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Chris Tucker Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

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Chris Tucker Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Achievements

Great comedian and actor “Chris Tucker” was initially known as an artist who performed in “Def Comedy Jam”. He is a great actor of his times, whose style and acting soon grabbed the attention of all. Today we will discuss and discover a lot about Chris Tucker Net worth which is $11.5 million in 2018.

Chris Tucker Biography

Chris Tucker Age and zodiac sign

Chris Tucker was born on 31st of Aug, 1971 which makes his zodiac sign Virgo. Chris Tucker is the 4th most famous celebrity who born at this date. Besides that, he is the 104th most famous “Virgo”. He belongs to Atlanta Georgia.

Chris Tucker Early life and family

Chris Tucker is the son of Norris Tucker and Mary Louise, he is the youngest child of his parents. He has six siblings and Tucker’s father worked as an independent businessman in a janitorial service.

Chris Tucker did his graduation from Columbia High School, that was situated in Decatur. His sense of humor was sharp since childhood and this he knew that he has that thing in him. Tucker has also don’t some minion jobs like mopping floors at a local burger King.

Personal Life of Chris Tucker

For his personal life there is nothing much to unveil, he isn’t married yet but he has been in a relationship with some unknown woman, with whom he has a son named Destin who was born in the year 1998.

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker knew that inside his skin a comedian and a humorous man is hidden who could do some wonders if given a right direction, so after getting his graduation done he went to Log Angeles for pursuing a career in his desired field. Tucker made his film debut in the year 1994, it was the movie named “House-Party” in which he made appearance for a bit role. So, let’s dig deeper to know about his net worth which is $11.5 million in 2018.

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Chris Tucker net worth in 2012

It is estimated that Chris tucker’s net worth was $6.8 million in the year 2012, though he took start of his career with a small role of a blabby person in the movie “Friday”, yet this small grabbed the attention of viewers and this made Tucker to sign some big deals in future.

Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2013

The time from mid 90s to 2012 Tucker made the journey of his success by doing several projects that not only improved his graph of popularity but also made him count in high-profile celebrities and artist.

He signed a movie named “The Fifth Element” in 1997, he worked in it as Ruby Rhod, that was basically a science fiction movie that got a huge applause. The movie that really turned him into a millionaire was “Rush Hour”, it was a block buster movie in which he performed the role of a detective as James Carter, with him was a renowned actor Jacky Chan who was a detective, these cops were shown humorous-detectives. For this movie Chris Tucker signed a huge contract of $25 million, this made him the highest base salary in the history of film industry, movie got so hit that his sequels for made too as Rush our 2-3. The series of Rush Hour brought mutual box office grab above than $600 million!

Projects like these hiked up his revenue, the net worth that was $6.8 million in 2012 went up to $9.6 million in 2013.

Chris Tucker Net Worth 2014-15

The success of Rush-hour was immensely huge that made him highest paid actor in the world during that time. All the sponsors and the sequels of Rush Hour made him earn a great revenue, for rush Hour 3 he was paid $25 million. He also did the hosting in BET awards, for making that appearance he earned million dollars. In 2014 his net worth is estimated as $10 million that hiked up to $10 million till the end of 2015.

Chris Tucker Net Worth 2016-17

A misfortune happened and Chris Tucker went under some financial hurdles, this obviously effected his net worth that was going up. The person who was once used to be the highest paid actor went under the debt of $ 11 million. For clearing that debt, he sold out his gigantic and beautiful mansion situated in Florida, that mansion sits on 10,000 square feet. From 2001-05 there were taxes to pay so Chris Tucker was in a real fix at that time. He managed to pay the bills and debts and made a comeback in industry. Speculations are being made for Ice Cube’s production that is intended to make another “Friday”.

He brought another breakthrough by appearing in the movie ‘Silver Linings’. In this movie he worked as a humorous person who faces and tries to overcome his mental illness.

Chris Tucker Net Worth 2018

The current net worth of Chris Tucker is estimated as $11.5 million in 2018 and his annual revenue has been stated as $1.4 million.

Chris Tucker achievements and awards

In his early youth Chris Tucker made himself busy in in pursuing a career seriously in Hollywood, Chris Tucker made the debut in the year 1992, when he appeared in “Hangin” as a rapper. In the same era, he made several appearances like in “Panther”, “Dead Presidents”, now let’s have a look at his achievements and awards:

  • Chris Tucker was nominated in a Razzie Award in the category of “Worst New Star”, he was nominated for the films “Money Talks” and “The Fifth Element”.
  • In late 90s Chris Tucker was given a Blockbuster Entertainment Award.
  • Chris Tucker has won the MTV Award (Shared with Jackie Chan), he was given an award for his performance as a detective in the movie Rush Hour.
  • Chris Tucker was once nominated in a Kids Choice Awards.
  • Chris Tucker was nominated for 2 MTV Award.
  • His work and performance in Silver Linings got a huge appraisal and he has won a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award.

Best of Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker from the beginning of his career worked in several films, but some of his work got a massive success and applause, let have a look at best of Chris Tucker:

  • Friday
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Fifth Element
  • Rush Hour

These movies said to be his best work, his acting skills and performance were highly liked by the viewers.

Interesting facts about Chris Tucker

Let’s get to know some of the interesting facts about Chris Tucker:

  • Chris Tucker was given a $20 million salary for the sequel of Rush Hour, Rus Hour 1 was a massive success, for Rush Hour 3 he was given $25 million salary.
  • Tucker once being the highest paid actor went such tough financial crisis that he had to sell out his mansion.
  • He made a comeback for a Stand-up comedy.
  • Chris Tucker had great terms with Michael Jackson, he has also appeared in his video for the song “You Rock My world”.
  • Chris Tucker has a son who lives in Log Angeles with his mother, his son’s name is Destin. Chris Tucker manages his time to meet his son.
  • Tucker has excellent terms with Jackie Chan and they are very intimate friends.
  • There is good news for all his fans Chris Tucker is now-a-days busy in his up-coming projects, one is “Rush Hour 4” and the other is “Last Friday”, these films are going to release this year (2018)

So, that was all about Chris Tucker, who took a start of his career with some small roles, but he had a strong belief in him that his time will come and then he will bring out the best from him and that’s what he did, he proved him-self a star, remained a highest salary paid actor in the world of that time. Though he came across a tough time too, he faced serious financial problems yet managed himself to make a successful comeback and Chris Tucker Net Worth is an example for those who lose hope. now-a-days he is busy in some of his new projects, for them he has high expectations. Best of luck for his new projects!

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