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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Earnings

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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Earnings

Floyd Mayweather is highly famous American boxer because of being a pond-for-pound fighter. This man seems to be of stainless steal who earned several championships crosswise 5 weight divisions. This made him the most influential boxer of his time. Mayweather has conquered huge world titles and competitions, ‘WBC super featherweight’ is also included in that. This stardom and mounts of success have made him earn heavily, Floyd Mayweather net worth currently is estimated between $700 million-$1 billion in 2018.

Floyd Mayweather Biography

Age and zodiac sign of Floyd

Mayweather was born on 24th of February, 1977. This makes him Pisces. Mayweather stands as the 397th most popular American.

Early life

Mayweather belongs in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that’s the place where a living legend took birth. The talent of boxing is what he inherited from his family so it surely runs in his blood. His father was named as Floyd Sr used to be a ‘welterweight contender’, besides his father his uncle Jeff was too into it. He was a former ‘IBO super featherweight champion’.

Personal life of Mayweather

Floyd personal life is quite interesting in a way that he is not married but he has been into relationship with many women. According to him its ok to have many women in your life as long as a man is capable enough to afford them. Floyd has four children from all the relationships he has been into, he has two girls and has two boys.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Mayweather has conquered the ‘National Golden Gloves’ championships in 90s, as far as his career record is concerned then it stood as 84-8. Through his boxing and all the stardom he earned has made him earn so much that Floyd’s net worth is estimated as $700 million-$1 billion in 2018.

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Floyd Mayweather Earnings and income 2014-16

The year 2015 proved to be the most prosperous year for Mayweather as he has grossed $420 million, he has fought with many boxers like Manny Pacquiao, these fights made him earn heftily. His fight with Pacquiao made him gross around $600 million.

Floyd Mayweather NetWorth 2017

Mayweather earns through endorsements and sponsorship’s, it is said that he is set to gross $25 million by branding solely on Mayweather’s fight shorts, caps and robe. The net worth of Floyd Mayweather in 2017 was estimated around $440 million.

Floyd Mayweather Net worth 2018

Pay-per-view fights are another source of grabbing money, according to an estimation up till now he has grossed almost 19.5 million through pay-per-view fights that have made $41.3 billion in income on the progression of Mayweather’s career. All these things have made Mayweather’s net worth reach to $700 million-1 billion in 2018.

Mayweather lives a lavish life on the behalf of all that wealth that he amassed over the years. He owns a huge mansion that locates in the Las Vegas Valley, it sits on 22,000 sq ft, consisted on five large size bedrooms, seven jaw-dropping bathrooms.

More-over he also owns a boxing gym named as ‘Mayweather Boxing Club’. In another mansion of his is so modernly equipped that it has a shower that can accommodate 12 persons. It has five beautiful bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It has a theatre that is two-screen theatre. In his garage there are cars of $15 million of worth.

So, this man has achieved all the milestones of his life and career with consistency and eventually turned himself into a successful living legend of boxing.

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