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Bruce Jenner Net Worth 2018

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Bruce Jenner Net Worth 2018

Bruce Jenner who is a great American athlete and won a gold medal in Olympics for his nation was born on 28th of October, 1949. Who could have told at that time that little soul will do some great wonders in future. Bruce Jenner Net Worth of $100 Million in 2018 is an example for people that everything can be achieved through hard work.

Bruce Jenner Biography

Bruce was the son of an arborist named Mount Kisco and have three siblings, two sisters, Lisa and Pam and one brother, who was younger than jenner named as Burt lost his life in a car accident.

At his very young age he was diagnosed having dyslexia. but the point is who knew this young child who was having dyslexia will turn into a money-making machine in future. Yes, Bruce Jenner reaches to the peak but this not happened in one day.

Bruce had toiled hard for bringing that massive success. By winning this he actually had set third successive ‘World Record’. That is why he has been called out the greatest athlete of the world. It’s just not his career where remained successful rather Bruce jenner lead his marital life quite successfully too. He married thrice, all the marriages were positive ended peacefully. His first wife was Chrystie Crownover, second wife of Jenner was Linda Thompson and the last one was Kris jenner. From his three wives he has 6 children.

Bruce Jenner Net Worth

Success is not an over-night process, it’s a time-taking thing that requires patience and consistency, so lets get to know how Bruce Jenner enabled himself to reach at the peak of $100 million net worth in 2018.

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Bruce Jenner’s source of Earnings

Its not just his athletics who made him earn massively, rather the great athlete of his times after earning a fame and stardom in his field Bruce started appearing in diverse genres, such as he made his presence in television, writing and film too.

The main sources that made Bruce Jenner print money are his sports, his aviation and television. This all together made him reach to have a net worth of $100 million. He is in a business too and now when he has turned rom Bruce Jenner to Caitylin Jenner then she huge fame especially after the Vanity Cover Story in 2015.

By the passage of time his fading away, it was when he just got knotted with Kris. Then in 2007 he again hit the headlines and came into limelight, Bruce appeared in a family reality show and that was actually the moment when he gained massive fame one more time. It was a debut show by him, not just that Bruce was the first of Olympians who took part in product commendations.

Bruce in a reality show ‘keeping up with Kardashians’

Bruce and his family all together earned $122.5 Million, it is said that this family had signed a 100 million and contracted $100 million deal back in 2015 And not just that they das a contract to keep it continue for the next 4 years.

It is believed that this agreement is the highest one in the history of TV that was for a reality brand. Bruce was accompanied by Kris in the television series ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’, besides her his daughter Kendall and Kylie Jenner were there too. In that reality show his step children were also casted, Kourtney, Kholoe, Rob and Kim.

Bruce didn’t stop there, rather he featured in a television series ‘I am Cait’, theme behind this was Bruce gender evolution and thus continued to made numerous appearance in many movie and shows.

Bruce rather Catylin Jenner as a motivational speaker

After being a great athlete and then featuring himself into a television icon too he then turned into a motivational speaker. So, Bruce Jenner= athlete+ television personality +motivational speaker all this added to grow about $100 million net worth. According to an estimation in next 10 years this will turn into a $500 million.

Bruce Jenner exposed her individuality in form of identity while converting into a woman in 2015, she deliberately declared herself as Caitylyn in a Vanity Fair Cover Story. After getting her self identified, she was believed to be the most popular transgender woman in the whole world, who got herself recognized openly.

Caitylin get on several opportunities as a motivational speaker at various events all over and beyond the country.

It is said Caitlyn Jenner earns more than Bruce Jenner, as a motivational speaker. According to an estimation her earnings are $100,00, in simple words as a Bruce her fee as an appearance for being a motivational speaker was $25,000 that could be enhanced to $100,000.

65 years old has got a huge applause after getting herself revealed officially, this new phase of her added a massive amount of stardom in her life, her Vanity Cover shoot was taken by a one of the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Bruce Jenner as an entrepreneur

It is her tv appearance and sports that got him on the climax of richness today. Cars like Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Rolls Royce are just the small glimpse of her richness. Besides that, she is an entrepreneur too. As a Bruce his net worth boosted after the sitcom named as ‘Silver Spoons’. After that Jenner made up his mind to have his own company.

The company he has is ‘Bruce Jenner Aviation’. This company deals with the sell of aircrafts supplies etc. this company turns the riches of Bruce unstoppable!

Jenner reaches to the peak of stardom

Now Jenner is known and recognized by the public today not just as an athlete, rather a great commentator, a huge tv personality, only trans-gender who openly declares herself, a person who is really seems to be unstoppable like a thunderbolt!

Jenner breaks the world record on Twitter

Yes, Jenner has hit once again the headlines by smashing Twitter World Record. Jenner joined Twitter and combined above than one million followers in the shortest time span of 4 hours. Jenner has crossed Obama, who was first having this record. Social media companies are eager to pay well to Caitylin especially when she broke this record on Twitter.

Royal Life of Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner has a House High Above Malibu, it is one of the mansion of Jenner that is consisted on 4 bedrooms and this mansion has three garages. This beautiful mansion is 3,500 square feet. Luxurious 3.5 bathrooms.

This private property of Jenner is around 11 acres that has a beautiful view of Pacific Ocean. It is said that in 2013 this mansion was rented out to $14,500 per month. This 11acres mansion is estimated as $3.9 million as it is made of concrete and has some glass walls too. It has a beautiful living room that has a fireplace too. This mansion has a swimming pool too. So, overall, it’s a great piece of royalty!

So, this richest Bruce Jenner who proved himself an all-rounder who was an out-class sports man, turns into a finest commentator, an influential motivational speaker, all his earnings all together turn Bruce’s net worth $100 million that according to an estimation it will cross $500 million in up-coming 7-10 years.

Jenner used to be an honored part-taker of ‘Wheaties’, now being Caitylin Jenner the same person with more stardom will continue to be in the limelight.

Now, Caitylin Jenner recently showed a gratitude after the successful Vanity Fair cover + transgender conversion. She is really happy today for what she is, what she has. She more-over loves the support she gain from all. But despite that she says “

“Up until now, I have totally isolated myself from the transgender community, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I feel such a responsibility to this courageous group to try to get it right and tell all sides of the story. To me, that’s always the biggest question: am I doing it right?”

That is all about Bruce Jenner Net Worth and biography along with some really interesting things about her. She is determined to pen down some of the torments that her new friends went through while struggling for openly identifying themselves as transgender.

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