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Brad Pitt Net Worth 2018 | How much is Brad Pitt Worth?

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Brad Pitt Net Worth 2018 | How much is Brad Pitt Worth?

Brad Pitt is a wildly famous American actor who started with humble beginnings by making appearances in minion roles in movies. He got himself established in the industry soon by his tremendous acting skills. He has worked in number of movies and has earned several awards and acknowledgements. His work has made him earned hefty wealth over the years, currently Brad Pitt net worth is of $240 million in 2018.

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Brad Pitt Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Brad Pitt was born on 18th December, 1963, this makes him Sagittarius. 54 years old Brad Pitt stands as one of the niftiest actors in the industry.

Early life

Brad Pitt belongs to Shawnee, Oklahoma, that’s where he lived and spent his childhood. After some time, Brad Pitt and his family moved to Springfield, Missouri. Brad Pitt has two siblings.

Since a very early age of his childhood, he was inclined towards being an actor as he found himself interested in acting and this passion eventually hiked up so high that he discontinued his studies later. Besides acting he was good at acting, swimming, debates and tennis.

Personal life

Brad Pitt has been dating to too many women previously but later he got into an intimate term with actress ‘Angelina Jolie’. He started dating her in 2004 and the couple tied the knot with in 2014. They spent twelve years together and ended up in divorce.

Brad Pitt net worth

How much is Brad Pitt worth? The net worth of Brad Pitt is estimated around $240 million in 2018. Brad Pitt has contributed so much to the industry, his acting style is vastly appreciated. The actor who was a college dropped out has turned out to be one of the finest actors. His movies that have hit the headlines were ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Troy’.

Brad Pitt Earnings 2011-2016

In 2011 Brad Pitt generated $10,000,000 from the movie Moneyball. From endorsement deals and sponsorships Brad Pitt grossed $3,000,000 in the year 2013. His revenues got hiked up gradually and in 2015 he owned $16 Million that went higher in 2016 and turned into $31.5 Million.

Brad Pitt Networth 2017

Brad Pitt produced 35 movies and the movies in which he acted in are 75 in number. The average yearly earnings of Brad Pitt are $25,000,000. By the end of 2017 Brad Pitt’s networth was estimated as $240 million.

Brad Pitt Net Worth 2018

Some of the hit ventures of Brad Pitt that made him earn heavily are:

  • From Mr. & Mrs. Smith he made $20,000,000
  • From Troy he made $17,500,000
  • From Ocean’s Eleven he made $30,000,000.
  • From Spy Game he made $17,500,000.

Currently Brad Pitt’s net worth is estimated as $240 million in 2018.

Brad Pitt lives a lavish life, he has more than one real estates in different localities. One of its mansions sits one thousand acres, it is modernly equipped, it has a ritzy furniture in it. Brad Pitt has some awesome cars, such as he owns Audi Q7. Brad Pitt also owns motorcycle of infinitely great style.

Brad Pitt is a wonderful actor and producer who gave so much to entertainment industry. He has earned multiple awards. He isn’t just a skilled actor rather he is a great humanitarian who is always ready to lend his hand to the needy persons.

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