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Casey Neistat Net Worth 2018 – Revenue, Awards and his Youtube Success


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Casey Neistat Net Worth 2018 – Revenue, Awards and his Youtube Success

Casey Neistat was born on 25th of March, 1981. He was born in a village of Gales Ferry, that is a town of Ledyard, Connecticut. According to his date of birth Casey Neistat is Aries. Today we will discuss about Casey Neistat Net Worth which is estimated as $12 million in 2018. Casey is a great YouTuber who later showed his multiple talents as a writer, director, producer and eventually a great celebrity of HBO series ‘The Neistat Brothers’.

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Casey Neistat Biography

Casey Neistat Education and family

Casey Neistat had a rough childhood under no supervision of parents. Casey’s father ‘Barry’ used to work in a restaurant as a salesman. His mother ‘Amy’ hadn’t taken cared of him the way parents do. He has three brothers and has grown up with them. His whole childhood was spent without any parental guide, that is why since his childhood he faced great hitches. Before becoming a star, he did minion jobs too; like dishwashing in a seafood restaurant, worked in New York city as a bike messenger.

Casey was dropped out from high school, he as in teens when his parents divorced. Casey considers his mom because of the troubles he had to face in his childhood and for the unsuccessful marriage of their parents. At the age of fifteen he left his home and never went back there.

Personal life of Casey

At a very young age he got engaged with a girl named Robin Harris. This couple settled somewhere and blessed with a son Owen, at the age of seventeen he became a father. Casey tried hard to support his family by working in a low-paid job. In 2001 Robin ended up with Robin. Casey Neistat then shifted to New York for becoming a film-maker.

Casey Neistat Net Worth


Casey neistat net worth

It is his bundles of short films on internet that brought him a massive popularity. Besides that, in New York Times he presented Op-DOC series. Casey Owen Neistat is known as a popular YouTube personality, a talented filmmaker, a tremendous Vlogger and a Co-founder of a multimedia company named ‘Beme’. He creates Vlogs and shares it with the rest of the world on regular basis. In his Vlogs he shares his thrilling and go-getting type of lifestyle. His unconventional stuff goes viral and then it is chosen and noticed by media and ended up in receiving 20 million views. The most recent eccentric video of Casey got 19 million views, in this video he gets progressed to ‘First Class’ at a return trip from Australia. He travelled a tough road to reach his goals, lets dig deeper about his journey that made him the net worth of $12 million in 2018 and has turned him into a star of social media.

Casey Initiates in Film-Making Career

The early days in New York was a complicated phase of his life. He was penniless, he worked as a bike messenger, he and his brother Van created a series of films, these were short films fir an artist named ‘Tom Sachs’. He was still miserable as he just got $10 hourly for the film-making work. He used to save some money so he could go and see his son Owen. One of his friend supported him to stay with him or one month.

Created a Short Film on ‘iPod’s dirty Secret’

Casey gained huge fame and name by creating three-minute short film ‘iPod’s Dirty Secret’. In which he drew attention to a very valid point and that was about battery replacement of iPod. Casey criticized Apple or not having such replacement program for the battery. This was posted online on 20th of September, 2003. This short film pulled the attention of media. This was a big achievement that eventually Apple took notice of it and made a policy about it. His video took attention when there was no YouTube and still it managed to get above 6 million views with-in the time span of 25 days. His film got the attention by the popular platforms and medias, such as Fox news, CBS, Rolling Stone magazines and BBC (in England).

‘iPod’s Dirty Secret’ was called it out as ‘Wonderfully renegade’, soon after this Apple declared that they are going to bring a program of battery replacement of that device.

Casey made a series of film as ‘Science experiments’

In 2003 Casey made created a series of film named ‘science Experiments’, it had short films that described about several experiments. This program of Casey again pulled attention and in ‘Creative Time’s 59th Minute’ program his film was included.

In 2008 HBO bought the TV series of 8 episodes named ‘The Neistat Brothers’. This was the made by Casey, Van and their mates Tom Scott and mason Daugherty. That all started the unending era of fame for Casey as later he made many out-class commercials for huge clients like Samsung, Mercedes Benz and Nike.

Casey’s Neistat earnings 2014-15

Casey started introducing his talent through films on YouTube in the month of Feb year 2010. Casey didn’t face any difficulty in getting himself accepted on YouTube, as very soon he got successful in having noticeable subscribers on YouTube. In 2014 the YouTube channel of Casey Neistat was included in ‘New Media Rockstars’, in which top most 100 channels list were made. Then soon Casey Niestat gained subscribers that are around 8.5 million. The regular uploads of Casey Neistat on YouTube are watched by tons of people, it is believed that that the yearly income of Casey is estimated as $2million mark every year.

The YouTube channel of Casey ‘Casey Neistat’ gained above than 1 billion views so far. It’s because of his out-standing and brilliant Vlogs and videos. He is said to be amongst the mote eminent and popular personalities of social media. He has around quarter million followers on Twitter. Casey creates video of ten-minutes duration, his vlogs has gained 7 million subscribers so far.

He loves promoting some other filmmakers and the new content makers on social media platforms. Casey Neistat is followed by 800,000 included Instagram.

Casey Neistat Net Income and Earnings 2016

Another havoc creation by Casey Neistat is a video sharing app named ‘Beme’. The first version of this app was launched for iOS. It has been launched on 17th of July, 2015. It was created by Casey and his friend Matt Hackett. This app drove people crazy as by this app they can make unedited videos of four seconds. Beme was developed to immediately upload the video and share it. In the year 2016 Casey introduced the app’s Android version. In the same year CNN acquired the app in $25 million.

Casey Neistat Net Worth 2017

Casey Neistat net worth has a consistent rise because his nature of work is of that particular type that generates income on daily bases.

It is believed that the daily revenue of Casey Neistat is almost $2, 480.54. This revenue is generated by his 1,249,270 daily views. According to a ball-park figure then he is believed to earn around $74,416.20 on monthly bases on the bases of his views 37,208,100 of the whole month.

Casey Neistat net worth 2018 – Current Year

Casey Neistat also generates money from by directing tv commercials. He is so skilled in dealing with the eminent clients like Google, Samsung and Nike. These dealings make him earn a positive amount. It is speculated that his annual revenue is $588,508.05 after deducting all the taxes. It is speculated that Casey Neistat networth that is $12 million in 2018 is likely to hike up.

Casey Neistat Awards and Achievements

casey neistat success awards and youtube vlogs

He got a recognition from the industry of film-making. He won following awards:

  • In 2010 ‘The John Cassavetes Award’ at the Independent Spirit Awards

  • In 2016 Casey was given a name of ‘Youtuber of the Year’ at the Shorty Awards.

  • In 2016 he has been given a vote for being the ‘New Media Star’ from the GQ magazine, it was about Men of the Year Awards.

  • In 2016 Streamy Awards Casey won the ‘Best First-Person Series’ in Streamy Awards.

Casey Neistat as motivational public speaker

Casey has delivered lectures on many topics that are related about his career including some hard experiences of his life.

He has given lectures at the following:

  • He lectured in a conference non 15th of October, 2010, that was conducted in South Carolina.
  • In 2010 he lectured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York city.
  • In 2011 he lectured about the Nantucket Project. This lecture was attended by eminent personalities like the politician Rahm Emanuel, Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt.
  • In 2012 he lectured in TEDx Parker School, in Chicago, he addressed the students.

Casey as the most recognizable icon of social media

In this digital age Casey is considered and strongly believed to be amongst the most recognizable icon of social media. From last few years he has become a great YouTube personality because of his excellent stuff in form of Vlogs and videos.

Casey Neistat involved in charitable causes

Yes, Casey Neistat quite often posts some really uplifting and inspiring messages to his dear followers. These posts uplift them as in in he shares about his struggles and hardships he went through. Casey promotes and supports number of charitable causes consistently at his social media accounts.

He most recently joined forces along with Ben Stiller and NFL icon Colin Kaerpernick, it is for raising revenue to fight with famine in Somalia. They together managed to collect above than 1 million or that noble cause just in a single day.

From June Casey is busy in raising money by using his profiles of Twitter and Facebook. He is raising money for Red Nose Day (USA).

Scariest day of Casey life

The scariest day of his life is 9 11, Sep 11th 2001, he has witnessed the terrorist attack of twin towers. Casey rode on his bike but he was so near to that area that he couldn’t help pushed away and thrown away from his bike because of that explosion of plan and towers. He called it out the ‘Scariest Day of my Life’.

So that was all about Casey Neistat net worth, his life and career. But how inspiring it is the way he stood up and made the best out of him. A dropped out of school, a eloped child is now owner of $12 million and has become an eminent name of social media.

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