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Dr Dre Net Worth 2018 – Income, Earnings and Value

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Dr Dre Net Worth 2018 – Income, Earnings and Value

Dr Dre is a famous American rap artist who is a talented producer and business man too. He began his career being a producer, he as a producer worked with N.W.A rap group. Since 80s he has been associated with the music industry and after getting successful in music he stepped into various other business ventures. As a business man too, he proved himself a tycoon of entrepreneurship. Few years back Dr Dre has sold out ‘Beats By Dr Dre’ that was his brand, he sold it out to Apple for $3 million. Throughout his music career he off and on teamed up with some eminent names of industry. Dr Dre net worth in 2018 is estimated as $740 million.

Dr Dre Biography and Family

Age and zodiac sign

Dr Dre was born on 18th of February, 1965, this makes him Aquarius. 53 years old Dr Dre stands as the 211th most popular American.

Childhood and family

Dr Dre original name is Andre Romelle Young, the skill and talent of music is inherited in him through his parents as both of them were singers. Dr Dre’s mother was named as Verna was the member of the group Four Aces, his father Theodore also was the member of some musical group.

Dr Dre joined Centennial High School where he got the chance to display his inner talent for recruiting. He was transferred to another school Fremont High School and later he joined Chester Adult school. He wasn’t much inclined towards studies as the passion for music started getting strong.

Personal life of Dr Dre

Dr Dre has three children from his former relationships, one of his child passed away in a young age of twenty, the reason behind his death was the over-dose of drugs. In 1996 Dr Dre got knotted with Nicole Threatt and have two children with her.

Dr Dre Net Worth

Dr Dre was also associated with the ‘World Class Wreckin’, this group used to give performances in many nightclub, through this he got himself enabled to develop a rap identity of him. Dr Dre was ranked up on number 56 from the list of hundred Greatest Artists of all-time in Rolling Stone. After getting himself firmed in industry he has earned many awards and has won several Grammy Awards too and that is the reason the net worth of Dr Dre is huge around $740 million. in 2018.

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Dr Dre earnings 2015-16

Though Dr Dre aren’t too much into music now, it’s because of his other business ventures that made him earn so much. In 2015 and 16 he stood as the second wealthiest hip-hop star. The debut solo album ‘The Chronic’ sold in 5.7 million copies that made him earn a hefty amount. According to an estimation his total earning in 2015-16 were $700 million.

Dr Dre networth 2017

Dr Dre is wildly wealthy personality, he spent $40 million on getting a real estate, that sits on 4 acre of area. Besides that, he sold out one of his property in $32 million, that home sits on the area of 9,696 square feet. He has several other properties in various locations, such as he also owns a mansion that sits on 8,842 square feet, this mansion is worth of $4.8 million. Another property of his is of 13,748 square feet that is of $2.4 million. This man is so gigantic when it comes to wealth then he goes beyond every limit. By the end of 2017 his net worth has reached to $740 million.

Dr Dre net worth 2018

His recent work of music is ‘Compton’ and he is also involved in movies too, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is the movie he co-produced. All his wealth enabled him to live so lavishly, his mansions, houses and then comes the rides. The ritzy star owns amazing cars such as he owns a Hummer H2.

He is truly cherishing his life by getting the most out of it, he often seems spending his leisure time on wonderful places like Hawaii Islands and real Paradise islands. He is seen along with his family spreading smiles at the beautiful sights of nature. The wealthiest hip-hop artist’s current net worth is estimated as $740 million in 2018.

The founder and existing CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics is determined to hike up his wealth as he is still in a great gusto and strong believer of Sky is the limit.

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