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Chester Bennington Net Worth of $30 million in 2018

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Chester Bennington Net Worth of $30 million in 2018

Chester Bennington known as a famous American singer who was a brilliant rock singer. He used to be front-man of the band ‘Dead By Sunrise’ and ‘Linkin Park . He was considered as one of the finest singer of his genre. His sudden demise has disappointed his fans a lot. Chester Bennington net worth till his death was estimated as $30 million.

Chester Bennington Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Chester was born 20th March, 1976, this makes him Pisces. 41 years old singer used to stand as one of the most famous singer of his times.

Early life

Chester used to belong in Phoenix, Arizona, that’s where he lived a very traumatic life. His father was a police detective where as his mother used to work as a nurse. When he reached to the age of 11 his parents got secluded and divorced. He took his early education from Ironwood High School. Till the age of 13 he was a victim of physical abuse this has mucked up his whole childhood and even the rest of his life as he wasn’t able to forget all that pain he went through.

He started taking interest in music when he was quite young and he was inspired by Stone Temple and Depeche Mode.

Personal life

Initially he had a relationship with Elka Brand, with her he had a child named Jamie. Later he got hitched with Samantha Marie Olit. From her he has a child named Draven Sebastian Bennington, their relationship too couldn’t stay longer. Then he got married with Talinda Ann Bentley. From her he has three children.

On 20th of July, 2017 his body was found dead in his home, it apparently seemed that he had committed a suicide.

Chester Bennington Net Worth

The lead vocalist and a talented songwriter released his first album with a title ‘Out Of Ashes’, this album was released in the year 2009. The net worth of Chester Bennington was estimated as $30 million.

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Chester Bennington earnings 2012-2016

His band had sold more than 70 million albums across the globe. What established him in the industry was his albums with the group was ‘One more-light’ and ‘Hybrid Theory’, this had made him earned a massive recognition. These albums turned him into a Rock Star.

Chester Bennington net worth 2017

He died on 20th July, 2017, despite being so wealthy and having a family he left the world in a young age. Some say it was a suicide, what ever it was but that was awful. A millionaire who held the net worth of $30 million is no more amongst us.

Chester Bennington Net Worth 2018

His hit songs are ‘Crawling’, ‘Numb’, ‘Faint’ and ‘In the End’. These are the songs that got a heft apprise, his fans are deeply in love with these songs that have been woven so well. All these songs are placed on top positions on billboard on various occasions. His net worth that he had was $30 million.

Chester Bennington lived a tough life, after achieving all the stardom and success he still couldn’t convince himself to live with tranquility, may be there were the flashbacks of his horrible childhood that used to haunt him that is why despite being a family, fame and wealth he left.

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