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Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2018 | How much is Dennis Rodman Worth?

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Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2018 | How much is Dennis Rodman Worth?

Dennis Rodman is a wildly famous name in Basketball, it is said that who even doesn’t watch basketball match still he will be familiar with the name ‘Dennis Rodman’, he is believed to be one of the all-time perfect rebounders. In the year 1990 and 1991, Dennis was named as ‘NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year’ with the Pistons. He earned a huge fame by being fiercely defensive, his fans and admirers call him out as ‘The Worm’ because of his extra ordinary rebounding abilities. He has built huge wealth over the years and Dennis Rodman net worth is $1 million in 2018.

Dennis Rodman Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Dennis was born on 13th of May, 1961, this makes him Taurus. 57 years old Dennis stands as one of the most dangerous players of basketball.

Early life

Dennis Rodman belongs to Trenton, New Jersey, that’s where he lived and spent his childhood. His father Philander had given his family a tough life, he left the family and at that time Dennis was hardly three years old. His mother Shirley had to toil hard her for raising up her children. Dennis has two siblings.

Being a child, her never found anything special in him regarding sports, he was regular but not special, yet he turned out himself into an extra ordinary skilled basket ball player.

Personal life

Dennis personal life is always fluctuating, no relationship with any girlfriend of his could get along. He has spent a long time with his girlfriend Michelle Moyer, from whom he has one son. Then he tied the knot with Carmen Electra, but their marriage ended up soon.

Dennis Rodman net worth

How much is Dennis Rodman Worth? In the year 2006 Dennis has taken a retirement, his other activities and ventures are book selling as he is an author too and secondly, he is an actor. The current net worth of Dennis Rodman is estimated as $1 million in 2018.

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Dennis Rodman Earnings 2011-2016

In 90s he ruled in the realm of basketball, till late 90s he was doing great but then things started getting change and he couldn’t play well and eventually dropped out of league. Dennis tried to make ab comeback but some-how he couldn’t. Dennis then took a retirement in the year 2006.

At the peak time of his career he earned $2.5 million in 1995, as a player of Chicago Bulls he grossed $2,500,000. In 1996 he generated $9 million. Book selling and acting are his sources of income now, Till 2016 his net worth was $1 million.

Dennis Rodman networth 2017

Dennis colorful appearance always keeps him ‘IN” in news, he is famous because of his funky colorful hairs to whom he keeps on giving new hues all the time. His deliberate and eccentric personality id widely admired and criticized at the same time. These unique things of him makes him a media darling.

Dennis is generating a revenue by penning down books, some of his books are ‘Dennis the Wild Bull’ and ‘I should be dead By now’. By the end of 2017 Dennis’s net worth was $1 million.

Dennis Rodman net worth 2018

Dennis Rodman has a jaw-dropping splendid bungalow in prestigious surroundings of New Port Beach. This bungalow has unique features in it, it has 5 master size bedrooms and two large size modernly equipped bathrooms. Dennis owns a luxurious car Lamborghini, on it he takes a comfy ride. Dennis Rodman’s net worth currently is $1 million in 2018.

Dennis is one super-skilled retired basketball player, his contribution in basketball can never be denied. His rebounding skills and defensive strategies are still admired a lot. His career was legendary without a grain of doubt.

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