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Debra Lee net worth 2018 | How much is Debra Lee worth?

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Debra Lee net worth 2018 | How much is Debra Lee worth?

Debra lee is a famous name in a business world, she is considered one of the most strong and influential business women. Debra served her services in BET as a chairman and CEO. Debra Lee is also a creator and founder of CENTRIC a sister network. Debra Lee net worth is estimated as $30 million in 2018.

Debra Lee Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Debra Lee was born on the 8th of August 1954, this makes her Leo. Debra stands as one of the highly influential business women.

Early life

Debra Lee belongs to Greensboro, North Carolina, that’s where she lived and spent her childhood. She took her education from ‘James B. Dudley High School’ and then she enrolled to Brown University. In the year1976 Debra Lee done her graduation and earned her Bachelor’s degree. Then she has been to Harvard Law School in 1980.

Personal life

She tied the knot in 1985 with Randall Coleman, the couple was blessed with a son and a daughter, but their marriage couldn’t stay longer and got over in 1987.

Debra Lee Net Worth

How much is Debra Lee worth? Her professional career and her gradual progression have made her earn a hefty revenue and the net worth of Debra lee is $30 million in 2018. Through out her professional career Debra Lee has achieved huge milestones by accomplishing big targets. Her tremendous accomplishments have been acknowledged by including her name in ‘100 Most Powerful Women in Entertainment’.

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Debra Lee Earnings 2014-2016

Initially she became the part of BET as a corporate secretary then she became a president and then she became a publisher of BET. It took her nine years to get into the designation of president and Chief Executive officer. In 2015 alone, the company grossed $100 million. As a Director of Revlon Inc she got $152,500 in the year 2013.

Debra Lee Networth 2017

Debra Lee giving her best shot by serving in Revlon and Marriot as becoming the part of board of director of Revlon and Marriot. Debra is also a director in WGL Holdings, Monsanto subsidiary Genuity and Washington Gas Light Company.

Debra Lee net worth 2018

According to an estimation Debra Lee is making more than $5 million annually. The total compensation she got as a Director of Marriott International Inc is around $213,777.

Her personal life and other belongings like house, cars and other assets have not been unveiled anywhere. But it can be easily imagined that what kind of lavish life a CEO of BET Holdings will be living, the woman with a tender smile on her face has so much in her as she is a chairman of media and entertainment company. Debra Lee’s net worth that she owns is $30 million in 2018.

Debra Lee is an example to follow for all the women out there, she has been connected with so many civic and professional organizations. She took her education with great sincerity and devotion and then eventually enabled herself, worked hard to get over the hump.


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