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J Cole Net Worth – Biography, Family, Age and Success Journey

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J Cole Net Worth – Biography, Family, Age and Success Journey

J. Cole is a renowned hip-hop artist, who is a songwriter, a record producer, he is an American rapper who in a short time span J Cole Net Worth has increased tremendously due to the hard work and effort he has put in his work. We are going to see how he has managed to earn this much popularity and wealth and his whole success journey along with his biography.

J Cole Biography

J Cole Age and zodiac sign

J. Cole is also known as Jermaine Lamarr Cole, he was born on 28th of January, 1985, this makes him Aquarius. So, J. Cole is like other Aquarians is intelligent and but of unpredictable nature. He is among those Aquarians who established themselves noticeably well and became millionaire in such a short time.

Childhood & Early Life

J Cole was born in Germany, he has taken birth in an army camp of US. The time when he was born his father was posted at that very time. Mother of J. Cole is German origin and a father of J. Cole is African descent, father was American-African soldier Her mother used to work in the postal service that was of United States.

J Cole was still a baby when his mother took him with her and moved to North Carolina, he has one brother named Zach, he was also with them while migrating. Her mother has tried hard and went through hardships to take care of these two kids, she had to do many jobs in order to fulfill the expenses. She remarried and the step father of J. Cole also belonged to army, after her mother second marriage they shifted to a new house that was in a much better condition.

Nature wise J. Cole used to be shy child, the environment where he brought up was multi-ethnic, so this left a positive influence on him and he highly dislikes racism.

Since a very young age he was keenly interested towards music and in playing basketball. He used to play violin when he was just a kid and this put him in a deep love for music. Today J Cole Net worth is touching the sky because he was determined to have a better living may be that is why this spark enthused him to toil hard.

J Cole’s marriage life

J. Cole’ wife is Mellisa Heholt, he used to meet her when he was in a college, they kept meeting with each other and eventually got hitched. Now J. Cole is a father of a cute baby daughter, in 2016 J. Cole became father.

J Cole Net Worth

In just age of 33 J. Cole owns $ 15 million of net worth, as you just discovered he wasn’t rich since childhood, rather he went through tough situations, financially he and his family weren’t stable, so, we will dig deeper about how the $15 million net worth of J Cole increased and what did he do to achieve that, getting started step by step:

J Cole has worked as a Bill Collector

This was the first step towards his journey of becoming rich and famous musician at the same time. Before getting into musical industry J. Cole worked a bill collector at a newspaper stands. He kept playing violin in his free time, besides playing violin he also played orchestra. J. Cole got admission in “The Terry Sanford” as a violinist.

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Cole joined some local groups when he was 12 years old, he was given a music sampler by his mother on the occasion of Christmas, in those groups he got himself busy in practicing rap music and preparing beats. After some time, he moved to New York to giving his music a proper platform.

At the age of 14 J. Cole used to pen down the lyrics of his songs and used to post them on online forums. He was taking his education too, as he took his further education after schooling from St. Johns University, he majored in computer science.

J Cole released debut mixtape ‘The Come Up”

At the age of 14 J. Cole used to pen down the lyrics of his songs and used to post them on online forums. Time kept passing away, finally comes the time when J. Cole released his debut album in the year 2007.

After two years he released “The Warm Up”, this was the album that brought him a noticeable popularity. He got a huge opportunity to work with Jay-Z on a track. Today J. Cole is generating $125,000 per show!

J. Cole worked with eminent artist

J. Cole after releasing his two albums got the chance to work with some eminent artists like Drake and Wale. After that he got more prosperous when he was signed to “Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation.”

This boosted up his work and revenue and he successfully released several albums, got the chance to give performance in several shows, it is estimated that in the year 2015 his revenue was about $ 11 million!

J. Cole earned a heft revenue from the hit debut album

His debut album made the excellent sale of 217,000 copies, he repeated the same amount of success in the year 2013 when he made the sale of 297,000 just in the firs week.

J. Cole’s Album “2014 Forest Hills Drive” crossed million selling

Recent album of J. Cole has hit the headlines and brought him more fortune and riches, as this album crossed million selling. That’s the very first time that J. Cole in his music career has generated one million selling album.

J Cole’s album “For your Eyes only” took him to the peak

This album stood first at the Billboard of 200 albums chart. This made him the fourth topper of that chart. His album has scored the third biggest debut of 2016, till the last week of Dec it (set) earned 492,000 equal album units.

‘For Your Eyes Only” is said to be the second-largest running debut that ever came ever for an album, according to an estimation his massive successes of albums began by a huge debut sales week as compare to the last or previous set, new album of J. Cole yields with 363,000 sold.



J Cole net worth took a boost from 2013 till 2017

Yes, it was in 2013 from when he started getting firmed financially in a noticeable way. He jumped from 57% –$11 million, he went on tours and agreed 65 dates that made him have hefty record sales.

His album that released in 2011 that was named as “Cole World: The Sideline Story” was certified gold by RIAA, that makes him got $500,000

His album “Born Sinner” that came in 2013 made a good sale, it is estimated that from this album he was certified too good by RIAA, Music Canada + Silver by BPI, that makes him got $600,000

From these record sales in 2014 the estimated revenue from the album Forest Hills Drive, J. Cole was certified gold by RIAA and by Music Canada, that makes him got $1,031,000. And now, J Cole Net Worth of $15 million is undoubtedly a massive achievement.

Best of j. Cole’s:

Following are the albums that are the master piece of J. Cole, these albums got a huge applause:

  • “The Come Up” it was released in 2007.
  • “The Warm Up” it was released in 2009.
  • “Friday Night Lights” it was released in 2010.
  • “Born Sinner” it was released in 2013.
  • “Forest Hills Drive” it was released in 2014.
  • “4 Your Eyes Only” it was released in 2016.

Some of the Favorite Quotes of J. Cole:

These are some quotations that are liked by J. Cole, he finds these quotes really awe-inspiring!

  • “To appreciate the sun, you got to know what rain is.” – J Cole
  • “Take a chance, because you never know how perfect something can turn out.” – J Cole
  • “Anything’s possible, you got to dream like you never seen obstacles.” – J Cole
  • “Keep grinding boy, your life can change in one year, and even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere.” – J Cole

J Cole Net Worth and his career has become so stable and successful today that he has established his own Label, it is named as “Dreamville Records label”, in is this he is collaborating with class fellow of St. John University “Ibrahim Hamad”, The label is non-profit and is situated in his town.
In the year 2016 he was invited to White House, he performed on a track “High for Hours”. Obama has said something about him “This is the benefit of having teenage daughters, I actually keep up… I love J. Cole.”

It wasn’t a piece of cake to him to accomplish all that, yet he made it through his hard work and dedication, good luck for his future projects.

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