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Harvey Weinstein Net Worth of $300 Million in 2018

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Harvey Weinstein Net Worth of $300 Million in 2018

Harvey Weinstein used to be an eminent name some moons ago as he was known as a co-founder of The Weinstein Company and Miramax Films. He was a real film tycoon who assisted in producing much-admired ventures like ‘Shakespeare in Love’, ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’. He has huge sexual allegations on him and this collapsed his carrier, at the peak of his carrier he used to have a net worth of $300 million and after the accusations and allegations Harvey Weinstein net worth is estimated as $50 million in 2018.

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Harvey Weinstein Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Harvey was born on 19th of March, 1952, this makes him Pisces. He used to be a great producer of his times.

Early life

Harvey belongs to Flushing, New York City, that’s where he lived his childhood. He was born in a Jewish family. Harvey’s father was named as Max Weinstein and used to work as a diamond cutter. His mother was named as Miriam Weinstein initially was a house wife but later she was in a Harvey’s company Miramax as a receptionist.

Harvey has one brother named as Bob, Harvey is eldest son of his parents. He and his brother grew up watching movies in theatre on Saturday afternoons. This lighten up their hearts and they started having keen interest in it and eventually made up their mind to enter in this industry.

Personal life

1n the year 1987 Harvey tied the knot with Eve Chilton who was his assistant. From her he has three daughters, Remy, Emma and Ruth. In the year 2004 their marriage got over and they divorced. Second time he married with Georgia Chapman who was a model. From her he has one daughter and son India Pearl and son Dashiell Max Robert. The scandal against Harvey ruined his marriage life this time.

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

Harvey has earned an Academy Award for ‘Shakespeare in Love’, besides this he has also achieved 7 Tony Awards for various shows like ‘The Producers’ and ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’. He used to be one of the most famous and studio executive and film director. After he has been expelled out from company the current net worth of Harvey Weinstein is estimated as $50 million in 2018.

Harvey Weinstein Earnings 2012-2016

Both of the brothers have produced great successful ventures like ‘Heavenly Creatures’ and ‘Crying Game’. No doubt his contribution for producing excellent films is immense. The sole reason of the failure of his career is the tons of accusations made by 80-90 women of sexual accusations, that is why he was ejected from the academy.

Harvey Weinstein networth 2017

All the sexual accusations started popping off in the year 2017. That is why there was no prosperity earned by Harvey since after the rainfall of accusations. Harvey and his brother sold the company Miramax, it was sold to Disney in $80 million. Though the agreement was signed that Harvey and his brother will remain the head of the company. By the end of 2017 Harvey Weinstein’s networth is estimated as $50 million.

Harvey Weinstein net worth 2018

Harvey Weinstein has been going through a terrible downfall, he strongly disagrees and denies all the accusations that have been made against him. Currently he is living in New York and he has sold his Manhattan home in $25.6 million.

A man who once used to be money-making machine and used to hold a heavy net worth of $300 million is now left with almost $50 million of net worth in 2018.

Harvey Weinstein was a great name before all the accusations, he had toiled hard for making his name. he and his brother produced a work of excellence for sure but no one could have expected including Harvey as how his name has sunk like a stone.

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