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Beyonce Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Income and Earnings

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Beyonce Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Income and Earnings

Beyonce a dynamic name in the world of music. She is known as the most famous icon in singing and as a popular recording artist. She got herself recognized as a solo artist in the year 2003 by releasing her debut album named ‘Dangerously in Love’. This debut album of hers made her earn 5 Grammy Awards, moreover it made a massive sale of more than eleven million copies across the globe. Beyonce Net Worth is huge and is estimated around $350 million in 2018 that she earned over the years and determined to make a consistent rise through her tremendous work.

Beyonce Biography – Age and Education

Age and zodiac sign of Beyonce

Super-star Beyonce was born on 4th of September, 1981. This makes her Virgo, the one who fights and works hard for achieving perfection. She is 37 years old and she has built a gigantic net worth of $350 million through her talented skills of music.

Early life and Education of Beyonce

Beyonce belongs to Houston, Texas, her childhood spent there. Her father name is Mathew Knowles who used to be a sales manager and her mother’s name is Tina Celestine and she worked as a salon owner, she used to be hair-dresser. Beyonce has two siblings, Solange Knowles and Nixon Knowles.

She took her early education from St. Mary’s Elementary School, there she also learned how to dance. Since her early age of childhood she has a strong liking for music. She further studies in Parker Elementary School and later she joined ‘High School for the Performing and Visual Arts’.

Beyonce as a young kid was too eager to become a great musician, that is why when she was a student she appeared in number of dancing and singing competitions and has earned numerous awards too.

She collaborated with Kelly Rowland, her cousin and with two of her class-fellows. Her group was peculiar in a way that it was consisted on females only.

Personal life

Beyonce got-knotted with famous artist Jay-Z in the year 2008. Jay-Z besides being a wonderful singer he is successful entrepreneur too. Beyonce and Jay-Z has a daughter who born in 2012.

Though it is being speculated that their marriage is about to over, the couple keep their private life unveiled completely, so it is so far a speculation.

Beyonce Net Worth

A millionaire girl Beyonce gave her first audition in the age of eight. Her group gave number of performances in many talent-shows, she got into a contract with Columbia Records later. Besides being famous songster, she has also proved her inner business woman in diverse fields, such as she is running number of businesses quite successfully all these sources of earnings have made her earn a heavy revenue over the years, Beyonce’s current net worth is estimated as $350 million in 2018. Now let’s have a look below how she enabled herself to earn so heftily.

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Beyonce Earnings 2014-16

In 2014 there was a tour with her husband Jay Z, it is said in this Run Tour Beyonce has generated a heavy revenue, she performed in North America, there she performed in nineteen shows, in each show she grossed almost $5.2 million.

In the 2016 Beyonce Knowles went on another tour, it was a Formation World Tour, it is said that by ‘First Two legs’ made a heavy sale of tickets, the tickets of her concert sold out not less than hot cakes as it sold almost 1.8 million of tickets of forty performances. Her revenue reached to $210 million by First Two legs.

That particular tour has firmed her reputation wildly and made her print-money, she was truly turned into a money-printing machine that time. She eventually earned $256 million in result of that tours.

Beyonce Networth 2017

It’s not just her music that made her a money-spinner rather she tried her luck in business too. She has launched a fragrance named as ‘Beyonce’ Heat’, it has formed several other editions of fragrances like ‘Pulse and Rise’ and ‘Heat Rush’.

Her first launch of fragrance made a massive sale of $75,000 just in one day. She all together sold out above than $400 million in the realm of fragrances.

Apart from fragrances Beyonce the super-lady has also introduced a clothing line named ‘athleisure’, basically it was a combined and shared venture of Beyonce and Topshop’s Sir Phillip. By the end of 2017 Beyoncé’s net worth was estimated as $350 million.

Beyonce Net Worth 2018

‪Immensely famous and successful songster Beyonce is said to be one of the most famous and influential female personality who has contributed a lot in music industry and in return she received a great respect and has amassed bulks and bundles of wealth.

Sources of her money:

  • Through Concert Sales
  • Through music Streaming
  • Through Album Sales
  • Through Clothing Line & Merchandise
  • Through Endorsement and sponsorships
  • Through her Shoe Brand

All these sources made what Beyonce Knowles is today, her inner skills after getting materialized has made her gained a lot. She has built a height of revenue through her talent and hard work. The current net worth of Beyonce is estimated as $350 million in 2018 and that is speculated to pick a more rise as she will be working on her next music ventures for sure.

Beyonce’s Earnings Through Endorsement Deals

Beyonce has been a part of one endorsement deal along with her mother. She collaborated with that deal for almost 8 years and this made her earn $100 million annually during that period. In the year 2012 she has signed a deal with PEPSI, it was a deal of $50 million.

Lavish life style of Beyonce

Beyonce has many properties on different localities, these properties belong to Beyonce and her husband Jay Z.

Properties they own:

  • Two Manhattan apartments
  • A huge mansion in Miami
  • An abode in Scarsdale
  • Beautiful Beach House in Malibu.
  • Bel-air mansion

The Bel-air mansion was purchased on USD 135 million. It sits on 30,000 sq ft estate. It consists of eight bedrooms and 11 modernly equipped bathrooms. It has a helipad too and the windows of this gigantic mansion are bullet-proof. It has four swimming pools and car garage that has the capacity of fifteen cars. There is a spa too within the house. This mansion has a fitness center along with a whirlpool that can accommodate 12 persons.

Her residence in New York is a value of $43.5 million, that house contains a sauna, Jacuzzi and a Home Cinema too. Her house in Malibu, California is a value of $40 million, that house a beauty salon in it and a home cinema too.

Luxurious rides own by Beyonce

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Limousine Van

Awards and achievements

  • Beyoncé has earned 17 Grammy Awards by forty-six nominations
  • She was called out as the most honored lady in Grammy History.
  • In 2011 she was the receiver of 9 BET Awards by thirty nominations.

Interesting facts about Beyonce

  • Beyoncé favorite cosmetic to use is mascara
  • Though she is allergic of perfumes yet she launched her own fragrances.
  • Beyonce’mother Tina runs her own salon, she is costume designer too.
  • Her favorite ice cream is butter pecan.
  • She has earned above than twenty dancing and singing competitions.
  • The most interesting thing about the super classy lady is that her favorite number is 4, and there is reason behind this and that is her mother’s and husband’s birth date is 4th, her marriage took place on 4th even her own date of birth is 4th.
  • In the year 2016, Beyonce released the most influential and personal work that was actually a visual album named as ‘Lemonade’, this album revealed her wars that she fought, including the disloyalty of her husband and much more, this album made her earn a Grammy Award for the Best Urban Modern-day Album’.
  • In 2017 she was ranked on number second in CBS’s highest paid super stars.
  • It is said that Beyonce and her husband Jay Z combined net worth is above than $1 billion.

Beyonce is no doubt despite being successful is a powerful lady too, her expedition towards success started when she was twelve years old. She appeared in a famous and largest talent show, she participated as part-taker of a group named ‘Girl Tyme’, the band stood on number second, this little success was the first landmark that she achieved and after that she was all set and fully determined to achieve and conquer the rest of milestones coming her way with great gusto and energy.

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