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Chief Keef Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Earnings and Facts

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Chief Keef Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Earnings and Facts

Chief Keef is known as a rapper, he is a Record Producer and a composer too. Chief Keef got the popularity in his early teens. He was amongst the students of local high school. Since his childhood he was like a recipe for disaster who disturbs others and thus get caught in trouble. He used to be the eager-beaver of music when he was a kid and this spark for music got into blazes by the passage of time that eventually made him a rapper. Chief Keef net worth has reached up to $2 million in 2018 that he built throughout his career.

Chief Keef Biography

Chief Keef Age and zodiac sign

Chief Keef was born on 15th of August, 1995, this makes him Leo. Young rapper is 23 years old. He belongs to Chicago. He is amongst those few artists who earned fame in a very young age. He was hardly fifteen years old when he released the first mix-tape.

Chief Keef family and Early life

Chief Keef used to belong to a family who was suffering from financial instability. He has two siblings, Keef is the eldest one of two. His brother and sister are younger to him. It was his grandmother who was his guardian. The initial period of his childhood was in the locality of city’s South side.

When he as in school he was very much interested in singing and even in that time his fan base was healthy as the people and students around him used to appraise him.

Chief Keef Education

As a student he used to be intelligent and sharp. He took his education from Dulles Elementary school. He was 16 years old when he discontinued his education as he wanted to pursue a career in the field of music.

Personal life of Keef

Keef was started like a hip-hop model named Pretty Mesha when he was 17 years old. It is said that Keef and Mesha got engaged in the year 2013. Their relationship resulted in 3 kids, one son and two daughters.

Chief Keef Net Worth

Chief Keef who is also known as Keith Cozart has gained a huge fame by his debut album “Finally Rich” and from the release of his mixtapes. His style of music got a big applause and he very soon gained a massive fan base. In the year 2012 he released his debut album and started his career. Keef is a CEO of his Record Label named as ‘Glory Boys Entertainment”. Now let’s have a look at net worth of Chief Keef which is around $2 million in 2018.

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Chief Keef earnings in 2012-14

Before stepping into the realm of fame and stardom Chief Keef released his first mixtape. One of his songs “I Don’t Like” got a positive response as it stood at number fifteen at the US rap charts in the year 2012.

He started getting noticed when he posted his mixtapes and other rap music on YouTube. He afterwards released his debut album ‘Finally rich”. Though Chief Keef remained under lots of legal issues yet he was generating money at that time reasonably. Chief Keef generated almost $40,000 to $85,000 for performing in each show.

In the year 2013 Keef signed a rewarding contract with “Interscope Records”. By this deal three albums have to release. This could be valued as 6 million dollars.

In the result of this contract Keef earned $440,000 from Interscope. Additionally, he was given $300,000 for the expenses of cover recording. It isn’t finish yet as Keef got $180,000 for the record label company owned by him.

Keef by the passage of time became the eminent part of Drill Music Genre. It is said that he earns $ 200,00 annually.

Chief Keef earnings in 2014-15

The deal with Interscope got expired by the end of 2014. Now in 2015 Keef was busy in or his mixtapes named “Big Gucci Sosa”. It was released in February 2015. He released his mixtapes back to back, as another mixtape “Sorry for the Weight” also got release in the same year. Keef has also signed for a Film On Music. Keef presented his next album “The Cozart’ in the mid of May. Though the accurate number of revenue couldn’t be given but in both years till the end he made $200,000.

Chief Keef Earnings and Net Worth in 2016

In 2016 Chief Keef presented “No Body 2”. Chief Keef has altogether created 14 mixtapes, made and sung 60 singles. He released 3 studio albums. Keef made 29 guest appearances. Initially in his career he went great but by the passage of time he failed in maintaining stardom and his earnings, it’s because he couldn’t refrain from his short-used temperament and this lead him in a real trouble.

Chief Keef Networth in 2017

His most recent net worth is estimated as $2 million, as far as his shows are concerned he gets forty thousand dollars per show. He remained in a real fuss as he can’t get away his acts that caught him under legal issues and after every now and then he is held answerable for his misconducts. This has affected his music career badly. Despite all the issues he released his album “Two Zero One Seven” in the year 2017.

Chief Keef Net Worth in 2018

It is anticipated that he will be able to hike up his net worth in the current year. According to him he earns $100,000 per song. So, he may this time brings new lease of life to his music and determines himself to not to violate any more only then he could do better. Any ways he still has a net worth $2 million dollars in 2018 which is quite big and impressive especially for a person has seen financial problems in his family all his life.

Life style of Chief Keef

Chief Keef lives in the locality of Log Angeles. It is said that his mansion is huge and beautiful that besides comprising lots of rooms has a large swimming pool too.

Besides having a beautiful abode chief Keef also owns some ritzy and luxurious cars. He owns BMW i8 and BMW M6s. he altogether owns 3 cars that are worth of $500,000.

Interesting facts about Chief Keef

We have amassed some of the interesting facts about Chief Keef, let’s glance at each of them.

  • Chief Keef when first time got incline towards music then his age was 5 years old. It was a 5 years old kid who wished to become a rap artist and later materialized his dream perfectly.
  • Initially for creating mixtapes Keef took the help of his mother’s Karaoke device, he borrowed the blank tapes from his buddies.
  • Chief Keef was once got fined because of the unreasonable conduct. For not being committed with certain companies he was charged.
  • The image of chief Keef in front of public is not of a “Nice Guy”. But still he keeps a soft corner for charities and often found supporting such causes.
  • Chief Keef was once dispossessed from property for not paying the rent.
  • By some critics his music is criticized, according to them his music is too noisy and overly violent that could instigate youngsters to get involve in violence. There are many who say that they rent the same as before after listening his music.
  • When chief Keef’s graph of popularity went high he was at that time house-arrest.
  • In his debut album there are number of renowned personalities that made appearance.
  • Chief Keef often does the pomp and show of his guns on Instagram.
  • Chief Keef had a step-brother who was assassinated.

So, that was all about that hot head Chief Keef NetWorth and Biography that how he turned from rag to riches. By having the spark for music since the age of five, he despite being an intelligent student discontinued his studies for his passion for music. He in a very short time span got a recognition in industry and earned fame. Today he is millionaire yet there are few things that he needs to take into account. He at the very outset needs to learn how to control his anger because it gets you no-where. So, he better stay away from all the bad thoughts that deviate him from right direction only then he would be able to do some wonders patiently and consistently. Life has given him a chance and he got himself enabled to get rid of that miserable financial circumstances so he needs to get a load of all that and move on with a new spirit.

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