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Billy Graham Net Worth – Bio and Family

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Billy Graham Net Worth – Bio and Family

Billy Graham was a spiritual advisor who spent his whole life in spreading liberalism and spiritualism, he had met and prayed with all the popular U.S. presidents. After serving his whole life serving as a spiritual advisor he passed away in the age of 99. Till his death Bill Graham net worth was $25 million.

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Billy Graham Biography

Age and zodiac sign

Billy Graham was born on 7th of November, 1918. This makes him Scorpio. He stands as one of the most famous spiritual advisors of his times.

Early life

Billy belongs to Charlotte, North Carolina, that’s where he lived and spent his childhood. His parents were known as William and Morrow Graham. Billy Graham was the eldest child of his parents. He has three siblings.

Personal life

Billy Graham took his higher education from Wheaton College, he admitted there for getting spiritual training. There he happened to meet his future wife. He married with Ruth in the year 1943. The couple were blessed with 5 children.

Billy Graham Net Worth

Billy and his ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’ have bought huge acres of several museums, many religious training units and some libraries. He spent almost tens of millions for constructing all these. The Net worth of Billy Graham has not been discovered much, yet it is said that till his demise he had $25 million.

Billy Graham earnings 2012-2016

Billy Graham is said to be the highest-earning member of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It is said that he was the one who was generating money immensely along with the yearly compensation somewhat over $450,000.

Billy Graham NetWorth 2017

According to a profile of 1978 of Texas Billy Graham’s salary in the year 1950, was initially $15,000 every year. After some time, it went higher and exceeded to $39,500. According to a ball park figure he was also given $600,000 in the same year.

Billy Graham Net Worth 2018

Billy Graham lived a long period of time in mountaintop compound situated in Montreat, N.C. Billy Graham had the honor to meet with all the presidents of U.S. from Harry Truman till Barack Obama. He lived a long life of 99 years as he passed away on 21st of February, 2018. He died a natural death. By the time of his death Billy Graham’s net worth was estimated as $25 million.

Billy Graham and his servings will always be remembered for sure. There were many critics in the past who used to criticize the approach of Billy Graham, calling him a liberal more than needed. Still there were many who truly gave respect and acknowledged his efforts and work.

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