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Bill Gates Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Education

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Bill Gates Net Worth 2018 – Biography and Education

Bill Gates is the one that if you begin to pen down about him then you will be short of words to describe about him, he doesn’t need any introduction but he is such a famous, intelligent and richest person that much has been written on him and will be continued to write about him because of the great things he has done and introduced. He is the founder of Microsoft, though he has taken a retirement for working full time in Microsoft yet whenever a term Microsoft will be used each time Bill Gates will be remembered and mentioned spontaneously. Bill Gates Net Worth is estimated to be around 90.8 billion USD in 2018.

Bill Gates Biography

Age and zodiac Sign

Bill Gates was born on 28th of October, 1955, this makes him Scorpio. 63 years old man with extra-ordinary intelligence and brilliance has been at the top of wealthiest persons of the world for so many years, he is the 67th most famous person ever. Bill Gates stands as the 41st most popular American and 2nd most popular business man.

Early life and education

Bill Gates belongs to Seattle, WA, US, that’s where he took birth. He is the son of William Gates Sr, who worked as a senior lawyer and his mother Mary worked in a bank as an executive. Bill gates has two sisters, Libby Gates and Kristi Gates.

His family was financially strong but his wise parents infused hard work in their children and didn’t brought up them in a way to take anything for granted.

Bill Gates joined Private Lakeside School when he stepped into his teens, here he discovered his keen interest in computers as he was going to encounter computers for the first time.

His passion for learning deep details about computers and its program started getting stronger, he got admitted in Harvard University in 1973 and studied computer science and mathematics but He left the university as he was more interested in hunting his own coding. Eventually he got an opportunity to have his own company.

Personal life

Bill Gates got hitched to Melinda French in the year 1992. The couple blessed with three children, Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates launched a computer company Microsoft with his fellow Allen. This company turned out to be the extremely powerful one. It touched the height of success and enabled itself to earn a high recognition across the globe. This is recognized internationally and in tech industry this company is considered something like software hulk. The Net Worth of Bill Gates is estimated to be $90.8 billion in 2018.

In the era of 90s the first version of Windows was released by Microsoft. It is said to be the huge evolution in operating software, the graphical interfaces were brought by replacing the text interfaces.

It turned out be the best-selling version as it was capable and eligible of capturing a greater number of the operating system market share. The arrival of Windows 95 had set the innovative standards along with the new features and this version of Windows is the mainstay of the entire version of Windows that will be introducing the future windows like Windows XP. In 1999 his net worth was $100 billion.

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Bill Gates Earnings and Value 2014-2016

From his company Bill Gates grossed huge wealth, he has earned billions from his company but now after getting retired Bill Gates has got himself busy in philanthropic works. He aims to assist to develop PCs a basic in homes and shelters.

He is using his wealth on various ventures, ‘Belmont’ is one such ventures, it is actually a small city, he has invested almost $80 million. According to an estimation Bill Gates net worth in 2015-16 was $79.2 billion.

Bill Gates NetWorth 2017

Bill Gates got secluded from Microsoft as a chairman in 2014. Below 3 percent is his stake in company, but he has such huge mount of wealth that he built around the years that is doesn’t make any difference that how much stake he has in company.

Now he is concerned about serving the humanity, he and his wife are so enthused about their ‘Bill and Melinda Foundation’, it aims to assist education initiatives, supports population issues and health issues.

In 2017 he has grossed above than $240 million each day and by the end of 2017 his net worth was around $90 billion.

Bill Gates Net Worth 2018

Since 2008 Bill Gates has got himself fully absorbed on the charitable ventures, through his foundation he and his wife have spent $28 billion, more ever he gave $8 billion for the improvement of global health. He has donated about £30 million for a venture to make ‘Super Cows’. His current net worth that he owns is $90.8 billion USD.

He has ruled for a long long time as the richest person of the world, today he is the second riches person. Some people are so determined about their passions that they know they will make their way no matter what comes in their way, Bill Gates is amongst them. In his school life once he claimed to his teachers that when he will turn in the age of 30 he will be millionaire, Bill Gates was a Millionaire when he was 31 years old. Hence proved when there is a will there is way.

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