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Denzel Washington Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

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Denzel Washington Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

Denzel Washington is a name of great American actor, a talented film director and a skilled film producer. He emerged on the horizon in 90s and till now he is amusing his fans and serving the industry. Today we will discuss in detail about Denzel Washington net worth that he built over the years, according to an estimation his most recent net worth is about $290 million in 2018.

Denzel Washington Biography

Denzel Washington Age and zodiac sign

Denzel Washington was born on 28th of December, 1954. This makes him Capricorn. Denzel is considered amongst the famous celebrities born at this day. He belongs to New York, United States. Denzel is the highest paid Oscar nominee.

Denzel Washington Early life and education

Denzel belongs to Mount Vernon, New York. His father was a Pentecostal minister and his mother used to run a beauty parlor and used to work as an operator too. Denzel has two siblings and he is the middle one.

Denzel took his early education from “Pennington-Grimes Elementary school”. He performed first time on stage when he was just 7 years old, he gave his performance in his school where he took part in a talent show.

When Denzel was in his early teens his parents got separated and divorced. Denzel was sent to a boarding school along with his elder sister. Denzel has done his graduation from college Fordham University. Denzel came to know about his hidden acting skills when he took the semester off and was working as summer camp counselor. After rejoining the university, he graduated in Drama and journalism.

Personal life of Denzel

Denzel got hitched in 1983 with a girl named Pauletta Pearson, she is also an actress. They both have four children.

Denzel Washington Net Worth

Before stepping into the industry properly Denzel has performed in American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco. He has won a scholarship from here. Denzel after entering in the industry made his place so eminently that he is the one who has amassed bundles of awards, got nominated tons of times. Denzel has earned two academy awards for a supporting role, more-over he has gained an Oscar for being a best actor. The net worth of Denzel Washington is estimated to be around $290 million currently in 2018, and he earned great respect and honor too. Here we are going to get the glimpse of his journey towards making a grand net worth.

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Denzel’s earning from the era 90s to 2000

Denzel has worked in 51 movies almost, his debut film was ‘A Carbon copy”, that was released in 1981. On tv shows he made his appearance in “St. Elsewhere” that was a series and he remained in it for next 6 years. In the era of 90s he was generating $7.5 per movie, it was his salary that he received for every movie in that era. His movie “Courage Under Fire” made him collected the revenue of $10 million. This movie came in late 90s. He is amongst those artists who in a very time span got a recognition and earned a great name. People love the way he acts, so natural and so absorbed. According to his fans he gives his best.

He has worked in number of movies in 90s till 2000 and this hiked up his net worth immensely, it is believed that during that period Denzel has generated more than $34 million. This is the calculation of the movies alone. His movies of that era that went great and that made him earn so heavily are Fallen, The Hurricane and Siege. His acting skills got a huge appraisal by his fans and contemporaries as well. These movies made him earn a gigantic revenue, Hurricane made him earn $10,000,000, Siege made him earn $12,000,000 and Fallen movie made him earn $12,000,000.

Denzel Washington’s earnings from the era 2001 to 2013

After giving hits after hits Denzel got unstoppable. His movie Training Day too made him earn a great name and fame. The salary he received from this movie was $12,000,000. Not just that he gained Oscar award for this movie, his acting got a heavy applause.

What people admire about him is his spontaneous and artistic way of acting, he is called a rare talent indeed. In the year 2003 he has given more smashing hit by the movie “Out of Time”. From this movie he generated $20,000,000. His hits are consistently rising his net worth. Very next year he worked in ‘Man of Fire’, he again hit the headlines and remained in limelight, he earned twenty million dollars from it.

In 2007 he was offered a role in the movie “American Gangster”, he worked, acted and again did a blast, from this movie Denzel Washington generated $ 40 million. In 2012-13 Denzel showed his magical acting skills in “Safe House” and “2 Guns”, these movies made him generate $20 million for both of the movies. Denzel is said to be a real money-spinner.

Denzel Washington’s earning from the era 2014-2017

During this period Denzel acted in number of movies such as:

  • “The equalizer” that was released in 2014
  • “Chasing Trane” that was released in 2016
  • “Fences” that was released in in 2016.
  • “The Magnificent seven” that was released in 2016.
  • “Roman J. Israel Esq” that was released in 2017.

Denzel’s career is filled with massive successes because of the number of hit movies he gave. He contended the critics and pleased his fans immensely. All these movies added up his net worth heavily. According to an estimation his average yearly earnings from his movies are $20,000,000.

Denzel Washington Net Worth 2018

His latest net worth is said to be $290 million in 2018 and it is anticipated that it is going to hike up once again, as the movie “The equalizer 2” is the attraction of 2018, so that definitely going to give a big rise to his net worth and this $ 290 million net worth is going to be multiplied soon.

The 64 years old actor is believed to collect approximately $150 million just by working in movies. It is said that Denzel’s movies managed to earn above than $3.7 billion in the global box office. The average film revenue of all the movies he worked in is $49,012,010.

Lavish life style of Denzel Washington

Denzel who is wildly a money-spinner actor lives a lavish life style. He has a beautiful mansion in Beverly Park. It is said to be the most exclusive area of Beverly Hills. This abode sits on 28,887 square feet. This mansion has some incredible amenities in it, such as a huge swimming pool and a tennis court. This amazing abode is a value of almost $14.6 million. It has eight bedrooms and 14 jaw-dropping bathrooms.

Luxurious rides run by Denzel Washington

  1. Ashton Martin
  2. Rolls Royce Phantom
  3. Chrysler 300
  4. Lamborghini

Denzel has penned down some amazing books

Denzel is a great humanitarian this enthused him to write down, so here are some of the amazing books of Denzel:

  • Rabbit Ears Treasury of African American Heroes
  • 1993’s Anansi with Poster
  • John Henry announced in June

Denzel Washington Awards and achievements

Denzel has earned bundles of awards, he has been nominated 8 times in Oscar awards. Here is the list of some of the awards he won:

  • He has won “Academy Award for Best Actor” in a Supporting Role for the movie “Glory”.
  • He has won “Academy Award for The Best Actor” for the movie “Training Day”.
  • He has won “Golden Globe Award for Best Actor” for Motion Picture.
  • He has won “Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award”.
  • He has won “MTV Movie Award for Best Villain” for the movie “Training Day”.
  • He has won “MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance” for the movie “Malcolm X”.
  • He has won “BET Humanitarian Award” in 2005.

Interesting facts about Denzel Washington

  • Denzel has the prestige to be the second black artist who has won “Academy Award for Best Actor” for acting as a Leading Role in the year 2001.
  • Denzel has won the Oscar for the two times.
  • Denzel was nominated for seven times for “The Golden Globe” and he earned it twice.
  • Denzel once donated the hefty amount of $2.5 million for the construction of West Angeles Church in Los Angeles.

So that was all about Denzel Washington Net Worth and his biography who is really a rare talent. He still shows a great gusto for his work, as he believes that one’s madness for one’s passion determines his journey of success and that’s what he did throughout his career.

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