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Charlie Sheen Net Worth 2018 | How much is Charlie sheen worth?

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Charlie Sheen Net Worth 2018 | How much is Charlie sheen worth?

Charlie Sheen is a talented and famous actor of American television. He stepped into the realm of acting in late 80s. He earned a huge fame from ‘Two and a Half Men’. Some of his movies that have hit the headlines are Wall Street, young Guns, Platoon and Major League. Charlie sheen net worth is estimated to be around $20 million in 2018.

Charlie Sheen Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Charlie Sheen was born on 3rd of September, 1965, this makes him Virgo. 53 years old Charlie Sheen stands as one of the finest actors.

Early life

Charlie Sheen belongs to New York City, that’s where he lived and spent his childhood, the talent of acting is inherited in him from his father. He was also an actor and Sheen’s mother was an artist. He was raised up with his 3 siblings. When he first time made an appearance in a movie then at that time he was nine years old.

Personal life

Charlie Sheen’s personal life is full of conflicts, he married several times but each time his partners suffered serious physical accusations by him and that is why each time his marriage ended up in divorce.

First time he married in 1997 with the model Donna Peele and this relationship ended up in 1998, then he tied the knot with actress Denise Richards in 2002. The couple was blessed with two children but this relationship too got over soon in 2005. She claimed that Sheen uses drug and gets very violent towards her. Third time he got hitched with Brooke Mueller who was a real estate investor. In the year 2007 they got married and were blessed with twin sons. Later after some years Brooke also said that he tried to kill her in anger. Unfortunately, Sheen has been diagnosed with HIV positive.

Charlie Sheen net worth

How much is Charlie Sheen worth? His acting ventures enabled him to build hefty wealth, the currently net worth of Charlie sheen that he owns is $20 million in 2018. In late 80s Charlie Sheen done number of cameos in movies. He performed a significant role in 2000 when he appeared in ‘Spin City’ that was a television series. This has made him earn huge acclaim and he eventually got a Golden Globe for this role.

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Charlie Sheen Earnings 2011-2016

‘Two and a half Men’ is the most successful venture of Sheen so far, consecutively he appeared in it for 8 years. It is said to be one of the most viewed shows on tv. The salary he received from the Scary Movie 5 was around $250,000, in 2012 he grossed $700,000 per episode. Total earnings in 2013 was $10 million. Till the end of 2016 his net worth was said to be $20 million.

Charlie Sheen NetWorth 2017

Charlie Sheen has also generated revenue from endorsement deals and sponsorships, such as back in 2012 he got $2,000,000. He is not making appearances in tv shows and movies, but yes had got himself busy in his business venture, he had launched his clothing line named as ‘Sheen kids’. By the end of 2017 Charlie sheen’s networth was estimated as $20 million.

Charlie Sheen Net Worth 2018

Charlie Sheen has not been into any tv shows and movies for some time, that is why there is no recent venture of his. Previously when he was working immensely, then he has earned from tours, such as in 2011 he grossed $7,000,000 from his North American Tour.

Charlie owns more than one luxurious mansion, one of his mansions is located in Sherman Oaks, CA and another mansion of is situated in prestigious surroundings of Beverly Hills in Southern California. Charlie Sheen current net worth is estimated as $20 million in 2018.

Charlie Sheen is off and on reported to take too much of alcohol and drugs and this effects his personal life a lot. A talented actor can make a tremendous comeback by controlling his rage and fury.

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