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Don King Net Worth 2018 – Earnings and Income

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Don King Net Worth 2018 – Earnings and Income

Don King is also known as Donald king, he is renowned name amongst the boxing promoters. His life is full of roller coaster events yet he managed to earn a great recognition in promoting great boxers in boxing. He has spent some years in prison and after getting released he stabled himself he earned stardom and success in 1974 by a famous spell of George Foreman and Muhammad Ali in ‘Rumble in the jungle’. Through this he has amassed a big revenue over the years, Don King Net Worth is around $150 million+ in 2018.

Don King Biography

Age and Zodiac Sign

Donald king was born on 20th of August, 1931, this makes him Leo, so it’s natural to be furious and firmed like Donald king.

Early life of Don King

Donald belongs to Cleveland, Ohio, that’s where he was born. He is the son of Clarence and Millie, his father passed away when he Donald was ten years old and his mother was left to depend on the insurance money to run her family. Donald belongs to a mediocre family.

Somehow Donald got involve in the unlawful pursuits and this had affected his studies. He changed his mind of becoming a lawyer and eventually dropped out of school. In a young age he was into a profitable street business.

Personal life of Don King

In the year 1959 Donald King got hitched with a woman named Henrietta King, they blessed with three children Debbie, Eric and Carl. His wife passed away in the age of 87, she was hospitalized for so long and was suffering from stomach cancer.

Don king net worth

Donald King was expelled rom the Kent State University, he could only attend few semesters, he was expelled because of the criminal bookkeeping action. More ever once he was held answerable for assassinating two persons. Yet he after getting rid of the prison he made a fantastic comeback as one of the best boxing promoters. This made the net worth of Don king to be around $150 million+ in 2018.

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Don Earnings and Value 2014-2016

‘Rumble in the jungle’ was actually the source through he earned a fame, through the assistance of Zaire’s government, this fight was arranged there. Donald earned a winning prize that was a record-breaking, it was worth of $10 million.

Such successes have turned him into the most influential, powerful boxing promoter. In his career he has promoted number of eminent and famous names like Mike Tyson, Felix Trinidad, Marco Antonio, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones and above all Muhammad Ali.

Don King networth 2017

The series of huge successes of Donald’s past has set a firm path for him to get-going, in 2005 his project earnings were around $66,000,000, his earnings are getting hiked up periodically because of being a publisher of ‘Call and Post’. By the end of 2017 his net worth reached to $150 million.

Don King net worth 2018

Donald is still into the promotion of fights, he has turned himself into a famous American businessman because of his work of promoting boxers. He is remembered as a great boxing promoter who so skillfully done this work in past. His current net worth is estimated as $150 million+ in 2018.

Though there were some really nasty and tough time came in Donald’s life, yet his determination and gusto can’t be denied and over-looked. He has worked hard to get through all the hitches he came across and then turned out to be successful business man.

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