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Drake Net Worth of $650000 in 2018

Rappers Net Worth

Drake Net Worth of $650000 in 2018

Drake is an eminent name in the music industry, he is Canadian rap artist who pens down songs too. He is an actor from Toronto. Drake is ruling in the kingdom of music for many years and that has made him earn a huge name, stardom and wealth. Through, his singing he has amassed a gigantic revenue over the years, Drake’s net worth is estimated as $90 million+ in 2018. Drake has released five studio albums. He is very famous among youngsters and his fans love his style of singing. His album ‘So Far Gone’ that was released in the year 2009 made a progressive business as it sold 639 thousand copies and the revenue he generated through it was around $650,000. From his album ‘Thank Me Later’ he grossed $2.3 million as it made a massive sale of 1.551 million of its copies.

Drake Biography – Family and Education

Age and zodiac sign of Drake

Drake was born on 24th of October, 1986, this makes him Scorpio. The 32 years old young singer stands as the 60th most famous person and he stands on number 3rd as the most famous Canadian.

Early life and education of Drake

Drake belongs to Toronto, he born there and spent his childhood in the surroundings of Toronto. Drake’s childhood wasn’t much pleasant, it turned tough because of many reasons, such as his parents broke up and divorced when little Drake was hardly five years old. His father Dennis Graham went back and he stayed with his mother.

His father used to work as a drummer who used to perform with some other musicians. Drake’s mother ‘Sandhi’ was an employee in some institution, she was an English teacher and a florist too. His mother belongs to Jewish religion so drake joined a day school that was Jewish too.

Drake was tormented in school because of Drake’s ethnic and religious upbringing, he faced a neglected behavior and thus ended up by dropping out his school.

When Drake turned into the age of fifteen Drake stepped into the realm of acting through an acting s negotiator who his friend’s father. It was basically a drama series of teen named as ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, he acted the role of Jimmy Brooks.

Personal life

Personal life of Drake has been not less than a roller-coaster, there are lots of swift comings-and-goings of ladies in it. It’s because Drake has been involved with numerous women romantically, all the women belong to the industry. Amongst that list of women, the lady who is most popular one in terms with her relationships with Drake is Rihanna. In the year 2005 they met for the first time and then periodically their intimacy grew up but after some years they broke up.

After Rihanna Drake got involved with ‘Erica Lee’, it is said that according to Ericka she used to be the ex-girlfriend of him. After Ericka there comes the name of renowned artist Jennifer Lopez.

Drake Net Worth

Drake was inspired from Jay Z, he was his greatest source of inspiration for Drake. ‘Room For improvement’ was the very first mix-tape created and released by Drake. From 2006 to 2009 Drake worked on his three mixtapes, his third mixtape was ‘So Far Gone’. Drake has built a gigantic net worth through his music, Drake net worth is estimated as $90 million+ in 2018.

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Drake Earnings 2015-16

In his teen age he started earning some money for living, he first stepped into the acting realm, he made his first appearance in a crime TV series named as ‘Blue Murder’. At that time Drake was fifteen years old.

Later he started working on music, as strong passion for music was always there so he started perusing music as a career. In the year 2011 he grossed almost $42 million, he earned this revenue by a live performance. In 2011 he also released one more album named ‘Take Care’, through this album Drake has generated a revenue of $3.5 million. This hiked up his earning and turned it into $20.5 million by the end of 2012. In a short time-span Drake released his music albums and thus he brought another album out of sack, this album was named as ‘Nothing Was The Same’, this made him earn $2.5 million. Drake turned himself into money-printing machine and this can be imagined the way he rose up his earnings, as in 2014 he earned $33 million whereas by the end of 2015 Drake grossed $39.5 million and that was really huge. He is amongst the richest and wealthiest hip-hop musicians.

Drake NetWorth 2017

Drake continued working in TV series and shows too, this too makes him earn a hefty amount. Some of the TV series he acted in are:

  • Being Erica
  • Best Friend’s Date
  • Sophie
  • Degrassi: Next Generation
  • Drift
  • Anchorman2: The Legend Continues

Drake has also voiced one character in the movie ‘Ice-Age: Continental Drift’. Drake started grabbing the attention in 2009 when he has signed a massive deal of $2 million, he signed this deal Young Money Records. By the end of 2017 the networth of Drake was estimated as $90 million.

Drake Net Worth 2018

Major contribution in Drake’s earnings are of his concerts + the multi-platinum records. Drakes has been to many tours, one of his tour Club Paradise tour brought a huge revenue to him, according to an estimation he amassed an enormous amount of $42 million. In another tour he generated a revenue of $50 million.

One of his tour that was too immensely a flourishing one, it is believed that Drake grossed $1 million solely from its first night performance. It is speculated that Drake’s current net worth has exceeded to $90 million in 2018.

Earnings through Endorsements

Through endorsements and sponsorships Drake is generating a hefty revenue, he has been associated with various brands like Sprite, Kodak, Apple Music and Nike. In 2015 Apple offered him $19 million to for being a guest DJ on iTunes Radio.

Awards and Achievements

Through out his music career Drake earned a peak of stardom, wealth and great respect. His work has been acknowledged by his fans and by the industry a lot.

Let’s have a look at his award and achievements that he earned:

  • His album ‘Views’ earned a triple platinum rank in the year 2016.
  • Drake’s album ‘if you are Reading this its too late’ also earned platinum, frosting on the cake is this album earned platinum before it releases physically.
  • Drake sold more than 5 million albums across the globe.
  • Drake is a worldwide ambassador of Toronto Raptors of NBA.
  • Drake was nominated for the seven American Music Awards.
  • Drake was nominated for Brit Awards.
  • Drake has been nominated for 22 Grammy Awards and has won 1 Grammy Award.

Hit songs of Drake:

  • Best I ever had
  • Headlines
  • Love Me
  • Take care
  • Started from the Bottom
  • 0 to 100/The Catch Up
  • Hold On
  • We are going Home
  • Find Your Love

Lavish life style of Drake

Drake deserves to live a lavish life style as he is a millionaire so let’s see where his money is being spent:

Residence in Yolo Estate

Drake purchased a beautiful house in Yolo Estate, this house is a value of $7.7 million. This house comprises a sauna, pool table, jacuzzi, Home Cinema, a bar, library room, gaming room and gym.

Residence in St. James

This house is a value of $4.45 million, it sits on the area of 4,351 sq ft, it is one really ritzy and deluxe house that consists of five bedrooms, seven modernly equipped bathrooms, one powder room. The unique thing about the house is that it has eye-popping view of ocean.

Residence in California

One of his residence is in the beautiful surroundings of Hidden Hills, California. Drake purchased this house in $7.7 million in 2012.

This house sits on 12,500 sq ft, it consists of a huge size pool along with a grotto, it has a movie theatre in it and a has a basketball court.

Luxurious rides he owns:

  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Two Bentleys
  • Maybach Pullman
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Silver Chevrolet Malibu LS
  • Black Bugatti Veryon

His two Bentleys are of worth of $286,695 and $193,300. He also owns white Rolls Royce Phantom that is a worth of $398,970.

Interesting facts about Drake

  1. Full name of Drake is ‘Aubrey Drake Graham’.
  2. Drake religious background is unique in a way that Drake’s father is a follower of African-American Catholic, where as his mother is Jewish.
  3. His student life was an unpleasant one as the classmates didn’t accept him because of being black, he was often bullied by them.
  4. For getting into the industry he first entered into the realm of acting, he was a drop out of school as at that time he was seriously pursuing a career in acting.
  5. One of his song reveals about the on again/off again terms with Rihanna.
  6. In the year 2017 Drake stood as the eminent winner on the Billboard Awards, he gathered 13 awards.

There is much more that can be penned down about this super-star and millionaire Drake, he has not built this peak of stardom over-night, there is a full-fledge expedition behind this series of struggles for the fantastic future he accomplished so far. He has got so much success that after earning 13 nominations he actually broke the record of Michael Jackson, Jackson had 11 nominations so Drake went far ahead from him. The talented man Drake has really an extra-ordinary hidden giant under his skin and that is the reason the networth of Drake is touching the skies. He not only sings well rather he is capable enough to pen down amazing words for his songs. He is still enthused to achieve more milestones as he believes sky is the limit.

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