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G Eazy Net Worth of $9 Million in 2018

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G Eazy Net Worth of $9 Million in 2018

G Eazy is known as a famous American producer and a song-writer, he is an amazing rapper who has entertained his fans by collaborating with some eminent artists like Britney spears and Lil Wayne. The talented hip-hop singer is best known for “60s Hit Runaround Sue” that came in the year 2011. One of his single was a massive hit that released in 2015 it was named as “Me, Myself and I”. Through his music he has earned a great name and wealth too. G Eazy net worth is estimated as $9 million in 2018 which is increasing with every passing year.

G Eazy Biography

G Eazy Age and zodiac sign

G Eazy was born on 24th of May 1989. This makes him Gemini. He is among those stars who earned recognition in a very young age. This 29 years old hip-hop star is a millionaire and owns a massive net worth.

G Eazy Education, Family and Early life

G Eazy belongs to California, he was raised up in the surroundings of Oakland. His father’s name was Edward who works as a professor in “California State University”. His mother’s name is Suzanne is also a teacher but she is an artist too. G Eazy has one brother who is younger than him, his name is James and he is a musician.

G Eazy faced a tough time in his early childhood, he was studying in grade 1 when both his parents got secluded from one another. After they split it was his mother who brought him up. For bringing up her children Suzanne played a vital role, she has to go to extra mile for her children as she was bound to do two jobs for fulfilling the expenses. So, for lending a helping hand to her mother G Eazy started working at the same place where his mother was working. He found it necessary to do as he and his brother and mother were accommodating in a single room of his grand-parent’s house.

Eazy took his education from “Berkley High School”. Here in the school he found a little platform for his inner passion for music. As there was a group of some students who were into all this hip-hop and a Billboard hit, so that what triggered Eazy that he must also try his luck and talent there. At that time, he began to play with beats and then started selling out his creations in form of mixtapes.

Personal life of G Eazy

G Eazy has been found in being interested in a girl named Devon who used to be in the same college where he studied. So that’s where they first met and then the friendship of both turned into deep intimacy. Both are in a relationship with another now-a-days.

G Eazy net worth and Earnings

G Eazy was in his early teens when he got allied with the rap group named as “Bay Boyz”. After getting the group joined he created numerous songs. At that time, he was a student of university. He was taking his studies and music side by side.

The singles that he produced brought some really nice ones too like “My Space age” and “Around the Time”. What brought G Eazy in a limelight is his work that he did by teaming up great artist like Lil B, this made him earned a name in industry and firmed his position. G Eazy net worth currently is nine million dollars in 2018.

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G Eazy Earnings 2015-16

After working on singles and producing some good music through songs Eazy began to work on his debut studio, he released it in 2012. The debut studio was named as “Must Ne Nice”. Though it didn’t make a huge sale but the reason behind the low sale was that it wasn’t promoted the way it should.

Eazy got succeed in making his first creation stood on the “US record charts”. His debut studio some-how managed to stay on number 33 at the “Top R$B” and simultaneously at the Hip-Hop album charts.

Eazy’s second album scored really great, it was released in 2014, “These Things Happen” was a massive hit and got huge appraisal too. It managed to stand on number 3 on the Billboard of top 200. More ever it stood on number one position on the Top R$B albums. According to an estimation this album made a gigantic sale of above than forty-seven thousand copies, not just that after few days the number added up and turned into more nine thousand copies. The number of copies that sold kept hiking up till the end of third week. This album has also earned a gold certification awarded by RIAA as it all together sold more than 50,000 copies. By the end of 2015 his net worth was estimated as $3million and it went higher in 2016 and turned into $ 3.2 million.

G Eazy NetWorth and Earnings 2017

His best creations are “The Epidemic”, “Must be nice”, “These things happen” and “When it is Dark Out”. These albums made hum generated a heavy amount. In 2017 he released “Step Brothers”, this too went well. G Eazy has shown his acting skills on various occasions, such as in the year 2015 you can see him in “Fuck with You”. In 2017 he has acted in a comedy film ‘The Peach Panther”. In the year 2017 the net worth of G Eazy reached up to $3.5 million.

G Eazy Net Worth 2018

Eazy worked unceasingly for firming and maintaining his stardom and position, no doubt he got succeed eventually in becoming a great star of the day. One of his album “When its Dark Out” has made a huge business across the globe. It was an international hit that was charted in various places like Switzerland, New Zealand, Belgium, Finland, Denmark and Canada and there many more places where it was charted

G Eazy has produced 6 mixtapes and almost four extended plays, besides all that tons of mixtapes too were created by him. It is said that his income is around $300k and G Eazy net worth is $9 million in 2018, as he earns from shows and tours too. It is anticipated that his net worth will hike up as he would be busy in his new ventures.

G Eazy earnings through Endorsements

The annual revenue that he generates is about $117,646. Besides his music he also tends to earn from endorsements and sponsorships, the amount that he makes through it is around $26,144.

Quick look of his earnings over the years

  • From 2014 to 2015 Eazy has generated $117,647
  • From 2015 to 2016 Eazy has generated almost around $135,294.
  • From all of his albums Eazy has generated $232,249.

Eazy’s earnings through his hit albums

  • The album “These things happen” made him earn $63,573.
  • The album “The Outsider” made him earn $39,355.
  • The album “Must be nice” made him earn $51,653.
  • The album “The Epidemic LP” made him earn $22,957.
  • The album “The endless Summer” made him earn $29,516.

Life style of G Eazy

G Eazy has purchased a lavish Villa in the beautiful surroundings of Hollywood Hills. He has purchased it in $1.75 million. This Villa sits on 3,642 sq feet. It has massive size bedrooms that are four in number and 5 jaw-dropping beautiful bathrooms equipped with modern accessories. It also has a guest house in it.

As far as rides are concerned then he is often seen in a black Ford Mustang.

Awards and achievements

  • The album “The endless summer” earned the nomination of “Best Rap” from “Best of the Beat”.
  • The album “When its Dark Out” has earned a platinum certification.
  • Two albums of Eazy have earned RIAA certification.
  • The hit single produced by Eazy “Me, Myself & I” has achieved Platinum tetra times.

Interesting facts about G Eazy

  • G Eazy original name is “Gerald Earl Gillum”.
  • Eazy belongs to Ukrainian descent.
  • Eazy was in his early teens when his parents got separated.
  • The most shocking and embarrassing moment of his childhood was when he found her mother dating a woman, as a child this couldn’t go down to his throat but periodically he got calm.
  • Initially for establishing himself in music industry Eazy had to sell almost all of his stuff, his possessions for getting a revenue for his music.
  • Eazy was inspired by Johnny Cash.
  • Eazy is often seen with Suzanne (his mother) while on tours.
  • He has huge fam following on social media, such as on Instagram alone he has more than one million followers.

It is not an ordinary journey that he has travelled, G Eazy net worth is massive and he is just 29 years old. He also has cherishing sparkles of stardom and fame, living a lavish life, but the point is all these things he has not earned over night. He fought many battles and strained his nerves to make all this possible. His childhood was really touch and full of hitches, since childhood he had to study and work together, he couldn’t enjoy his childhood the way it is enjoyed by other children of his age. It’s because he knew that he had to paddle his own canoe to get something big in future and that’s what he did so consistently.

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