician.

Personal life

Jay Z is amongst those celebrities who are very much sensitive and concerned about their privacy and personal life. Jay Z doesn’t like to share each and every aspect of his life to be in limelight. So, some-how he really gets succeeded in putting the veil around his personal life.

There are some little details about him and that is Jay Z got involved in super-classy and famous singer Beyoncé. After spending an ample amount of time in great understanding and intimacy they both get hitched in 2008. Their marriage was arranged in super secretive way as hardly 40 people were there in their marriage ceremony, it took place at the penthouse apartment of Jay Z.

They have three little angels, their first baby girl was born in 2012 and recently they are blessed with twins, a baby girl and baby boy.

Jay Z net Worth

Jay Z began his career as an entertainer but soon he got himself established into the domain of music too. In mid 90s he began to work on his music ventures, according to the statistics of Billboard he successfully racked up fourteen number 1 albums. His most recent work that has got a huge applause is album ‘last year’s 4:44’. His massively successful music ventures made him earn wildly, there will be nothing in saying that this man has turned himself from rags-to-riches. This money-spinner rap artist Jay Z’s net worth of $900 million in 2018.

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Jay Z Earnings 2015-16

In 2000 Jay Z started getting the attention of all, his work grabbed the attention and applause at a larger scale since early 2000. The albums that he released during that time were ‘The Dynasty’, ‘In My Life Time vol 1-3’. These albums went well and firmed his position in music industry significantly.

Jay z isn’t just a talented and melodious singer rather his skills are extra-ordinary, he is dexterous and smart in the field of business too.

His business ventures include Real Estate, Record Labels, Clothing Lines, Beverages, sports Teams and much more. He enabled himself to generate a hefty revenue so speedily that in 2014 his earnings were around $520 million but they rose up in 2016 and turned into $610.

Jay Z NetWorth 2017

The eminent and massive music project of Jay Z is ‘Tidal’ the streaming service. Tidal is co-owns by many other musicians with Jay Z. He purchased Tidal from a Swedish company, for getting this he spent $56 million. The revenue that he generated in 2017 is around $42,000,000. His album 4:44 sold out in one million copies. This has again risen up and the networth of Jay Z turned into $810 million

Jay Z Net Worth 2018

Jay z earns heavily though his tour concerts, for his album 4:44 he made several tours and that made him amassed $48.7 million, he grossed almost $1.5 million for each show.

His two tours hold a huge significance in a way that he grossed a heavy amount through them, ‘The Blueprint 3 Tour and The Magna Carta Tour made him earn $37.4 million.

Sources from jay Z makes money:

  • Concert sales
  • Record labels
  • Real Estate
  • Music Streaming
  • Album Sales
  • Clothing
  • Endorsements

Jay Z grosses $1.5 million for each show, this is huge no doubt. The current net worth of Jay Z is $900 million in 2018.

Awards & Achievements

  • Jay Z has won 21 Grammy Awards, he has earned number of American Music Awards.
  • Jay Z has earned several BET Awards.
  • Jay Z has won an Emmy Award in the year 2009.
  • Jay Z has sold above than eighteen million albums across the globe.

Best of Jay Z

The massive success that is associated with Jay Z is his super-duper hit “Vol. 2: Hard knock of life”, besides this his “Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter” too received a heavy applause. Now his most recent success is 4:44 that is liked and apprised at a larger scale.

Lavish life style

A man who suffered so much in past, went through great emotional and financial sufferings mustered up his courage and by the passage of time enabled himself to get rid of all the complexities and finally became what he was meant to be. Today he is living a royal life, surrounded by the unimaginable modern comforts and easies.

Jay Z owns various abodes and mansions in different localities. It is speculated that his ultra-expensive home is situated in Los Angeles that is a worth of $100 million or more than that.

The main features of that house include A doll Room, Wine Cellar, private night Club, Gift-wrapping Rooms, bowling Alley and much more.

Apart from this there are two more mansions own by Jay Z, they are situated in Florida and New York. They too are extra-ordinarily grand and beautifully equipped.

Super-classy rides own by Jay Z

Car collection worth of $15 million!

  • He has Pagani Zonda F
  • He has a Bentley Azure
  • He has Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
  • He has a Maybach Exelero
  • He has a Ferrari F430 Spider
  • He has Rolls Royce Phantom
  • He has a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

According to a ball-park figure Jay Z rides are worth of $15 million.

Interesting Facts about Jay Z

  • Jay-Z is his stage name, his original name is Shawn Corey Carter.
  • Jay Z had a tough childhood, when his father abandoned him and his brother he felt really bad and got very sensitive and riled about his father.
  • Jay z deeply loves his mother who tactfully made him understand and convinced him to mend the terms with his father.
  • Jay Z is a husband of a super-glamorous singer Beyoncé, they two were invited by the royal personality of Buckingham Palace, yes Prince Charles has invited both of them.
  • The first official tour of Jay Z was ‘The Hard Knock Tour, through this he earned a heavy revenue, according to an estimation he generated around $18 million. It was immensely a successful tour that brought him so much fortune and prosperity.
  • Jay Z is fond of expensive bling, he is fond of wearing a neckwear, he can afford wearing as he is such wealthy super-star.

So that was all about the Jay Z Net worth who is one of the wealthiest rap artist and entrepreneur, words are few to express his gusto and passion that he has been showing since childhood. There will nothing wrong in saying that he is such a great warrior who fought the battles of life with great courage and consistency. He made the best use of his skills and hidden capabilities, for there is not just a great musician in him rather there is also a dexterous and nifty business man under his skin who launched great ventures and hiked up his wealth and stardom so perfectly. He is a source of inspiration for many as he has set an example how to achieve the milestones.

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